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The Jest

Role-playing rules.

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Ok, so before we begin with the Role-plays, I'd like to add in some rules. Just some general ones that one can add to if they wish. Role-plays are suppose to be fun and entertaining. But sadly, it's easy to spoil that fun if no rules are set into place to keep people from ruining the fun of others.

For the sake of not overdoing or underwhelming this list, I'll be copying from another site I know of the rules of RPing.

With that said, let's begin.

1. No God-modding- If your character is unbelievably strong, undefeatable, and over all unstoppable, you're doing it wrong. It's ok to have strong characters, but in combat, there is no such thing as the strongest, and certainly no such thing as invincible. I'll post up a list later on of God-modding acts, just so we know what is and isn't god-modding.

2. No double/Triple posts- When you make your post to an RP, be sure you put everything into that post you wanted to.

3. Good spelling and Grammar's a must- It doesn't have to be absolutely flawless, but it can't be something like "txt tlk" either. We just want to be able to read and understand the posts.

4. No spam- We don't have a rule in length unless added by the owner of the RP. However, we would appreciate giving each post you make a little more effort than a few words. I'd say the minimum is about 30 words.

5. All General rules of the Forum Apply here- Obvious.

And that's about it for the General rules. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM.

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I might sound like a newbie in this category, but can you explain to me what exactly can be pronounced as role-playing games? Or do you have any example? Because I have no idea what's it about :P

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Very well...

RPs (Not to be confused with RPGs) can basically be summarized as co-operative storytelling. You make a character of some kind, whatever fits the RP, or adapting characters you have already created into the story made, and play as them, writing in their perspective about the situation at hand. What it looks like to them, how they will react, etc. For those who are loving of stories, it's quite an entertaining experience. Some could even consider it an exercise of mentality, planning, and character development.

I have seen RP's done in two different ways: Script and Novel. ...Their names match their formats. So Script is like this:

Character one shoots character 2 in the leg.

Character 2: *Drops to one knee and holds his shot leg* Agh, What the hell!?

Character 1: *Holsters his gun and puts a cigar in his mouth before lighting it up* Quit your whining, you had it coming.

And Novel is like this:

Number 1, angered by 2's snarky remarks, pulled out his gun, and shot him in the leg, causing 2 to drop to one knee, cringing in pain as he hold on to the leg not bleeding from the bullet.

"Agh, what the hell!?" He yelled out, the pain and annoyance seeping into his tone. 1 just stood there looking down at him, holstering his gun as he took the cigar from his mouth, and lighting it up.

"Quit your whining, you had it coming." 1 simply said to him.

Both are tolerable, but if you are up to it, I highly recommend the Novel way.

Some RPs do have stats, or Dice that they use for the story at hand. Personally, however, I use neither.

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Ah I see, thanks for the reply. I understand most of it now :P

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The rules Jest has written are correct and should be followed. But there are some other rules that should be followed too.

One of them being to think things through before you post otherwise the concequences for the character in question could be too great. A perfect example of not thinking things through has recently happened. A mistake made by yours truly.

Geoffrey St John

The Ixis Overlord.


LocationThe UK

Posted 27 June 2015 - 06:59 PM

Scabbard town - Outside Pine's research center

Charmy wasn't too far from the ground when Jack got excited causing him to drop his bag. He quickly reached for it and grabbed it with his left hand before accidentally slipping off Charmy. In desperation Jack reached up and grabbed onto the first thing he could with his right hand.

Jack let out a sigh of relief when he had grabbed onto something but was soon more scared than ever when he heard Charmy cry. He looked up at Charmy and saw he hand grabbed onto one one his wings causing him to be unable to fly and begin falling rapidly.

In a panic Jack curled into a ball without letting go of the wing as their descent was quickly coming to an end. However selflessly Charmy twirled around so he bore the brunt of the crash into the ground.

Scabbard Town - Just in front of the crowd

James had just got off his Rapidash and recalled it when he noticed Charmy's rapid descent. Worried for his friend and brother he rushed towards where they were heading but was stopped in his tracks when he heard a loud thump. 

This was a reply I made in the current Pokemon role playing game. While the post seems straight forward the crash would have had a negative impact on Jack's record which he could have had cleared in time. That itself wasn't a big deal true so why was it a mistake? Simple really, The crash would have given him a black mark on his record and the stigma of having that mark would have had a huge impact on his personality. Which would have made such an effect on him that I wouldn't have been able to play him through it at all. And that possible outcome didn't even occur to me at all. While I have resolved the matter with permission from the other players by removing the crash entirely I felt that this could be a learning experience for everyone.

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