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  1. I have officially closed this now. Although, I am still selling other comics besides Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, SSM and SSD issues, you can still PM me if you want em. I will not be selling Mega Man comics up to the end of Worlds Collide To PM me and get more info from the bundles, visit http://board.sonicst...past-behind-me/ as I'm mainly there all the time. You can PM me here too, but it's likely to be replied. The mega Sonic Comics & others sell off Sonic the Hedgehog 217, 225 - 259: £30.00 Sonic Universe 37, 40, 46 - 62: £20.00 Mega Man 24 - 36: £15.00 Sonic Super Digest 1 - 6: £15.00 Sonic Lost World HCF Game Adaption: £2.50 FCBD 2010 Sonic the Hedgehog Comic: Hide & Seek & Destroy (Signed by Ian Flynn): £2.50 Combo Pack (All of the comics bundled together. will distribute via ups): PM me for pricing. Depending on other countries for shipping Variant Covers: Sonic the Hedgehog 241 (Greg Horn Tails variant): £2.50 Mega Man 25 (Evil Friends Forever Variant 1/3): £3.00 Sonic Universe 53 (Evil Friends Forever Variant 2/3): £3.00 Sonic the Hedgehog 251 (Evil Friends Forever Variant 3/3): £3.00 Evil Friends Forever Triple Pack (All 3 variants for a low price): £7.50 Sonic Super Special 1 - 2: £10.00 (Originally in http://derpy.me/gkylq) My Little Pony Double pack (Halloween Comicfest and #4 RI Variant): £7.00 A 25% discount of the original Variant price ($10.00). I'll throw in the Halloween Comicfest mini comic for free! Misc Range Bouncy Book of Bart Simpsons: £2.00 Absolution: £1.50 Futurama: The time bender trilogy: £2.00 Batman #658: £1.00 Batman Arkham City 1/4 (a free comic distributed by DC Comics when you pre-ordered the game itself in the UK): £2.50 Free Comic Book Day £6.50 (one or two comics may be bended on the bottom. Other than that, the collection is still in tac. If you don't want the doubles, please let me know before purchasing) £12.50 Double Lot: £12.00 (All the comics, for one price. Will remove once one of the 2 have been sold off) If you want a certain comic from any of the bundle, PM me and we can sort this out For questions about the prices, individual comics or shipping for other countries, Private Message me Shipping will also need to be covered. I do hope you get what you're looking for and enjoy your experience. Will be updating this when a comic or bundle have been sold off
  2. My Collection as of this date: Sonic the Hedgehog 225 - 230 (Genesis Arc) Sonic the Hedgehog 231 - 235 (Aftermatch of the Genesis) Sonic the Hedgehog 236 (Team Freedom & Team Fighters) Sonic the Hedgehog 237 - 238 (Loyalty) Sonic the Hedgehog 239 - 240 (Heroes) Sonic the Hedgehog 241 (Unraveling) