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Let's Play : Legend of Grimrock - Sonic scanf Edition.

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After two days of hardous waiting, the thing Many around you heard about is now Live !

I, Locke, will try the impossible to give you an humourous Written let's play of my adventures deep inside the many and dangerous dungeons of "Legends of Grimrock".

But I won't be alone, oh no. As I'll be with 3 other great lads, also in needs of adventure. Without further wait, here is this great party of valorous and brave adventurers


Sexy bunch, aren't they?

Anyways, I'll probably start tomorrow night. So before, Maybe you'd like me to do many things, or probably add up some stuff to this topic.

For one, I'll think I'll add a bio for each character. So, unless you trust me that much, how about telling me what you'd like to see in their own personnal stories?

It's up to you people. And it begins, NOW.

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Sexy bunch, aren't they?

Yes indeed we are. Looking forward to it, good luck matey!

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Well, this looks like it's gonna be interesting. As for personal stories, I've no idea so will leave that in your hands.

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Well , Since it's a Dungeon crawling Rpg , I though adding a bio for each character would be nice for the ambiance . Probably even make them likable . As for turning their lives into hell on earth ... being thrown in a hole and having to fight your way out agaisnt unspeakable horrors, Deadly trap , and meeting a statue whom you have to win a staring contest again... That's should also be fine that way .

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Welcome, Welcome stranger. Please, have a seat, and listen to the story of an old traveler. But first , please know that behind every great stories like the one I'm about to read you, Many great adventurer lies beneath , Waiting once again that another kindred soul might sing the song of their numerous adventures.

Tonight, I'll stop on one in Particular: The story of 4 brave adventurers ; Some like the world of Mobius has rarely seen. There were little chance They would have meet in other circunstance, But That fateful Day, Destiny decided otherwise.....

But First, let us see the names of this valorous party.

Locke the 1st : oie_OpMVNbbRcDTH_zps120ca740.jpg?t=1379192725

Once an estimed Guardian,It as now changed. As you see, Locke has very serious problems: including anxiety attack, which led to many bad things to happen on his work. As such, the other Guardians deemed that it was time for him to stop before an accident would happen on his person. Fortunaly , he still has his father and his son to help him through what's left of his old life. But for this terrible Test, he won't have the chance of having such allies. Will he be able to trust the three other around him with his own life? time may only tell.

Shadow the Faceless : oie_yUxyGircDEg8_zps8742299e.jpg?t=1379192754

This great warrior has seen his bunch of fight indeed. He did his duty in more than one war, and destroyed his adversaries in the name of more than one king. Yes, Shadow was a mercenary. Working for money, his Service offered to the highest bidder.Unfortunaly for him, a wrong job got him in a quite bad situation. And this is what got him there. Will he get redemption? Or it is just another plan of him to gain even more power and richies for his lover , Duchess Rouge "La batte" ? Who knows... But don't count on me to tell you.

Skye"White Meat" Prower: oie_JMGAIIvQydPB_zps98b1e61f.jpg?t=1379192705

While the Reason of why Skye is often named "White meat" aren't clear, Fews ever had the answer, as those trying to get the worst out of him often ended up as regular customers of the Nearest Healing Room.

Indeed , While he might look and be extremly adorable, Skye is not TO BE MESSED WITH. But for those who still don't get it, This giant sword on his back is not there to look nice. But for his friends, Skye will go through hell and back. Will we get to see if such a saying is true? Assuming he does come back of this little Adventure that is, why not?

Cheery "The great" : oie_cZlFUhCkPsoY_zpseb4e9741.jpg?t=1379192694

Once A messiah-like savior, it all changed when his power did not meet the expectation of those asking for him. The following years saw him locked up... that is were he lost his mind , and embraced full insanity. He came back, with a vengence, and killed all those who dared to destroy his life. Eventually he left, leaving behind him this murderous past. What exactly is he doing here is a mystery. But he ought to leak something when he'll feel like it. Assuming he doesn't kill the three other that is.....

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Bonus Chapter: Gamer's note 1

So , hello there. Before we start, it's important that you must be able to get what will happen in this game. First, I'll go with the idea that A good part of you are familiar with RPG in general, and Fantasy above all. After all , The lord of the ring and Warhammer aren't well known for nothing.

There are 3 classes in Grimrock: Fighter , Rogue, and Mage. All are pretty well rounded up, and I'll write more about them in the next Bonus chapter.

Then Come the three Main Races : It won't really affect the Story, just the bonus I'll get around. We got your Good all-around Human, The mean Minotaur, who kick hard and doesn't think much (he also has a malus in accuracy), the lizardman, deceiptful , and efficient in a rogue class, and the Insectoid, An old race well versed in the art of magic.

Each one of them is playable in every classes, but doing so will need lot of time , and a good knowledge of where what choice will lead you. So I'll go with a generic idea for each one

And without further wait, here is the Party's Beginning Characteristic.



Locke is going to be a strong sword fighter , with a good focus on strengh and dexterity. my health will goes up as I get bonus from better sword skill. Also, A bunch of point will go toward armors, So I can get to wear some as I find them.



Shadow the angry rogue is going to be our ranged Fighter, with a serious emphasis on missile weapon (the throwing skill is just there for the beginning of the game, until i get an actual bow, or a sling; beside, I'll be able to make him shout "CHAOS ROCK" Everytime i get him to throw a rock. Small pleasures are the best.



