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  1. Veveingtonious

    I think I will just download A full version of Skyrim with all DLCs in it and in the latests version... =_= What a waste.

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    2. Veveingtonious

      I'm downloading the "Legendary Edition" that is supposed to have all the DLCs and extra stuff. Also I only got trough the story because of Oghma Infinium or something like that which can give you infinite level ups if you know how to use it. >:3 I am level 81 now in skyrim. The max level in the 1.1 version atleast. XD

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    3. Danny Felixe

      I know that and have it. Haven't used it for levelling up yet. Its a daedric artifact

      Suggestion: Go to Soltheim (place added for Dragonborn DLC). You need to harvest various versions of elf blood and there is filled with elves

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    4. Veveingtonious

      Liars retreat had them all expect the high elf who you can find in usually in one of the first bounty hunts you go on in Halted stream camp.

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