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  1. NMS

    FNaF4 looks SUPPPPPEERRRRRR! XD This time your in a house. And no camera's now. I think you might be able to actually walk since it showed another room with "plushtrap" in it.

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    2. Shinomi-chan

      Also before the Second FNaF he had already killed Marionette and that's more than enough since Marionette started the whole thing.

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    3. NMS

      Kaykay. Let's just throw the story in the garbage. Do you think it has free roaming? I mean it might be possible because of the trailer. Also I heard there is going to be another trailer "next weekend" about the gameplay. And could plushtrap be a dead kid? I mean it said "terrible things come in little packages" or something like that. Do you think purple guy's kid went inside it and died?

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    4. Spark Falls

      The phone guy in fnaf1 died by marionette, so what if this is telling his story.

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