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  1. Videosonic added a post in a topic Guess the next poster!   

    *goes to the mirror to look at himself* Currently, I am not him.
    Then... eh... Skye Prower?
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  2. Videosonic added a post in a topic Music thread   

    Today I have discovered a musician named Kavinsky. What he does is really great. Just right for a late car ride.
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  3. Videosonic added a post in a topic Sonic titles without Sonic   

    Motobug Unleashed
    Motobug Colors
    Motobug Generations
    Motobug Lost World
    Motobug Boom (those huge red wheels...)
    Motobug Jump
    Motobug Dash
    Motobug and Sayguh All Stars Racing
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  4. Videosonic added a post in a topic A Sonic story...In 7 words or less.   

    ...reasons and nuff said, though...
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  5. Videosonic added a post in a topic RING RING Telephone!   

    Prince Bubble and Princess Sigma monkey loved Vile eating Uber Flying Fish Cactus Cytoplasm. 
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  6. Videosonic added a post in a topic Favorite Fan comics?   

    Three words: Not Enough Rings.
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  7. Videosonic added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    To be honest, I'd like to see Sonic movie as a new story, not reused (or even recycled) from somewhere else. The only thing that upsets me is tons of critics towards movies like Bay's TMNT or The Last Airbender - they were also based on franchises. Hopefully Sony (Columbia?) won't suck at this. They might suck on purpose, but this is conspiracy.
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  8. Videosonic added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    Well, hello there. I am Videosonic but you can call me Max for a change. I am 15. I have joined RuScanf two years ago, but I'm not that active - I have less than 20 messages there. I've been a Sonic fanboy since my childhood - we had a SMD with StH1. I became even more of a fan after being introduced to the Internets.
    My nickname has nothing to do with Sonic franchise - I took it after Greek home video company Videosonic. I used to be Duko6pa3 on RuScanf. This nickname is a stylization of Russian word "dikobraz" meaning porcupine and originates from bootleg translation of SA2 (I am Shadow the Hedgehog, the ultimate life form => I am the shade of porcupine, the only life from there) I also hang out on IRC where I was: Hsd=>HsdHsdHsd=>ThreeHaitchHessDees=>Mitch_Wacky. Oh, and I am also Screwhorn77 from TV Tropes.
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