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 [Scourge of Speed, Part I]

 It was nightfall in Central City, the capital of the United Federation.
 a storm had descended upon the metropolis, bombarded the many human citizens with heavy, frozen rain.

 as the citizens went about their business..the rainfall suddenly slowed, and briefly paused.
 Suddenly, twin streaks of light blurred down the highway. scaring some people.

 one was blue, and the other was green.

 the streaks sped down the city streets, effortlessly zig-zagging around cars and people.
 the blue and green streaks soon began to bash into each other, creating shockwaves in their wake.

 the green streak then broke away to another street..leaving the blue streak speeding alone.
 the blue streak finally stopped at an empty four-way street..revealing itself to be a hedgehog.

 a Mobian hedgehog wearing red-and-white sneakers, matching shorts and white gloves.
 his emerald green eyes darted around as he looked in all directions.

 "now, where'd he go-GAAH!!"

 a green blur suddenly hit Sonic from behind, knocking him down.
 as he looked up, he saw a green hedgehog clad in black leather and red sunglasses approach him.

 the hedgehog looked ALOT like him.

 "gotcha, blue." said Scourge.

 Sonic grumbled as he rose up, facing his evil twin.

 "What are you DOING here, Scourge!!?" demanded Sonic, angrily.

 Scourge smirked smugly as he pushed up on his sunglasses.
 "oh, not much. terrorizing people, spreading Chaos and Mayhem. leaving YOU to eat my dust..the usual."

 Sonic gritted his teeth, growling low. Scourge then snickered as he continued to speak.
 "Well, Actually..I *do* have something important to do: Reclaiming some "lost property."

 "Lost Property?!" said Sonic, puzzled (and, mildly annoyed.)

 "My girlfriend. You know' Fiona."

 Sonic scowled darkly at Scourge. "oh, COME ON. Don't be like that." began Scourge.
 "She double-crossed you, and your stupid friends. you have no reason to do her any favors."

 "It's true, she did betray us." said Sonic, solemnly. "she betrayed me..and, my best bud. (looks at Scourge)
 but, just because I don't like her..It doesn't mean I won't protect her from you."

 Scourge made a *gagging* gesture. "Your self-righteous nobility is revolting, you know that?
 Good god, your about to turn me GREENER than usual, here!"

 Sonic lunged after Scourge, attempting to punch him.
 but, Scourge simply side-stepped at super speed, evading the attack.

 he then swung kicked Sonic in the back of the head.

 Sonic fell to the ground again.
 he groaned, feeling dizzy from his mild concussion.

 Scourge just smirked as he looked down at his counterpart.
 finding his weak and vulnerable state amusing.

 "I could do this all day, you know." began Scourge, as he pressed his boot against Sonic's back.

 "Nothing makes me feel better than tearing your ego down, and proving how better I am than you.
  BUT, I am feeling generous..for ONCE. So, just tell me where Fiona is. and, I *MIGHT* leave you alone."

 Sonic groaned as he tried to rise up. "n-nnn-Never."

 Scourge grinned evilly. "Have It YOUR way."

 Scourge grabbed the back of Sonic's head, and rose him up.
 as he readied to bash the blue hedgehog's head into the concrete pavement..the falling rain suddenly slowed.

 Scourge paused, and looked around as the hundreds of raindrop suddenly froze in mid-air.

 "what in th-ERRK!!"

 Scourge was suddenly struck in the head by what felt like a punch from Sgt. Simian.
 he was knocked backwards, and skidded along the pavement.

 the green hedgehog looked, and saw what looked like a red lightning bolt departing.
 Sonic also looked..and, saw Scourge's red sunglasses laying on the ground near him.

 one of the lens was broken, the other showed visible cracks.

 As Scourge rose back up, the red lightning bolt returned.
 It passed Scourge several times, inflicting blow-after-blow upon him with each pass.

 the last pass flung him away again. knocking him flat on his back.

 Angry, Scourge quickly got up, and saw the red lightning bolt speed off, then suddenly stop.
 he stared at what appeared to be a red humanoid with glowing red eyes.

 neither Scourge, nor Sonic could properly make him out. as his body appeared to be blurry.
 but, ONE thing was apparent: Whoever It was, It was a speedster..and, It was HUMAN.

