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  1. Strange Dreams

    I remember a particularly oddball dream where I was in jail with SpongeBob and Patrick, I can't remember what else happens, other than having forced to play something like kickball.
  2. Favorite Mobian(s)

    Unoriginality coming in, but Sonic the Hedgehog. He's cool, he's fast, and he's got an attitude. Apologies for such a short post, but I'm not exactly all that awake, and I don't feel like writing a massive post about Sonic, so.
  3. Off-Topic Thread

    I'll probably get some of my artwork up here as well, I don't know. Good job on the drawings, though! Also, I'm pretty good myself.
  4. Off-Topic Thread

    I always used pencil and eraser for sketches that weren't quite final just yet/not really going to be final, just doodles.
  5. Yeh, I have a lot to get for my consoles, NES to Dreamcast to Wii U.
  6. I actually have yet to even get the game, 3DS or Wii U. I'll probably end up getting it for 360 instead, but eh.
  7. Introduction Thread

    Ah, hello there. I'm sonikkublue, teenager aiming to be an animator, cartoonist, etc. I liked Sonic since 2007 or 2008, but I got re-interested in the series when Colors made it's debut. I don't really have much else to say, other than the fact a user (Gabe) wanted me to join here, and my favorite franchise is Rayman, so. Hope I can keep active!