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  1. Am I too late to post on this? Gonna throw a twist on mine

    Top ten characters I'm gonna miss. (Thanks to reboot)

    10. Mina Mongoose: Gonna miss the Speedy songstress to be honest. I like the idea that not everyone can fight in the same way, and some of her arcs (especially where she was the foil) I found highly enjoyable.

    9. The Zone cops: Honest on this one. The whole concept of the multiverse and someone trying to patrol it, to keep the zones safe from each other? That and the excuses it gave to put Sonic in a whole bunch of different locals and situations?

    8. Scourge and the Destructix: Yes, I'm counting them as one group to A) save room, and B ) They endead as one rather fleshed out group. A villainous group of the day that more then half of their supposed "losses" were thrown fights, and bad enough dudes (and dudette) to fight the freedom fighters to a standstill? And Fiona was, well.... I agree about what Sonic said in A Journey to the East.

    7 A.D.A.M.: Yeah, Phage has got her work cut out for her, because we are all gonna compare her to A.D.A.M Lets be honest. Psycho, sentient computer virus with a love of logic puzzles and major daddy issues. And they needed a fair amount of plot device to stop him. Will be missed till Flynn works his magic and somehow makes Phage better. Not sure how, but I have faith.

    6. Dr. Finetivus: Because, yeah, Knuckles needed a personal demon, considering he inadvertently MADE Finitevus, a literal dark and destructive version of himself. And yes, warp rings. for both the portal-ly awesomeness, and plot convenience.

    5. Dimitri: From being Enerjak, wishing to rule, to being a head in a jar, I think that few characters (even most of the main cast) are as fleshed out as Dimitri. And he gets one of my favorite scenes with Nicole, so even without a torso, he proves he still has a heart. A rollercoaster character that will be missed, and not even a horrible 3D model will lessen that.

    4. Julie-Su: a.k.a. the only main god gal to use a gun (gun arms do not count, there is much less choice there). Knuckles love, proof that the dark legion had good in it, and badass heroine, she also go6t a lot of fun dialogue with Vector, I liked the perspective she brought, as well as a valued fighting member.

    3. Mammoth Mogul: Smart, magical, patient, cunning, powerful, and Immortal, the full package of villainy. Probably one of my favorite Villains in the whole series, and yes his future form left me with so many questions. He was Archie's version of Dr. Doom.

    2. Feist: This may shock some, but I LOVED the concept of Feist. I was looking forward to when the chaos emeralds did their whole dragon ball thing, they'd all end up back with him, drawn back to their forger. I feel we missed out on a Feist vs, team Hooligan story, having both him and Bean in the same room. That or the walkers vs him. So much fun too be had. What can I say? I love an unaligned nigh-all-powerful games master.

    1. Elias and the secret freedom fighters: Elias alone makes number one, but his team practically pushes him to position -1. We don't know if we're getting a new Shard (and it is possible, I have thoughts on how to do it) but him, Larry, Silver being constructive, the lady wolves, Harvey who.... BEST TEAM. Elias had a lot of growing up throughout the whole story, Secret Freedom Fighters is still one of my favorite arcs, and I am overly depressed that we will get no new stories with these folks. Aw well. Thanks for reading.

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  2. Hooray for Knuckles! Finally getting a way to keep the Emerald from getting smashed/stolen every other game. Seriously, I like the plan he came up with. And relics whole comment about laughing really cracked me up.

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  3. So we now have confirmation that Sega has a crippling fear of success and money?
    Seriously, why aren't they trying to get closer to whats working instead of farther away? *sigh* Guess i'll never get to play as Shard or a competent Amy Rose ina Sonic game now. Dang.