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Geoffrey St John

Mobian mystery Dungeon: Nicole's story

Who should Nicole go with?   7 votes

  1. 1. Who should Nicole go with?

    • Go with Sally
    • Go with Hope
    • Go with Rotor

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It is about time to restore this old game. Sorry for the long delay.



Nicole quickly decided that Shadow's safety was more important. She returned to her handheld, "Shadow! Stop!" Shadow heard Nicole and quickly retrieved her handheld, stopping an attack by doing so. "Nicole, was your mission successful?" Asked Shadow. "I had to abort, I had to warn you that those boys have a nanite generator built into them. It absorbs energy used on them to create new nanites. And even if the bot is destroyed it will still generate them. A nanite magnet is also built into them, when a generator stops running it sends a signal that activates near by magnets and the nanites upgrade the bot that attracts them. If you kept attacking them then eventually they would evolve and overwhelm you. I couldn't let that happen" said Nicole.

Shadow was shocked by what he heard, but quickly got his head together. "We need to blow this place up before these can be put to use" said Shadow when an alarm triggered. "Self destruct engaged. This facility will explode in 5 minutes. All robots evacuate immediately"


"It is too dangerous to let them escape. We have to stop them somehow. Can you lock down the factory if I hook you up to the system again?" Asked Shadow. "I could do that and set a door to a timer for you to get us out before it locks"

"I have another way to get out of here. You will be able to download the files and lock this place down. I have our way out, trust me" said Shadow.



So now dear Readers, a new choice awaits you.

What will Nicole do?

Will she

Insist they escape without accessing the terminal to lock in the robots.

Access the terminal to lock the doors and set a timer for one of the doors.

Or will she trust Shadow and download the schematics from the terminal.


What will you all decide? Let us find out together.

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Trust Shadow... he'd likely do it anyway!

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A little trust goes a long way. Soooo trust gets my vote too :P

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