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  1. Veveingtonious

    Amnesia The Dark Decent is one hell of the scary game. It exactly has the kind of thing I scare the most from. XD Being Defenseless. XD Games like RE aren't scary cause you have a weapon and can kill anything that wants to harm you. XD Chigaco Typewriting the enemies in RE4 is fun though. XD

    1. Guest

      Amnesia: The Dark Decent is a really good and scary game. I fell off the chair twice. But Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is an even better and scarier game.

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    2. Veveingtonious

      Huh? I though Machine for zangooses wasn't better. XD But I wouldn't get scared from a bunch of pigs... cause their pigs. Also what made you fall of the chair? I still haven't met those jerks in person. XD Only their shadows XD

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