 "who..WHAT *ARE* YOU!!?" exclaimed Scourge, enraged.

 the red figure remained silent. which gave Sonic, and even Scourge the creeps.

 "How are you able move that fast?!" demanded Scourge, again.
 "and, WHY are you attacking me!!? Don't tell me your another one of Sonic's do-gooder friends."

 the red figure finally spoke..but, In a distorted, almost demonic sounding voice.

 Scourge glared at his mysterious attacker, shocked and appalled at this "challenge."


 the figure responded by speeding off down the street in a red lightning streak.
 Scourge immediately gave chase, trailing a bright green energy trail behind him.

 Once both were gone, Sonic attempted to stand up..but stumbled back down.
 It was at that moment a yellow lightning bolt sped over to him.

 Sonic looked up, and saw a human with spiky blonde hair
 and, dressed in a golden yellow suit and wearing goggles.

 "b-billy.." mumbled Sonic, still feeling fatigued.

 Billy lifted his goggles up over his forehead.
 then, knelt down and helped his mobian friend up onto his feet.

 "sss-S-Scourge. I was..fighting him, but then something. something FAST, came and-"

 "yeah." said Billy. "I know."

 Sonic looked up at Billy. "Do you know what that thing was?"

 Billy sighed as he frowned, looking down.

 [Freedom HQ, Station Square]

 [An Hour Ago..]

 an automatic door slid opened, and in walked three people.

 two human males, and one mobian female.

 "So, what's the situation, Sally?" said Alan Zander.

 "Scourge, the Evil Sonic, is on a rampage." explained the Mobian Princess.

 "That sounds like just another Tuesday." replied Alan.

 "Not this time." said Sally. "We have reason to believe that Scourge has a specific goal in mind."

 "I trust you have an idea on what that goal is."

 "yes." said Billy. "Fiona Fox."

 Alan stopped short at this, and looked at the two.
 he then walked over to a computer console, and brought up some files on the HD display.

 the large screen showed images of a female mobian fox.
 and, varied data regarding said mobian.

 "Fiona Fox. Mercenary, Thief, Terrorist." began Alan, professionally.
 "served under the Destructix, and Suppression Squad. currently serving probation under Prowler's watch."

 "We believe Scourge has come back for her." said Sally.

 "Does Fiona know?" asked Alan.

 "No. In fact, when I mentioned Scourge's name, she seemed close to a panic attack." said Sally.

 "Why's that?, I thought they were "close."

 "WERE" is the keyword, sir." said Billy. "Based on Fiona's testimony following her *surrender*,
 Scourge was abusive, controlling and more of an Extremist, than a typical punk."

 Alan brought up another data file on the computer. "Considering his recent reported activity
 that has left FIVE towns in ruins, and numerous people dead, injured or missing..I can't really blame her for being scared."

 Sally grumbled. "look..I am going to be frank, here. I *DON'T* trust Fiona.
 and, I NEVER approved of the decision to give her community service, instead of life imprisonment.

 but..as much as I hate her for what she's done, even I shudder to think
 of what Scourge will do to her if he ever finds her."

 "I'm more worried about my Step-Son, Sally." said Alan. "now, Where is Sonic??"

 "Last I heard, he's been hot on Scourge's trail since he passed through Westopolis." said Billy.

 "Where are they now?!" said Alan, looking at Billy.

 "Our High Velocity scanners detected two targets headed in the direction of Station Square. BOTH moving well over Mach 1."

 Alan nodded. "Meaning if Sonic and Scourge aren't here by now..they will be soon."

 Alan looked at Billy and Sally. "This has to stop. NOW.
 and, if Scourge really is behaving more aggressive than usual..I don't think Sonic can handle this alone, this time."

 Billy sighed, looking down. he then stepped up. "I'll go. I'll back Sonic up-"

 "Billy, NO!" exclaimed Sally, grabbing his hand.
 "You're still recovering from your recent encounter with Zero. You are in NO Shape to take on that monster!!"

 "But, Sally!, I-"

 "I have to agree with the Princess on this one, William." said Alan.
 "In your current state, Scourge would kill you. you need to be in your PRIME to even have a chance at beating him."

 Billy looked at his leader. "Then, what do you propose we do!? there are no other Speedsters around that can help us!"

 "What about Mina?, she's ALSO a speedster." said Sally.

