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  1. What's Your Favorite Song?

    The title says about everything. You can tell why you like the song that you picked too if you want. Enjoy!
  2. Sonic Fan Songs

    I don't know if it counts, but here goes. A nifty (Ha! Haven't used that word yet!) little Zone where you can post Sonic inspired fan songs or lyric videos! I'll start:
  3. Geoffrey's lyrical creations

    I know I currently have my parody thread but this one is for my original creations that do not have any music. And please do not question my lyrics or their meaning. However any critism is welcome. I'm too afraid to try   The clock is ticking endessly I can't help but watch as time disappears The numbers have turned blurry As I look through my tears I know I have a talent I have a gift I should be able to share But sadly something is missing Something I need isn't there   When I look in the mirror I can not help but lie Deep inside I know I am too afraid to try The fear inside me is too great The  talent I hold fails to shine If you really knew me Then you would know I am not fine   Every time I grab that pen My face shines a smile I simple just let myself go I create in my own unique style I get so many signs of support I have fans who have my back But even knowing that There is still something I lack   I don't like the pressure I feel like I could die Can't you see that I'm too afraid to try I may fail that is true But I could also succeed Can't you see that There is somethig I need   My family are with me Both real and online They try to help me grow They try to help me shine But that doesn't help It only sends the fear deeper inside Don't push me it only hurts Will you just let me hide   Don't force the pen into my hand Don't try to make me create All you are doing is Giving me the feeling I hate The fear I have is strong I can't help but cry I can't deny that I'm too afraid to try I feel like I could die Just because I am too afraid to try   The Courage to fight back A story begins by the hands Of the creators of a new lifeform For me that is no different It all began with the norm They aimed to advise In all that they knew And I wasn't alone Together we would make it through   My home was where I learned It is where I played It is the one place I always stayed Punishment for those who misbehave That is something my life didn't lack But it gave the power I needed And the courage to fight back   I tried many things On the land and in the tide As I continued on I saw Those beside me beam with pride I started to float along Not lonely in my days I learned many things In many differet ways   But even in my shelter Diifferences still brought pain As I returned to play My life was not without a dark stain My time was not public And this caused bullies to attack But they didn't know I had The courage to fight back   A new study came And my fight started to advance If they came at me now The bullies wouldn't stand a chance From the bright to the dark I continued to achieve I will reach the end That is somethig I believe   My life has been hidden away But I am not resentful for that I have been smiling away In the chair I am sat Every choice that was made Was on the right track You have given me The courage to fight back No matter the odds life may stack I have  The courage to fight back
  4. Favorite Anime Music?

    Thought something like this is good to have before I go so.... My favorite is Melody Of The Wild Dance or Ranbu No Melody from Bleach.