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    After playing Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast I just can't go back to SADX on GCN or PC, because the original is superior in many ways, despite the "improvements" in DX. The original's models fit in better with the sloppy animation and low-poly environments. They're also better textured, characters in SADX look too shiny and weird. Speaking of textures, I really prefer the more colorful textures of the Dreamcast version to the darker SADX ones. Sure, the map, better Chao Garden and Game Gear games collection in DX are fun, but I'd still play my PAL Dreamcast copy over the PC release. 
    The international release on Dreamcast is also less buggy than the DX version, which is based on the 1998 Japanese version for some weird reason. And you would think that they fixed all the issues with the games five years later. Oh well...
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