 "She is also still learning to use her speed. a Trainee, she wouldn't last five seconds." said Alan.

 "What other choice do we have!?" said Sally, mildly frustrated.

 Billy was about to say something..when he suddenly paused.
 tapping his chin, he pondered over something..then, finally spoke up.
 "actually..Now that I think about It, there is ONE other Speedster that we could turn to."

 Alan looked at Billy..who gave him a look. "No."

 "but, Sir-"

 "NO. It is out of the question!" said Alan, sternly. "I am NOT letting that Monster go free."

 "He may be our best hope at beating Scourge." retorted Billy.

 Sally looked at both men, a puzzled look on her face. "who are you talking abou-"

 "He Is ten times WORSE than Scourge is." argued Alan.

 "EXACTLY." said Billy. "meaning if anyone can finally put a stop to Scourge's rampage..It's HIM."

 Alan turned, and faced Billy. "Have you forgotten what happened
 the LAST TIME he ran free in Station Square!?" said Alan, looking Billy straight in the eye.

 "Half the city was wrecked, and YOU ended up on life support, DESPITE your hyper-metabolism.
  It was AGONY to capture him, and we were lucky to figure out how to CONTAIN him!"

 "I haven't forgotten anything, sir." said Billy, sternly. "But we're in a desperate situation..we don't have any choice."

 "EXCUSE Me!!" exclaimed Sally, annoyed. "Could someone PLEASE explain to me what this is all about!?"

 Both Alan and Billy looked at each other..then, Alan exhaled sharply. "follow me."

 As Alan walked off, Billy and Sally followed him as instructed.

 *billy. what are we-*

 *It's better to show you, than tell you, hon.*

 Alan and Billy led Sally through a door, and down a long corridor.
 they soon reached a doorway, and began to walk down a long stairway.

 when they finally reached the end..they were met up with large security door.

 "this..this Person you were talking about." began Sally. "He must really be dangerous."

 Alan glanced at the mobian chipmunk..then, looked away. "you have no idea, Ms. Acorn. but, your about to."

 as Alan approached the door, Billy did the same.
 they stood at each side of the door, facing identical consoles.

 "Ready, Billy?" asked Alan.

 Billy nodded. "Ready."

 "Then, on three." began Alan. "One..two..THREE!"

 Alan and Billy pressed the red buttons in front of them simultaneously.
 a beeping sound was heard, followed by the door opening with a hissing sound.

 as the three stepped inside a large chamber..Sally stopped short, and gasped at what she saw.

 In the center of the room were four metallic arches generating a force field.
 and, within the dome..was a standing humanoid figure in a red suit whose body looked blurry.

 Sally has seen something like this before.
 as a speedster, her husband' Billy, had demonstrated the same "blurred image" ability.

 but, what REALLY shocked the mobian princess,
 was how remarkably similar that this figure looked to her husband.

 In fact, they were almost EXACTLY alike.

 "b-Billy.." mumbled Sally, still in shock.

 Billy looked at his wife. "w-Why does the p-person in there look like you??"

 Before Billy could answer, Alan spoke: "His name is Will. Will Gilvenzan.
 and, he comes from the same place as Scourge."

 "Moebius?!" said Sally, looking at Alan.

 "yes. he is the "Evil Billy." replied Alan. "He appeared around the same time Scourge first started heckling you.

  he went STRAIGHT after Billy, with the doubtless intention on killing him.
  their fight resulted in 60% of the city being severely damaged, with hundreds of people either dead, or injured."

 "by the ancient walkers.." muttered Sally, awestruck.

 "It was a struggle for Billy to even keep up, much less land a hit." continued Alan.
 "By the time we were finally able to subdue him, Billy was in a state of near death.
  even WITH his accelerated healing, we had to put him on life support. took him over TWO WEEKS to recover."

 Alan finally turned, and faced Billy again. "He almost KILLED you, Billy. and, *YOU* want me to set him loose!?"

 Billy was silent, bearing an unreadable expression.
 Finally, he responded to his leader in a stern, calm tone. "If you have a better idea, I am all ears.
 but, right now..That "Monster" is our best hope at stopping Scourge."

