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Character Chest FAQ

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Hello there. Welcome to the Character Chest. I can tell some of you are somewhat confused as to why this exists. So I'm establishing this FAQ to explain. Let's start with the most obvious...

Why is this here? What's the purpose of this place?

To put it simply, there are some people like myself who take great pride in our created characters whenever they may show up. As such, there are times where you would want to show them off, perhaps let people give criticism of what to do to make them better, pointing out any problems that the character may have so that you can correct them. Sometimes it's not about pride but sheer convenience. You can bring them here and all general information will be recorded here so you don't have to repeat every time you put the character in an RP. This is here for those people and for that reason.

What's the difference, if any, between making a Character sheet here, and making a character sheet in an OOC?

Mostly the difference is in detail. An RPs CS sheet is not designed for a lot of details about the person. It just gives a summary of who they are, and what they're like. The profiles on here, are more designed to tell about your character in explicit detail, and as a result, are much larger in size and asks for much more things. It's also designed for showing the character specifically, not how he'll be in an RP.

Can this be used for official characters, or just Original/"Fan-made" ones?

Just Original/Fan-made stuff. This is not a place for Sega or Archie's characters, this is for OUR characters. Nobody needs to see already made characters in GREAT detail. Especially in a place like this where all the comics of Sonic and Megaman are at your fingertips.

Can this serve to replace Character sheets used in RPs?

No. This serves to be useful for the general stuff around the character. quite helpful when one wants to learn more about them. But the thing is, An RP's CS is dependent on the RP itself, and adapts to whatever RP is made at the time. As such, Things may be added to the Profile of an RP that isn't shown in these kind of profiles, and somethings you might want to tone down or not use for the sake of the RPs, such as limitations and restrictions that only that RP has. Here's a way to put it, A CS in an RP is like a Job Application, while a Profile is like a biography.

Exactly how much detail are we talking here?

Personally, I'm very laid-back when it comes to length. But I will say that if you're going to do this, you got to put effort into it. So I'd say give some details for things, like why they are what they are, and perhaps a paragraph in the Personality and Backstory department.

What if it's incomplete, and something I'm working on, but don't have a lot of time to do so?

Post that as well. Again, you have to put at least SOME effort into it, I don't want to see just the name, age, or anything that basic and then nothing else. But if you're almost done with it, you can post it, and maybe edit it later. But do inform us that's it's incomplete. So that way you can basically avoid people telling you what you're missing and that you should fill them out. Believe me, a warning before hand will evade a lot of annoyance in the long run.

What exactly will be critiqued?

Well, anything that seems off really. Obviously nothing ridiculous to critique should be really critiqued, like what the person likes, dislikes, or favorite foods. However, I personally, will be looking out for grammar and spelling, as well as questionable holes in the backstory, and I'll definitely criticize if I see a Personality that's without any effort (Using different words, but no sentences, for instance.) But I think the main area that's going to get A LOT of criticism is the powers and abilities. Even though they're not in an RP, they should still be treated as if they were in one. A character your making a Profile of, after all, IS a character you would use in an RP, right? As such, The rules of God-modding and impossibly powerful abilities still stand here.

If I'm "criticizing" does that mean I can openly insult the character?


Look, contrary to what you may believe, especially after seeing reviewers like AVGN and the Nostalgia Critic, the purpose of criticism isn't to bash something for being bad. It's to call them out on the bad things, and explain why they're bad, so that the author or maker can get better from them. Saying something "It sucks" or "This is a horrible character" isn't criticism. You have to explain why it sucks, why it's horrible character, so that the person who made it can make it suck less and make it NOT a horrible character. Yes, I know there some who can't get it through their heads and not learn, but even still, if they don't want to learn, then we won't teach them. ...That said...

I don't want to have/don't like Criticism!

Tough. No one's perfect. We all have a sense of Pride in our characters, believe me, I understand that. But the fact is when you're making something like this, unless you're either very confident in knowing what you're is like and balance of it, or have experience in it before like myself and Geoffrey, and even then, chances are, there's going to be some mistakes, or questionable things. As long as there are, there will be people critiquing your stuff. While you may be able to defend your stuff, if those defenses on them don't hold water, the critic will probably win the argument. You just got to man up and take those criticisms to heart.

Think of it this way, Critics are a GOOD thing, They critique because and tell their opinion because they care, and want to see what they critique perfected. That's why Reviewers and Critics exist. Somebody taking a criticism, however harsh it may be, is better than someone who says no opinion because they have no hope for it. Ignorance is not bliss here. You gotta suck it up and deal with Critics, because there will always be people who review whatever you make and critique them for the rest of your life. You can't handle it here, how are you going to handle it in the long-run of your life?

...That's about every question I can come up with at the top of my head. I'll give this place a Profile sheet as soon as I can.

However, if there's any other questions, feel free to tell them here.

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