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  1. ultimatearmorX added a post in a topic New Archie comic series?   

    Is the X series gonna be like a sort of other comic going along side the main mega man one?
    Like How sonic universe and the main sonic comic sort of go along each other but arent directly canon to eachother sorta?
    or will it be a thing after they do the mega man 10 arc? (or 11 if they release a sequel by the time archie gets to that point)
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  2. ultimatearmorX added a post in a topic Mega Man after Worlds Collide?   

    It's a shame the NiGHTS series didnt continue... I bet it would have gotten pretty long and awesome if it still continued to today...if they started to make it more to the actual plot of NiGHTS, such like how they are doing with the mega man series today, it probably would have made SEGA put out more NiGHTS games too!
    Archie might try again in the future if SEGA does make another NiGHTS game, who knows..? :o
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  3. ultimatearmorX added a post in a topic Mega Man (Comic Series)   

    Being as the next sonic comic comes out in stores tomorow, I don't think the mega man comics should be too far behind, hopefully :)
    I'm really grateful that they upload the megaman comics here too. Sonic and megaman are some of my two favourite video game series and my local comic book store doesnt sell either of them anymore. :( So this is a good place where I love to come and read!
    And also makes the crossover make SOO MUCH MORE SENSE.
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  4. ultimatearmorX added a post in a topic Regarding the comics   

    You guys have the newest issue up already! Definitely worth the sign up!
    Amazing quality and super timing! If you haven't signed up yet, I recommend it! :D
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  5. ultimatearmorX added a post in a topic Regarding the comics   

    this is a great site,love reading the comics here on a regular basis. ^_^
    It will be a little bit of work logging in every time I want to read the comics but its very worth it.
    Keep up the good work! :)
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