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  1. So... I thought of writing another long one-shot about Undertale's Genocide ending or more precisely the Last Corridor's fight. If you've read my fanfic "My friend" you know how this goes. If not then, it's basically my OC Vivian The Hedgehog in Undertale's world. Basically she became friends with Frisk, but of course this being the Genocide version things are not going too well.. (This story will be told from Vivian's point of view.) so... Enjoy  (prepare for feels)   The Fallen Child "How many times have I been through this same situation?" "How many times do I have to see everyone die?" "Why won't it stop?" "Why won't he stop?" I found myself lying on the corridors cold floor, my vision was becoming blurry, and I could barely see the remains of Sans' body, lying next to me. I tried to get up but I had no strength left. To think that just few hours ago, I was still talking with Undyne, Sans, Alphys, Mettaton and Papyrus. I tried to make them understand that this wasn't Frisk's fault. He wasn't in control of his own body anymore. Papyrus was on my side, and Alphys was too until... Undyne died. We all saw it from the monitor. We saw how Chara one by one, killed everyone in his way. Papyrus believed in him till the very end. I wanted too.. But I've already lost track of how many times I gave him a second chance. Every time, no matter what I did, it was always the same. He fights Sans, he kills him, I try to stop him, I die. I tried to get in contact with Frisk, despite all of this, I know he is still in there somewhere. Maybe it was my naive personality that made me believe so, maybe I was just trying to create hope to a situation where everyone needed it the most. Whatever it was, it was about to get me killed. AGAIN. I was tired of this. How many times would he reset this world, just so he can watch it burn again? Was he just toying with us all? What was the point? I heard footsteps coming closer to me, as I tried my best to get up, again, I would be killed, by the same person who I wanted to protect the most. I looked up, and I saw the knife in his hand. He had that sadistic smile on his face, he ALWAYS did. I didn't even bother to try and talk my way out of this situation. He wouldn't listen. I simply looked at him, and waited for him to finish me. I closed my eyes, as I waited the knife to hit me. I was surprised when it didn't. I opened my eyes, and looked at Chara, he was holding his other hand still. As if he was having an inner fight, whether he'd kill me or not. "...Frisk?" I asked. Chara took a step back when I said that name. He was trying his best to free his right hand, but his left hand wouldn't let go. I slowly got up from the ground, as I tried to focus. "Frisk. If you're really there... Please. Reset this timeline. It can't end like this." I told him. ; "Frisk isn't here anymore". Chara answered. He was starting to look irritated because of the situation he was in, he was fighting Frisk the best he could, and I was still here, the only one left who might be able to help Frisk gain the control again. I looked at the ground, it was full of marks from the battle, and the ashes on it was what was left from Sans. ; "Hey Frisk, do you remember how we became friends with Papyrus and Sans?" I asked. Chara held his head in pain, ; "SHUT UP!", ; "They made all these crazy puzzles for you to solve, of course you were determined enough to get through them, Papyrus was really proud of you y'know? and Sans was happy to see his brother finally getting new friends." I said taking a few steps forward, holding my arm in pain. Chara fell on his knees, he couldn't move anymore, he dropped the knife, and yelled. "Do you remember Toriel?" I asked. "You called her mom, even though you had just met her. Heh.. You even tried to flirt with her, wonder where you got that from." I said laughing a bit. ; "Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!" Chara yelled, looking at me in anger. ; "Even Undyne became friends with you, even though she tried to kill you.. Of course I wouldn't let that happen.. Your cooking lesson didn't end well though, and then there were Alphys and Mettaton.. you remember them right? Alphys loved anime, and I even had a marathon with her. It was fun, and you and Mettaton had a competition about who would become more famous in 10 minutes. It was pretty sad seeing a big grown robot sulking in the corner after he lost." I told him, sitting next to him. ; "Please.. No.. Just.. Let me be in control!!!" Chara yelled. I looked at him, I didn't know whether it was pity, or something else but.. I hugged him. ; "Chara. You have to stop. If not for me, or Frisk, or anyone else.. Then.. For Asriel." I said to him. That was the last straw. Chara let out an animal like yell, before falling on the ground. He didn't move, I wasn't sure if he was even breathing. I moved closer to him. "Chara...? Are you okay-" I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. " Not again." I thought. "It can't end like this." I fell on the ground, as I lost consciousness.   There was a flash of white light, and everything was just like before.   