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Countdown section rules!

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Hello everybody. Cheery here, and welcome to the brand new countdown section! We, the staff, have been thinking about introducing this section before. And now that it is not only my birthday, but also Sonic Scanf’s 7th anniversary, I believe it is the right time to do it now!

Unfortunately, I have to be THAT person and also supply you guys with a few rules, do’s and don’ts. Trust me, it’s for the better.

  • All main rules of the forum are intact (see for more information).
  • Adding a new rule for this section and this section alone:  You HAVE to explain your choices if YOU are the creator of a thread. If you put just a thread with a select amount of choices and no explanation whatsoever, the thread will be removed. You may however recreate the thread and fix your earlier mistake, but I prefer if you just follow this rule. The only threads that are an exception to this rule are the threads that were made before this thread was introduced.
  • Repliers to a thread don’t necessarily have to follow the above rule, though it’s appreciated by all of us if you do. Really.
  • A countdown can be of any number you wish it to be, but please don’t exceed the maximum of 50.
  • Your thread doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘top …’. If you just want to make a top list with no selected amount of numbers, any of the repliers may choose how many they wish to use for their list. Also, still no higher than 50.

Hopefully all of you are informed enough. Please, as always, try to follow the rules as best as you can. Have fun!

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