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  1. Ayo, now everyone's getting youtube community tabs.

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    2. yumallah


      Oh, yeah, the discussions tab, I actually forgot about it because my most recent account that I currently use was made in 2019, so I kinda forgot it ever existed lol.

    3. MajinTails


      To be honest, I don't see why they couldn't of had both. Community is more of a channel updates and social media-like thing while Discussions was, as I said, basically any Comments Section of a video but for the whole Channel itself. One doesn't seem to have the same use case as the other - although I suppose they might of been phasing in Community separately and Discussions was just taken out because of low usage or something, as opposed to implicitly being replaced by the Community tab.


      And of course I felt the need to continue the Scanf tradition of necroposting...kinda. Maybe?

    4. yumallah


      All posting is necroposting on a server that's been dead for like 5 years.