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Seviper the Fang Snake

Top 10 Robot Masters

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This marks my 2nd topic topic to start.

I originally was going to make this a top 15 but I decided to just make it 10. It doesn't have to restrict to only Boss Robot Masters, so Mega Man and the lot are allowed. As usual no particular order for me.

1.Rock\Mega Man- The Blue Bomber himself.

He can stop any not that Dr.Wily throws at him. His will to protect his family,friends,and humanity makes him worthy to be on this list.

2.Roll- Just cause she's a helper robot doesn't mean she can't handle danger.

3.Blues\Proto Man- The cool brother of Mega Man. He does whatever he wishes. And his relationship with Rock reminds me of my own with my younger brother.

4.Bass- The dark counterpart of Mega Man. His goal to defeat Mega Man has no bounds. All and all, he's just cool.

5.Gutsman- The first Robot Master with the power to level a building. What he lacks in brains, he makes up for it with his incredible strength. And he has a great karaoke singing voice.

6.Elecman- He's electrifying! I love his role as leader of the Light Robot Masters in the comics.

7.Quickman- The robotic speedster. Perhaps the first true rival of the Blue Bomber. I love his character in the comics.

8.Shadowman- He's a ninja, what's not to like. Like the two above,I love his character in the comics.

9.Napalm Man- A walking tank! Unless compared to E-123 Omega. His design is awesome.

10.Metalman- I love his fierce appearence. His metal blade is one of my favorite weapons.

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My list:


1. Mega Man: He is the hero of the series but he does not make big deal out of it. He just wants to help the world and his family and friends.


2. Blues: He has been villain once but that was only because he didn't know the truth about his family. But I can relate to him.


3. Quake Woman: While she might not be one of the main characters I'd like to she what she can do and what kind of person will she become.


4. Roll: (obviously) one of my favorites. She might not fight like his brother does but she does her own part well and cares about her family and friends very much.


5: Bass: Sure he might be one of the original robot masters but he and Mega Man remind me about Sonic and Shadow and I think he's friend Treble and him make a great team.


6. Snake Man: He uses snakes as cameras, he IS one big snake robot himself how cool is that?!


7. Ice Man: He is just adorable! But powerful... And he's got cute little crush on Roll so.. aaaw.. x3


8. Time Man: A robot... Who controls time. What else do ya even need?? 


9. The power of hate is great after this one but... Ra Moon: I mean really he's THE Bad Guy in the comics, He wasn't easy to defeat and sacrifices had to be made in order to stop him. He is evil, he is powerful and he is awesome. 


10. Zero. Definitely Zero. He has been my favorite since I first saw him in Mega Man X. He can fight, he seems like a leader type and is very strong.

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