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  1. NeKit added a post in a topic Problems logging in   

    Sorry, but is still the same?
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  2. NeKit added a post in a topic Regarding the Comics   

    Kinda ironic, but "SCANF" in name was never related to scans.
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  3. NeKit added a post in a topic Oversized comic pages   

    It seems scripts failed to load for some reason. Unless you disabled JavaScript in your browser yourself, try pressing Ctrl+Shift+R. If it doesn't help, try opening the page in another browser.
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  4. NeKit added a post in a topic Oversized comic pages   

    Could you please make a screenshot? It might be that JavaScript is turned off in the browser or doesn't work for some reason. I need more details, such as device, OS, browser version.
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  5. NeKit added a post in a topic The: What would YOU think is best for a group chat? poll   

    Well, Skype seems to be the most popular one so far. Add me (nekit1000) and I will add you to the group.
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  6. NeKit added a post in a topic Organized Skype chats   

    Good idea actually. I wonder what software would be most convenient for those who would like to join. You could do a poll with options like Skype, Discord (pretty new, but looks promising), Telegram and so on.
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  7. NeKit added a post in a topic Sonic The Hedgehog in Spanish   

    Well, it would be good to have translations to other languages. I'm not sure it can be done right now, there are some problems we need to solve first, but thank you anyway. The main issue we currently have is server disk space.
    I wonder how many people speak Spanish at SCANF. I think that there were official Spanish translations of some issues.
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  8. NeKit added a post in a topic Mac, Windows, Or Linux?   

    A huge Linux fan here. I like that it can run on huge amont of devices, and, as Noodles said, allows tinkering to customize it for yourself. I use it as main OS and all SCANF programming by me has been done on Linux so far.
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  9. NeKit added a post in a topic Massive comic screen   

    From the description it seems to me that our scripts fail to load. Do you have JavaScript enabled in your browser? (on my phone it's in Settings - Advanced - Enable javaScript). If it continues to fail, please try any other browser like Opera or Baidu, but there isn't much I can do here.
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  10. NeKit added a post in a topic Massive comic screen   

    What is your phone and what browser do you use? Have you tried flushing the cache?
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  11. NeKit added a post in a topic The Suggestion/Bug Report thread   

    What is your browser? Can you attach a screenshoot?
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  12. NeKit added a post in a topic The Suggestion/Bug Report thread   

    Have you tried to redownload it? Works for me. What do you open it with?
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  13. NeKit added a post in a topic The Suggestion/Bug Report thread   

    What pages exactly?
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  14. NeKit added a post in a topic The Suggestion/Bug Report thread   

    Usually spell corrector is a feature of your browser. Do you have it configured properly?
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  15. NeKit added a post in a topic The Suggestion/Bug Report thread   

    Well, let me shine some light on this. During few last days the site was under DoS attack by some user (actually he left a few "threatening" comments and showed accidentally who he really is) for unknown reasons. It surely wasn't enough to kill the server, but caused some noticable slowdown. We decided to try CloudFlare for protection, as Sonic Retro does. Unfortunately, its activation cause en.sonicscanf.org to be unavailable for some time, as I forgot to about "en." subdomain prefix, while everything else worked. But the bright side is that it also serves as CDN and should make SCANF load faster now, as static resources (images, css, scripts, etc) are being cached on their side.
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  16. NeKit added a post in a topic Hello everyone. someone can help me with modding?   

    I can explain how to do it, but you need a hacked Xbox 360.
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  17. NeKit added a topic in Sonic SCANF   

    Regarding the comics
    If you've been redirected here trying to view the comics, let me explain.

    The problem is, Sonic SCANF is currently running out of bandwidth:

    Unfortunately, we can't afford more traffic for now. In an effort to somehow lower the usage until the end of the month, we've decided to allow only registered users to access the comics.
    I understand that this may seem annoying and I'm sorry, but please, understand, that this is done in order to keep the site running. If you like it here, it shouldn't be too hard to register and leave a few posts to show your appreciation.

    edit by Lunar Chaos: I think this thread has lived its course, there's nothing left to discuss, everything's already been said. If you are new to the forums and don't know where to start, we have plenty of other boards, Sonic and not-Sonic related. You can also introduce yourself in the introduction topic, if you want.
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  18. NeKit added a post in a topic In need of Photoshop/Paint help   

    I remember what troubles it brought when we were working on Sonic Rush translation. Though for the most part it was because you didn't use color picker to choose the right "white", but lack of transparency support is a huge minus.
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  19. NeKit added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    I've tried to make this topic a litle more general, so all past and upcoming issues can be discussed here. Unfortunately, it's not possible to make another post the first one, so Shadow's post had to be edited to include topic's description. I hope he is not against of this. The same could possibly be made with Sonic Universe/Sonic X/etc.
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  20. NeKit added a post in a topic The Suggestion/Bug Report thread   

    It's possible in future, but first we're going to implement the "Latest Updates" block, which will serve for this partially.
    Also, I've merged the thread with another one created for suggestions.
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  21. NeKit added a post in a topic Sonic Excursion   

    The one who posted the rumor addmited it's a fake: http://i.imgur.com/QxuXkZY.png (compare !!Vp9lMh6KQfP tripcode with original post http://i.imgur.com/z02QhSQ.jpg)
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  22. NeKit added a post in a topic General Trash   

    NEO METAL SONIC, please try to put a little more work into making posts here and don't overuse bold font/Caps Lock. Here are the rules:
    Otherwise, unfortunately, we'll have to move your posts in trash.
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  23. NeKit added a post in a topic Suggestion, possibly the first of many...   

    The idea of merging the forums made me interested, but I doubt that will work. It would be a mess if we put all the sections from Russian and English boards onto one. We've thought about "transfering" the activity, but as Lunar has already explained, only a few can speak both languages good enough to participate.

    Actually Russian community had already existed before comics section was opened. It was more in a effort to let our fellow fans know that Sonic is not just about the games and there is another beautiful Sonic world. However, a lot of foreign people started to find us for comics and gallery. English version was an another experiment, and as you see, mostly failed one. I see Lunar's point why. Still, it would be nice if we could unite the comic-reading userbase we already have as a community.

    It's possible to do so, but the idea was not to have too much areas with a few topics. Though I'll create some here.
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  24. NeKit added a post in a topic Donations? No or Yes?   

    Unfortunately, we won't be able to accept donations due to different payment systems used in Russia, and this could put us in trouble anyway. But, Viceversa96, you can help us to make it a better place here by participating in the community.
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  25. NeKit added a post in a topic New Rumoured Game, Sonic Dimensions?   

    I hope the rumor will be proven false, though, remembering past, it's a very desperate hope. Really, SEGA, why recolor Sonic? Aren't other characters enough? I'm getting tired of playing only Sonic(s) or forms of him. Sonic Adventure was a nice example of various gameplay, except, maybe, fishing. Or even Sonic 3 & Knuckles - having Tails/Knuckles greatly extended the game. Added Tails in Sonic CD port is a good sign.

    As for the name, if it's true, Sonic Dimensions can be just a working title, like Sonic Anniversary, later renamed to Sonic Generations.
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