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  1. This seems to be the next popular indie game, so as such, obligatory topic is obligatory.
    I played it through once, enjoyed it. Loved the characters, loved the style, and the story was touching, heartwarming and suspenseful all at once.
    Gameplay-wise it was also fun, but the platforming elements could've used a bit more tuning in my opinion.
    Night in the Woods is available on PC and PS4. It tells the story of Mae, a college dropout coming back to her hometown, but home isn't exactly what it used to be.
    Post your thoughts below.
  2. Post on Fez in Platformers

    By Fwiss, posted

    Fez seems like a really fun game to play. It was featured in Indie Game: The Movie, and I really enjoy open-world games, especially with a kind of funny, silent character like Gomez. Generally, puzzle-style games don't float my boat (Braid was scary), but this seems like it will be a very relaxed game which won't tax my planning skills very much. The art also looks very good, especially the 3D 8-bit parts. It kind of reminds me of a lighter version on Cave Story's art. What do you guys think of this game?