 "And, what makes you think he'll even cooperate?!" retorted Alan. "Buns Rabbot and Doctor Kintobor aside,
 the inhabitant of Moebius that we've met thus far HAVEN'T been famous for their Trustworthiness."

 "Billy." spoke up Sally, who looked at her. "Alan DOES have a point.
 If this "Will" is worse than Scourge is, we may literally be trading one evil for another."

 "I can understand that." said Billy. "But, this is the one time I think we CAN trust a Suppression Squadron."

 "and, why do you think that?" asked Alan.

 Billy looked back at Alan. "Because..when I fought him seven years ago, he told me How he got his speed, and WHY."

 Alan crossed his arms. "Alright..I'll humor you: WHY?"

 "I got my speed because Brass wanted Sonic dead,
  and Sobolov used me as a test subject so they could find a way to kill him." began Billy.

 "Yes, we already know that."

 "Well, WILL told me *between beatings* that HE forced a scientist in his world to give him super speed.
  because he was jealous of Scourge, and wanted to be better than him..at "Everything."

 Alan raised an eyebrow at this.
 "Are you saying that Will..your Evil Self, has a personal grudge against Sonic's evil self?!"

 Billy nodded "Yes."

 Alan exhaled at this. "wow. That Mirror Universe never ceases to amaze me.
 You love Sonic like a Brother, and Will apparently hates Scourge's guts."

 Alan looked at Billy. "So, if Will really does hate Scourge..why did he come after you??"

 Billy exhaled. "he said..I was the Warm-Up. Practice for the "Main Event."

 Alan crossed his arms, and exhaled sharply. "It seems almost too good to be true."

 "It's the Truth, sir." said Billy.

 "Oh, I believe you, Billy..but, I still don't like the odds." continued Alan.
 "Even if he DOES go after Scourge, what will stop him from going after YOU, again!?"

 Billy exhaled sharply. "nothing. But, if we don't do this..Sonic may die, and THEN we'll all be in serious trouble."

 Alan groaned at this. *yeah..and, Aleena and Bernie will never let me hear the end of It.*

 Sally walked forward, gazing at the machine that kept
 her husband's evil counterpart contained. "What is this thing, anyway?!"

 Alan walked near Sally. "I forget what Professor Thornedyke called It.
 But, It's suppose to negate speed. trapping anyone in a super slowed state, akin to suspended animation."

 "How did he even manage to construct something like this at the time of Will's attack??" asked Sally.

 "Well, I will admit that we lifted the original designs from Sobolov's private notes." said Alan.
 "He altered the design so it's be more "humane", and less..LETHAL."

 Sally looked at the machine again. "So, This was going to be used on Billy."

 "AND, Sonic, eventually." added Alan.

 Sally looked long and hard at the still blurred visage of Will.
 while he resembled her dear husband, she had to admit..he made her blood run cold.

 the red he wore made him look as if he was covered in blood.
 and, his red goggles only made his eyes seem demonic.

 Sally grimaced, and swallowed hard.

 "sally." Sally looked as both Alan and Billy looked at her.
 "You are the only neutral party here. It's up to you to decide on what we do."

 Sally looked at Alan..then, Billy. then, WILL..then, Alan again.
 finally, she sighed sharply. and, spoke up: "Nobody knows just how dangerous these people are
 more than me..I agree, this Will DOES seem worse than Scourge is.

 but, that's just It: Will is WORSE than Scourge. He could very well be our damnation, than our "savior."
 (sighs) but..Billy is right' We are desperate, and don't have the luxury to overlook ANY chance that we might have."

 Sally looked at Billy. "I don't like this..but, if this is the only way. Then, you have my support, hon."

 Billy looked at Alan..who, exhaled stressfully. "this is such a mistake."

 "I'm not arguing that, but-"

 "I know' We have no choice." said Alan. "I just hope the rest of the world will see It that way."

 Alan then stood aside. and, gestured his hand over to the control console of the containment unit.

 "We had this programmed so that only YOU could switch It On and Off, Billy. If you are sure about this..Go for It."

 Billy looked at his wife..who gave him a warm, but concerned expression.
 he finally breathed out, and approached the dome where his evil counterpart was being held.

 he took a moment to look within the dome..and, stared at the blurred visage of his other self.
 he froze fearfully as memories of his first encounter with him flashed within his mind.

