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  1. StarDragon added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    For what it was I thought it was fine. 
    I liked when Tails came in and took the emerald from Metal though. Seeing as how he got knocked out of the tournament real early in such a cheap kind of way, I figured it was deserved. 
    Probably what they were going for anyway lol
    (Man I read this comic a while ago and just got to posting about it. eehh, oh well haha.)
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  2. StarDragon added a post in a topic Sonic Universe (Comic Series)   

    I'd say that issue was pretty solid. I love Overclocked Nicole's design and would be totally lying if I didn't say I audibly gasped upon seeing it. 
    I definitely was not expecting that. 
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  3. StarDragon added a post in a topic Games that you recently finished   

    I don't beat games very often for some reason... but the game that I beat most recently is Freedom Planet, three times. Almost four. 
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  4. StarDragon added a post in a topic Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!   

    It's neat to see worlds unite so popular (Assuming it is seeing as how it's getting the extra content that it is) I'm normally not one for crossovers, but I make an exception for these comics. I think Flynn writes them well enough, so they're pretty enjoyable. 
    Part 7's cover is real intriguing though, I wonder what happened there huh..
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  5. StarDragon added a post in a topic Sonic Boom (Comic Series)   

    The appearance of the Deadly Six in the comics makes me super hype. I can't wait for this crossover, it's gonna be crazy.
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  6. StarDragon added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    On the art, I say meh. It was meh. Not even passable, not even pretty good. Just meh. Mostly because their eyes bother me greatly. The first page of that one comic wasn't too bad though I suppose. Besides the picture of knuckles ripped from the archie comics, which is a topic that passed already so whoops. 
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  7. StarDragon added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    I remember his writing being... not very good. It might not hurt to give him a second chance, but I'm not expecting anything too grand. 
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  8. StarDragon added a post in a topic WC Character Vault   

    Yup, that's done if you wanna take a look at it. uvu
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  9. StarDragon added a post in a topic Realm of Introduction   

    (Claiming Elias:)
    This was a bad idea, a bad idea. In fact, staying back at the castle, letting Sonic and co. take care of this metal monster, was a much better idea. Too bad it was too late for that. The exhausted, battered King looked up at Neo Metal Sonic, every so often his vision blurred in and out, a clear sign that he was in no condition to get up- even running away no longer seemed like an option. He could attempt to stumble as far as possible, but he didn't think he would get very far before falling down again. Elias closed his eyes, shaking his head back and forth as best he could manage. At himself, he was disappointed. 'How could I have let this happen...?!' He thought to himself. A billion other thoughts followed, all negative of course. He gripped the exotic dagger-like weapons he carried as tightly as he could as he knelt there, looking defeated literally and figuratively. 
    Then rage, every ounce of rage in him boiled up and pushed forward, causing him to open his eyes again. This time, he didn't look happy. He couldn't let this happen, he wouldn't let this happen. He doubted himself, but now he had to do this. Slowly pushing up, he put one knee up. Shaking violently, he slowly pushed himself up off the ground and into a crooked standing position, just barely holding both of his weapons up. He didn't look battle ready, by any means, but mentally he looked as if he was ready for anything at this point. He weakly re-assumed a shaky and crooked fighting stance, looking as if he were about to fall over, and fixed his eyes on his target. He wouldn't get away. 
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  10. StarDragon added a post in a topic WC Character Vault   

    Must we fill out a character bio to claim a character?
    If not, I'd like to claim Elias Acorn if he hasn't already been taken.
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  11. StarDragon added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    And in doing that, Penders will have been moderately successful with his first issue, which will lead to a second issue... and so and so forth if that's what people do every time.
    Not like I care. I kind of want to read it myself to see how bad it is, so I'm in that crowd. There's nothing wrong with a good laugh every once in a while- so as gross as the promo art and characters look, I feel like I'm looking forward to it haha. 
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  12. StarDragon added a topic in Character Chest   

    Twilight the Greater Kitsune Shadow

    Name: Twilight
    Nickname: Twi, Twili
    Physical Age: 18
    True Age: 350
    DOB: June 6th
    Gender: Male
    Species: Greater Kitsune Shadow
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Color: Twilight's fur is a soft charcoal black, some of his bangs have blonde highlights. Blonde colored fur also borders the white tips of his tails. All of his blonde fur looks as if it were bleached, not natural. 
    Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, arms): Under his fur, Twilight's skin appears to be pitch black.
    Eye Color: Bright Red
    Hair/Quill Style: Twilight's bangs hang over his white muzzle very slightly, the rest of his hair is tied back in a ponytail with a lavender colored ribbon. 
    Other bodily features: --
    Attire: Twilight wears a dark red trench coat that runs all the way down to his ankles. He also wears faded jeans with two black straps hanging off the sides where the pockets would be. In addition to this, he also wears sneakers that are a bold blue color with white markings on the top.