One hour before the end: ; "Papyrus, Undyne... Mettaton.. No.. Why did this have to happen...?" Alphys asked, crying in front of her monitors. ; "Because that's what the child is like. Chara won't stop no matter what we do." I said, crossing my arms. ; "Then... I'll go. I'll stop him myself!" Alphys said, standing up, getting her experimental anti-human weapons ready. I quickly blocked the door. ; "No Alphys. We both know that you are far too kind to kill him. I WILL do it." I told her, with a determined look. ; "What? YOU? No offense, but.. I don't think this will work.. I mean Sans is still there somewhere so-" Alphys started. ; "That is EXACTLY why it has got to be ME who stops Chara. I won't let anyone else fall victim of his. I WILL end this once and for all. You and Sans need to make sure everyone else is safe, evacuate all the remaining people of the Underground as fast as you can." I told her, and headed towards the castle. I saw Sans standing in the corridor, waiting for Chara, I had been able to get to him faster, thank to Alphys telling me about the shortcut. ; "What are you still doing here Viv? Aren't you supposed to be with Alphys and others?" Sans asked me. He was clearly ready for the battle once again. ; "Actually, I came here to tell you, that you need to go NOW." I told him. He stared at me for a long while, until he finally laughed. ; "What, YOU'RE going to fight that little child yourself? Weren't you the one most fond of him?" He said to me, clearly underestimating me. ; "That is the exact reason why I must be the one to stop him." I told him. "Now if you're not going to move yourself I will MAKE you move. I won't watch again how you die. Not anymore." I told him. He saw that I was serious about all this. ; "Heh.. Guess I'm not the only one who remembers all of the other timelines huh? You really think you can bring him back?" He asked, walking to me. ; "No. I gave up on that. I just decided that it's gotta be me who goes, not you. I wasn't even born in the Underground, even if I'm not there, no one will miss me right?" I asked him. ; "What are you going to do then?" He asked. ; "Something what I should've done 20 resets ago.." I told him, looking towards the entrance. Sans made his famous disappearing act, just in time too. I saw the small child coming in, holding a knife, and wearing an amulet.   ; "Hello again Chara." I said with a bored voice. ; "What do you say we cut the act, and get to the point, no?" I asked him. Chara looked at me surprised, and confused. Clearly, he was waiting for Sans. ; "Aren't you going to talk to me? and give me mercy?" Chara asked sarcastically. ; "I'm sorry Chara. But I'm all out of mercy." I answered, as five small green orbs appeared behind me, forming a small circle. I snapped my fingers, and the orbs shot energy beams towards Chara, who was clearly not prepared for it. He quickly dodged, barely missing the last beam. He looked at his burnt shirt's sleeve, as he held his knife tight in his hand, he quickly ran towards me. I created five more orbs, and snapped my fingers, creating a energy beam wave, that quickly and effectively hit Chara. He was hurt all over, but not dead, wounded yes, but not dead. I walked towards him slowly. ; "You were supposed to be the nice one." He said, spatting blood from his mouth. ; "I am." I answered. "But even the nicest of people have their limit, and once you cross that, you wish you had never messed with them." I said angrily, as green energy surrounded me. Chara tried to get up ; "Heh. Yeah right, sooner or later you'll break again, and I get to kill you ALL over again, and watch you plead for your pathetic life." He laughed. I grabbed his hair with my other hand, and held him up, close to my face. I stared at him right in the eye, with a cold look. ; "Honestly... I don't give a damn anymore. If you're going to kill me again, fine. But I will not die without a fight, not anymore, and I hope you'll remember this now, because I doubt you'll get a chance like this anytime soon. YOU are not my friend, nor are you Frisk. YOU are nothing more than some psychotic little brat, who has killed my friends over and over again, and I do not much care for it. So for now Chara... Goodnight." I placed my hand on his forehead, and using all I had left I fired an energy shot. It broke all of the windows in the corridor. and caused a big shock wave. It was over. Chara was finally dead. I killed him. I looked at his corpse on the floor, and I felt nothing. I should've felt something but.. I felt nothing. I picked him up, and I walked towards the throne room, where Asgore was waiting. He looked at me startled, as he saw who I was carrying. ; "Is.. Is he?" He tried to ask. ; "Dead? Yes. Yes he is... I'm sorry, but there was no other way." I told him. I honestly do not know whether there was another way or not, but at the time, I did not care. "Now we can open the barrier, and let everyone in Underground be free. All we need now is a monster's soul." I said. ; "I'm afraid I can not ask for anyone to give up their life for this." Asgore said sadly. ; "...You don't have to." I said to him. Asgore looked at me confused. "Use my soul." I told him. ; "I couldn't possibly-" He said. ; "It's fine. I want to be of use, even if this is all I'm good for... Besides.. I bet if we used this child's soul.. he'd be lonely out there all alone. At least I can keep him company." I said smiling a bit. ; "Are you sure of this?" Asgore asked me, clearly hesitating. He is a good King. ; "I'm sure, your majesty. The people of Underground need their King, and you have Royal Scientist Alphys, and Sans too. I'm sure you will all be alright from now one, once you go to the surface... But.. Please remember.. Not all humans are bad. You just happened to meet with one of the worst ones." I explained. He seemed to understand me. "Please tell Alphys and Sans.. That I'm sorry I couldn't say "bye" to them." I said smiling, as tears began to fall down my cheeks. Asgore held his trident up, ready to take my soul, and just like that, it was over. I had been erased from existence. I remember no pain after that, just warmth. The people of the Underground made it to the surface, King Asgore leading them. They will be alright. I know it. Even after all this, the monsters are strong, they can handle anything. I wish Papyrus, Undyne, and Mettaton could have seen it too. But hey, it's only a matter of time before this timeline resets again, and then, just maybe, we can all be a family again.