He is also going for sword plays, and a good armor cannot hurt. So I'll dump everything in Strengh and dexterity to compensate the fact that he'll be a litteral meat shield for Cheery and shadow.

And cheery:


Actually, Cheery is the easiest one to plan for his evolution. I get Spellcraft to 10(new spells, and More magic point), Ice to 13 (it gives me serious chances to Freeze an ennemy), and the rest on fire Magic (Yeah , cheery is going to be a firemage. It's going to be awesome.)

Now that everything Has been taken care of, We'll now be able to start the story itself.

Took us long enough , eh?

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(No, not this one.....)

And so begin this adventure, my friends.

Mont Grimrock. Big. Ominous. Terrifying. Just like my stepmother.


And they wonder I never go near it. Grimrock, not My stepmother. But then again, one does not exclude the other.

So.. Yet another convoy of prisonner is flying toward these grim mountains...And at this board, 4 poor lads..


The 4 of them were accused of high treason. It was obviously a lie. But fortunaly, by the time they would leave this godforsaken place, their name would be cleared.

And then, there is the king. In his great generosity, he decided that the 4 "companion" would face the ultimate judgement. Shall they survive the many puzzles, traps and monster of this forgotten dungeon, They would be set free. But only at the condition of their survival.

Unfortunaly, it would not be a simple adventure in a dungeon: It was supposed to be a punishement. And as such, all they had on them was nothing but the torn clothes they had since their short "vacation" in the Crawford's prison.

And There they were. The pit that would determine their fate. The three statue around it were making the whole thing even more breathtaking. but time wasn't at appreciating nice sculpture.

"The King has decided to give you a chance to redeem yourself. Do not waste such a chance ." Said The captain of the guards.

And on these woords, They were thrown away in the pit, the last thing they'd hear from the Outside world, being said Captain Shouting a Quite evil "AND GOOD LUCK FELLAS!"


And Gone was the light.It was only the beginning .....

"Hugh.... we are we people?" Locke Was still half-conscious at the time. But it was acceptable. after that kind of fall, one would have been expected to die.

:"I think I can guess: Somewhere, between Lost, and inside a freaking montain. I hope that helped."

"Oh yes, Almost as much as someone showing a book to a blind man."

"Guys...... Guys................. please stop Mobius , i want to g-get.... to get down" Skye was obviously quite shaken by his fall.. And totally not just because he also found yet another use to cheery as a matress.

"We aren't stopping anything for you, mindless warrior....alright, it mind be my fault if you are a bit more mindless right now, but you'll totally get better later. Hopefully...

"Calm down everyone! Now about we take a look around, shall we?"

And so they did.


Well..... it appeared to Locke's mind that they were in a quite distressful situation, but that all hope wasn't lost. That is, until Skye, Still dizzy ,fell on the wall behind, touching an hidden button ...that triggered a mechanism , opening an even more hidden door...


"Well, now that's unexpected."

"I like surprises.Do you?"



So, all they found it this hidden room were nothing but your average Rogue's loadout: A pair of boots, and a Shuriken. Now How did these things ended up there is totally out of my mind. Just deal with , ok?

" well welll..... would you look at that. I could use the extra equipement indeed." As he put on the boot and got his newly found Shuriken ready for battle."Oh don't worry, I'll enjoy the warm touch of these boots for you until we get out of here."

" Fortunaly for Us Shadow, I highly Doubt it was the only hidden room around. Aurora may know how many of these we might find. But We know at the very least that they contain useful equipement in it.So, shall you find anything suspicious around,Just take a closer look at it. we cannot allow ourselve to miss anything."

"Indeed. And Ithink that in fact, we are going to need every single piece of gear we might find.Just to be sure."

Skye finnally got a bit better.

,"Oh, nice Boot shadow. I Wonder if We'll get to find some for my size...."

"Enough chit chat for now."As locke opened the way."We can also walk and Speak at the same time, remember? Now let's get to that torch over there. I think it's the only way."

And walking they did. So far, it was an uneventful walk in what was basically the first floor of a deadly dungeon.The four of them knew it wouldn't last.

They eventually got ahold of their first puzzle. Well... puzzle was quite the word to describe it...


" This portal here almost make me wonders... was this made not to let us in, or to not ..... Let Them out?"

" Stop saying stupid things. If there happen to have any monster, I'll blow it to smitherin with my incredible powers!!!!"

Another couple of minutes later, our walorous party once again ended up against a wall.... and guess what ? it had a secret switch too!!!!

Once again, luck was on their side as they got... a cudgel... oh well, It made skye happy, so nobody minded.

But the only apperent calm of this place was troubling.... even more so since they knew there was something around.

It became a relief when they finnally found another form of life wandering around.....


"Is that a snail?"

"Yes it is...Wait, Something is wrong..... OH AURORA IT'S GETTING CLOSER. IT'S GETTING CLOSER!!!!!"

" THROW SOMETHING AT IT!!!!! I don't want to be it's dinner tonight!!!!"

That thing had a nasty bite. Fortunaly , Shadow's rock were even Nastier.


And the monster.....exploded. Talk about critical existence failure.

At least, It left food behind. Food that Skye quickly putted in his Bag.

"Hum, that was something...to say the least. I mean, Blowing up!!!! Are these things made of explosive or what ?"

"Don't think about it too hard, or else you'll get shivers down your spine. Believe me, it's for the best if I'm telling you that."

Still.... it was quite a fight, and our bunch of heroes needed some time to rest up a bit before going back again.

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