 "Billy." Billy looked back at Sally..who looked at him warmly. "(whispering) it's okay."

 Billy smiled weakly. he then huffed as he returned to the console.
 with his hand shaking, he reluctantly placed his palm upon a glass plate.

 the place flash as It scanned Billy.


 With a hum, the pulsing energy dissipated..and, Will finally collapsed onto the ground.
 Alan, Billy and Sally all kept their eyes on the now unfrozen, but still contained prisoner as he struggled to get up.

 as Will stood in a kneeling position, Sally noted that Will had reddish-orange hair, instead of blonde.
 and, as he lifted his goggles up, she also saw he had Green eyes, instead of blue.

 Will looked upon his audience..and, grinned. "My letter from the governor finally come in??" said Will, with sarcasm.

 Sally felt chills run down her spine. despite looking, and sounding like her husband.
 the way he spoke made her feel..uncomfortable. like being in the same room as a serial killer.

 Alan walked up, looking at Will. "Will. we are prepared to make you a deal for your freed-"

 "Yes, I know." began Will, cutting Alan off.
 "Pineapple Head" is giving you trouble, and you want ME to take him down a notch."

 Alan looked surprised. "How do you know tha-"

 "Because while I may have LOOKED frozen in that stupid machine of yours..
  I was fully AWARE of everything that was happening!!"


 "SEVEN YEARS..in a super slowed state." continued Will, as he stood up onto his feet.
 "If I wasn't ALREADY a "dangerous psychotic", I would have gone INSANE from the boredom!!"

 Alan sighed. "Will. We are aware of your apparent hatred for Scourge. Help us stop him, and we'll set you free."

 Will crossed his arms..and, chuckled. "So, you're asking me to do
 something that I was already planning on doing, anyway.

 HAH!, It's like a cop asking a convicted thief to rob a bank!"

 "It DOES seem rather redundant whenever you think about It." said Sally.

 It was then that Will looked straight at Sally. "Sally Acorn, right?"

 Sally cringed. not liking that the "Evil Billy" was focused on her.

 "I see that my Counterpart's doing well for himself if he bagged a sweet prize like you."

 Sally grew pale. "h-How did you-"

 "Your wearing a wedding band, your staying close to Billy.
  AND..I heard you address him as "hon" earlier." said Will. "I'm Psychotic..NOT Stupid."

 Will then looked over at Billy. "Kudos to YOU, Bill. I must admit,
 I also found Alicia Acorn kinda hot. especially when she cracked that bullwhip of hers-"

 "CAN we stay on track, here!?" said Alan, getting impatient.

 Will looked at Alan. "You need me to fight Scourge. THAT, I get. but, I want a bit MORE than that."

 Alan eyed the red-haired man. "Like what?!"

 "You let me out, I beat Scourge to a pulp..THEN, what??
  Once I've done my part, you send my twin to put me back my Slo-Mo Cell."

 Alan scowled, growling low in his throat. "what do you want??"

 Will smiled wide as he approached the force field dome. "I think you already know."

 Alan growled again. "you want us to destroy this containment unit."

 "You'll re-build It..Eventually." began Will, as he walked away. his hands behind his back. "By then, I'll be LONG GONE."

 "and, free to do God knows what." said Alan, disdain in his voice.

 Will grinned as he glanced back at Alan. "then, have fun trying to beat Scourge on your own.
  Because UNLESS my "Absolute" freedom is guaranteed..I'm not doing anything."

 "You really expect us to believe that you'll pass up the chance to fight Scourge!?" began Billy, walking up.
 "You told me yourself how much you hated him, how much you wanted to BEAT him!"

 "Yeah, I did." began Will, approaching his counterpart.
 "and, I was more than happy to do just that the very moment I first got my speed.

  BUT, I was willing to wait first. Test out my new powers on you..THEN, go after my true enemy."

 Will then struck the force-field dome with his arm, making It pulse.
 "then, you stuck me In this thing for seven years..which to ME, felt like SEVENTY.
  so, believe me when I say this: If I've waited THIS long to get what I want..I can wait a bit longer."

 Billy grimaced as Will smirked, turned around, and walked away again.
 he looked at Alan..who sighed sharply. "Alright, FINE. (grumbles) you've got a deal.."