    An emblem hangs around his neck on a black strap. Half of if looks like a sun, and the other half is a moon. These jewels look unnaturally combined. The sun half glows in the daylight, and the moon half glows at night. 
    At first glance, Twilight appears to be an apathetic character. He doesn't seem to care that much about anything, often staying out of other people's business whenever he can happen to avoid it. He believes that most everyone is inferior to him, having a bit of a superiority complex to make up for his own faults.  Though he seems indifferent, this is because of his abnormal heart (or "core"). It seems to be malformed and has trouble keeping itself together. He often forgets the feeling of most emotions because of this. He is constantly re-learning emotions he had previously felt, and even learning new emotions he had never felt before. It becomes almost overwhelming to him sometimes, which is why he tends to stay away from people.

    The feeling of all these emotions constantly being forgotten and re-learned can only be described as a sound so grating on the ears that it's almost maddening. The shadow has gotten used to the screeches and sounds inside of his head, but because of them he often gets headaches. The only way he can release all of this negative energy is through fighting, using the negative energy to enhance his own dark powers. Because of this, whenever he is around anyone he prefers to try and start fights. He still tries to avoid being around people, especially crowds, as he doesn't really like people in the first place anyhow. It is very hard to make friends with him.
    Height: 4'
    Weight: 77 lbs
    Birthplace: Realm of Shadow
    Residence: Unnamed City
    IQ: 135

    Combat Type: He relies on his speed and wit in battle.
    Element(s): Darkness
    Dark Claws: Using his Umbrakinesis, Twilight can create strong, sharp claws out of darkness to attack his enemies with. These claws cover his hands. 

    Dark Blades: Using his Umbrakinesis, Twilight can conjure up blades of darkness to use as swords, or to cloak his tails to turn them into weapons. He can also raise these blades and send them flying at an enemy for a long range attack. 
    It is difficult for Twilight to shadow sneak in the darkness, as shadow's are more prominent in light. It's difficult for him to keep form in the darkness.  Twilight is a bit frail, his wings especially. If his wings are damaged then he, obviously, will not be able to fly. His wings can reform over time but it takes a long time.  Though Twilight is immortal, his one glaring weakness is his heart ("core"). If his heart is destroyed, he is completely wiped out from existance. He cannot reform his heart. Once it is gone, he is dead. Better yet, it's as if he never even existed in the first place. Twilight can conjure dark energy whenever he wants to, but it is weak in the light. Though it is not that weakened in normal daylight due to the emblem that hangs around his neck, it is only around 1/4 of it's strength in abnormally strong light.  Twilight cannot utilize chaos energy, in fact it is the one thing that is poisonous to him. (Chaos Energy is poison to all Shadows.) Likes: Nighttime, Roses, Being alone
    Dislikes: Morning, Loud noises, Crowds
    Hobbies: Quiet walks, gardening
    Talents: Singing
    Favorite food(s): Macarons, Red Velvet Cake
    Favorite beverage(s): Iced Coffee
    Theme: Louder than Thunder (Quiet Like the Snow) by Devil Wears Prada

    Family(dead and alive): Great Darkness, the entity that creates all shadows
    Lilac: Lilac is the one mobian that helped Twilight when he was alone and in need of a place to sleep. Shadows may be immortal, but going without sleep for a while can still make him feel a big groggy. He left the morning after Lilac let him sleep over, she even gave him food. Feeling as if he felt gratefulness for the first time, he went back to Lilac and thanked her. Occasionally, he visits her and helps her out with the store... but he's not allowed to deal with the customers. 

    Pierce the Bat: Twilight's relationship with Pierce is weird. He often acts like he doesn't like the guy, but lets him stick around regardless. He will help him occasionally, especially if Pierce had helped him before hand. He probably likes Pierce as a friend, but won't admit it outright.

    Crush the Lynx: Twilight feels that Crush is a very reliable guy and would let him stick around if only for his usefulness. He is fine with Crush's mellowness and is more than willing to hang out with him- simply in silence. 

    Amber Wolfe (PersimmonAutumn's Character): He's fine with her, almost to the point of infatuation. He doesn't think anything bad of her at the very least, not after their first encounter. He'd be willing to hang out with her again if the opportunity ever arose.
    Tyson Herrius 2nd (Tyson_the_Comet's Character): Ever since their fight, Twilight considers Ty to be of great annoyance to him, but enjoys messing with him all the more. They didn't get off to a great start, and Twilight doesn't seem to want to give him any chances any time soon. He seems to have a need to be better than Ty, however. He doesn't consider Ty a threat, but doesn't really like his presence overall.

    So long I put it in under a cut.
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  13. StarDragon added a post in a topic Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)   

    I have a bunch of fan characters! But I have two main fan characters. 
    The first main character of mine is Twilight the Greater Kitsune Shadow. 

    And the second is Deux the Raccoon

    But I can't forget his wisp friend, Aries. 
    He's a Black Wisp, but I made up those kinds of Wisp's before Sonic Lost World sooo whoops. 
    I have bios for both of them, but they're much too long to post on this topic haha.
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  14. StarDragon added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    Hello everybody! I forgot if I introduced myself or not so here I am.
    I'm StarDragon! or Deux, as a lot of people call me. 
    I've been lurking around the forums or not, lurking around the site reading comics and such. There are some pretty nice discussions going on here, but I never really felt the need to get involved in any of them.
    That might change though haha I'm gonna actually post here since I check the site regularly anyway.
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