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  1. Angelus Lapis added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    Hey so I read the reports online that the court ended up as draw? and nothing happened out of it due to Sega being a no show. Was wondering if this means we'll never see Julie-Su ever again?
    (Excuse me while I go cry at the thought of this)
    Anyways a filler or two would be great, the outcome is bugging me.
    What do you guys think about all this?
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  2. Angelus Lapis added a topic in Trash   

    Website or Publish
    Hey, new here so sorry if there's something wrong with my post, but I was wondering what was up with Archie Sonic the hedgehog issue 257? Is the site not gonna upload it, or has it not yet been published? Just wonderin cus it's almost two weeks into the month and it usually pops up around the 4th -7th.
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  3. Angelus Lapis added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    Yeah, hey?
    Name's Angel. Sorry if format or anything offends anyone.
    Need to touch up on the rules page after this but,
    Just figured I'd intro myself. Been using the site for quite some type due to it having the awesome selections of Archie Sonic comics.
    Didn't make an account until it was required but just haven't gotten to really say much til now sorry.
    So yeah, what's up?
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