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Race Anthropology

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I learned something new today. Apparently color doesn't really determine race, its more like "Nose, hair, skull structure etc".

But i was looking at this map on caucasian ... dunno why it says white.. But basically. I just assume semitic people where its own race. Arabs, jews etc.
But Saudi Arabia doesn't look.. too negro though i guess.

Although people prefer to use "Indo-Europeans" due to Aryan is usually connected to nazism... which i understand why some would feel uncomfortable saying it.


My conclusion is that, berbers where a group in morroco for example, and they were caucasian . So it seems like they got replaced with arabs...Maybe it was african arabs or something? Like a community and not really racially caucasian .
Caucasians existed in "Europe, Some parts of Asia, North Africa... and more than that i dont know"

Either way. I am just wondering what you guys think ^^

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caucasian_race#Relation_to_whiteness



Edit: Or... there are subclasses it seems.


I also saw a vid on it. Kinda laughed a little bit with Putin at the end :P

Either way. Curious to your views on it :)

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Oh, wow, I had no idea there was (and could ever be) such a topic here on SCANF! I'm actually very much interested in this, as anthropology very much ties into my other interests, such as history and linguistics. Yes, it is in fact true that many ethnic groups that most people wouldn't exactly consider 'white' are, in fact, caucasoid in race. For example, the Habesha people of the Horn of Africa, as mentioned in a picture above. They are 'black' (dark) in skin color, yes, but if you take a closer look at the facial features and bone structure of many Ethiopians, Eritreans, and Somalians you will see that they are much closer to the Arabs or even some Southern Europeans. Hell, many of them are even lighter in skin color, too, that other subsaharan Africans. Habesha people who go abroad often get asked if they're mixed, because of their caucasoid features yet distinctively dark skin color. Then there are the so-called 'peripheral races', such as the Uraloid race in Northern Russia, which has features of both the Caucasoid and the Mongoloid races. Lots of interesting stuff to talk about in here. Sad that that the original poster hasn't been active since 2015, lol, I doubt anybody else over here is interested in this.

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