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  1. Emulators

    My favorite Genesis emulator is definitely Kega Fusion myself, and it's great for SMS games if I don't need debugging features. Other than that, if I need debugging features Meka! is the best SMS emulator. :) I also use VisualBoyAdvanceM emulator for any gameboy emulation.
  2. Sonic Lost World

    So what version is everyone getting? I'm trying my best to save up and get a Wii U for this game, but it looks like I'll have to settle with the 3DS version first. Granted I played a demo of that version at Sonic Boom this year so it was pretty fun, but I bet the Wii U version is better of course. :P
  3. Sonic Boom (Cartoon)

    I really don't like how Knux looks like in that sillhoutte (sp?) myself and I'm not that big on CGI shows but since it's a new Sonic cartoon I will probably check it out anyways. xD Of course they could always change his look, Teen Titans Go made Raven look different so we'll just have to wait and see what they look like.
  4. Off-Topic Thread

    So since this is the off topic thread how is everyone doing tonight/today? Got any plans, working on anything fun? As for me I'm just surfing the web while listening to a song I just discovered a few hours ago, and I love it. xD I'm also about to go to my mighty no. 9 forum and see what's going on there as well. :)
  5. The Final Fantasy Discussion

    I think FF is a great franchise myself, the first game I played was FF5. However I got stuck on the first boss and gave up so I went on to play FF6. I personally think FF7 is a bit too overrated myself, but I've never played it before so I do want to check it out. FF6 is definitely my favorite game from the franchise. :) Unfortunately I have only played Mystic Quest, FF6, FF5, and FF1 so I don't have an opinion on any of the spin-offs but there's one game I will never play in the franchise and that's FF Tactics as I don't like tactical RPGs at all. :\
  6. I'm very glad that they reached all their goals, and I am proud to say that I backed the project so I will be getting a copy of the game when it comes out. I will also have access to the dev forum as well, but I have my own MN9 forum for fans. :P Did anyone here back this project up? If so how much did you back? And as for Mega Man I love the franchise but with the way Crapcom has been treating it I am glad that Inafune has started working on this new franchise. :)
  7. Introduction Thread

    I don't recall if I have introduced myself or not since I joined but here we go. I'm Ravenfreak and I am currently 23 years old. I've been a fan of the blue blur since I was 4 years old, and my very first video game was Sonic the Hedgehog on the Genesis. I like to hack the 16 bit and 8 bit games, and I use this name pretty much everywhere in the sonic community so you probably already know me. And wow, it's been a long time since I logged in on here and back then it was pretty dead. o_o I came across the site from someone's signature on Sonic Blast so it's nice to be here again. :)
  8. Hey Raven, nice to see you here =)

  9. Sonic X

    I only seen a few episodes, and I got to admit it's not too bad. Though I have yet to watch the japanese dub though, I heard it's much better. (Well the english dub was done by 4 Kids though...) I really like how Sonic sort of looks like a hybrid of classic with modern, a look that they should use in the games IMO. (But i'm not too picky about modern Sonic anymore as much as I was when I was younger...)