 Will smirked as he turned around, and looked at his audience of three.
 "then, what are you waiting for? Let me out, so I can kick Scourge's spiny green ass."

 Alan sighed as he nodded to Billy.
 Billy reluctantly approached the console again, and placed him palm upon It.


 the energy dome finally dissipated..and, the second after, Will sped out in a trail of red lightning.

 ..and, pinned Billy to a wall.


 "apologies, Billy." began Will. "but, you and I STILL have unfinished business."

 Billy glared at him. "b-but, we had a Deal!!"

 "and, I will keep It." said Will. "but, *NOBODY* said I had to fight Scourge "right now."

 Sally glared at Will in disgust. "why you sneaky, two-faced-"

 "and, Besides.." continued Will, ignoring Sally. "I need a little "warm-up" before I combat Scourge.
 (looks at Billy, and smiles) and, since you gave me such a good workout last time, I see no reason why that should change."

 Billy scowled at Will, his eyes flashing yellow. Will just grinned, his own eyes flashing red.
 Billy then shoved at Will, knocking him back with his speed enhanced blow.

 With his goggles now on, Billy then charged in a trail of yellow lightning, and rapidly punched at Will.
 Will took some punches, but then caught the last, and threw a single hard punch at Billy, knocking him backwards.

 Will then put his goggles on. the two continued to fight.
 their images blurred, and moving like yellow-and-red lightning bolts.

 Will then suddenly grabbed Billy, spun him around super fast,
 and threw his body into the containment unit console. destroying It.

 as Billy groaned in pain, Will smiled sinisterly and sped over to the containment unit itself.
 he circled in a streak of red lightning, destroying the entire machine in a matter of seconds.

 Once done, Will sped over to Alan and Sally.
 he bore a smug look on his face as he began tossing a part in his hand.

 (("SORRY. IT'S NOT THAT I DON'T TRUST YOU")) began Will, his voice distorted.

 Suddenly, Will was tackled by a yellow bolt.
 Billy grabbed Will, throttling him angrily. (("STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!")) said Billy, his own voice distorted.


 Will then brushed Billy off, and attacked him again.
 he threw a punched, then seemed to disappear, and RE-appear behind Billy. striking him in the back.

 Billy then began to rapidly twirl around in place, countering Will's repeat attack.
 Billy then charged after Will, who did the same.

 as the two speedsters collided, a shockwave knocked Alan and Sally back.

 as they moved at super speed, attacking each other,
 yellow-and-red lightning bolts began to circle the room like a cyclone.

 Alan and Sally stood close at the center. watching as multi-colored electricity sparked around them.
 Sally tried to look, and see ANY of them. but, they were moving so fast,
 they resembled living lightning bolts instead of living people.

 Suddenly, the red bolt shot out of the room. the yellow bolt followed.

 "COME ON!" said Alan, as he and Sally ran out the room.

 the two ran as fast as they could up the long corridor.
 but, even at THEIR top speed, they knew It'd be far too late.

 And, when the blaring alarm sounded..they knew this was true.

 "dammit!, I knew this would happen!!" cursed Alan.

 "Don't be so hard on yourself. We were desperate!" said Sally.

 "and, In our desperation, we've open the flood gates to an ever GREATER devastation!!"

 Once the two reached the nexus of Freedom HQ, they found the room in ruins.
 the same yellow-and-red lightning bolts were circling the room, damaging parts of It with each pass.

 random people were ducking for cover, trying to avoiding the sparking electricity.

 from Billy and Will's perspective..the surrounding world was moving in super slow-motion.
 they ran along the walls, and tackled each other. each trying to overpower the other.

 the two finally accelerated at such a tremendous speed,
 that they both shot through the ceiling like bullets through glass.

 outside, above ground. they BURST straight through the roof of a manor estate.
 twirling like a multi-colored vortex as they shot into the sky high above.

 at the height of their momentum, the two stayed suspended in the air.
 Finally..they plummeted down in a free fall.

 unable to use their legs, both Billy and Will quickly spun both arms around rapidly.
 generating twin wind funnels, that began to slow their descents.

 once they were low enough to the ground, they both dropped.
 upon landing, Will performed a flying kick at Billy, knocking him down.


 with that, Will sped off into the city in a red lightning bolt.
 scowling, Billy chased after him at equal speed.

 [To be Continued..]

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