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  1. Greetings,
    This post is one of my first posts in this forum. So I guess you can call me a noobie at this time lol. Anywho, the name is Rell, and I'd been a Sonic fan going back to the Sega Genesis days (along with the first two cartoons). In fact, I believe that Sonic is the best video game mascot ever. Anywho, I had been working on my on Sonic the Hedgehog fan fic for a number of months now. At this point in time, I'm currently on break from writing Sonic fan fics because 1) I'm waiting to see how the current story line ends 2) I find the current story line a bit frustrating (with the second Sonic/MegaMan crossover splitting it up) 3) I'd been working on my Yu-Gi-Oh! fan fic (and I'm almost done with that). At this point in time, I'd written 19 Arcs (or chapters) for my Sonic fan fic, and I'd written 6 different fan fics (with a 7th on its way in the coming weeks). What I would like to do is post those Sonic fan fics (and maybe the others) here in the forum.
    Basically, my Sonic fan fics will hold true to the events that occurred and will occur in the Archie's Sonic comics. The only difference is that I had added new characters & stories to the equation. Another difference is that my fan fic will mostly focus on my characters and how they interact with the canon characters, along with the roles they have in the canon storylines. Furthermore, I'd incorporated my own stories into the fan fic that doesn't change or alter the direction of the canon storyline as well. What I would like to do is post my Arcs on a weekly basis. All my fanfics are up on on other forums and seeing that this is purely a Sonic forum, I would like to post them here. If anyone is interested in reading them (and/or my non-Sonic work), feel free to post your interests here.
    With that out the way, I'm glad to be here & I hope to hear from some of you soon. XD