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  1. Anime Games added a post in a topic Sonic Boom (The game)   

    Ok, personally I like the new designs. The tape wrappings around the characters arms and legs look pretty cool in comparison to the gloves and socks in the video games. Knuckles' size really doesn't bother me at all, I do hate the fact that Sonic's arms are blue instead of skin colored; but most of the time I hardly notice. The gameplay looks really interesting, and I'm glad that they're using the actors from the video games, because we don't want a repeat of Sonic X where all the actors are replaced and the new ones sound awful by comparison. My only real issue with this is that I hope it's not going to replace the main series, because I like my Sonic games and I want to see Sonic (from the video games) continue to grow, so if this series causes the mainstream video games to cease being produced I'm going to be P*ssed.
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  2. Anime Games added a post in a topic Ideas for new Sonic games   

    My game: Sonic the Hedgehog: World's end

    prologue: Sonic is lying around on a tree in the green hill zone, when suddenly Silver happens to walk by. Sonic thinks to himself, "This is strange".
    So Sonic calls out to Silver, "Yo! Whats up Silver?!"

    "Sonic!? What are you doing here?"
    "Just chillin, how about you something amiss in the future, or are just droppin by to say hello?"
    "The future?"
    "Yeah, didn't you say you were from the future of this time?
    "Oh, no!"
    "Whats up?"
    "I'm sorry Sonic, I have to go!"

    So Silver runs off into the distance in a hurry but before he can get too far, the Egg Viper randomly appears in front of Sonic.

    "Huh?" This is strange Doctor Eggman says inside of the machine.

    Sonic takes quick notice and easily defeats the Egg Viper, Afterwards Sonic says "Running out of ideas Eggy?"

    "What do you mean? This is the first time I've used this machine!", Eggman responds.

    Suddenly, black holes appear all around Sonic; so he races forward in search of Tails, so they can figure out what is going on.

    It turns out that using the chaos emeralds as many times as our heroes have, has caused the world to become dimensionally unsable, now Sonic and friends must work together in order to save not just the world, but reality it's self.

    Playable Characters: Sonic, Silver, Tails, Eggman, and every other sonic character.

    And well there's too much to talk about just post a question if you wanna know more.
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