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  1. Veveingtonious

    Ahhh I am rewatching Death Note. That Darn Light is just too smart. Also guys what would you do if you got the death note? Hehe. I wouldn't bother killing villains. I am not interested in a "god" like Light. :))

    1. Geoffrey St John

      I already know what I'd do. A few people will die in a creative way. But I would never write with my own hand either.

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    2. Veveingtonious

      Hmmm. What's the most interesting is that you won't go to hell. but you won't go to heaven either. That can let someone kill as much as they want without fearing what happens if they get caught. The luckiest bastard in the world is one who is totally going to hell but finds the death note. With that there will be no hell. :))

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    3. Shinomi-chan

      I wouldn't use the Death Note. I don't hate anyone and I don't wish people to die. Besides even if I did snap and used it I doubt I'd be a smart as Light and could keep it as a secret.

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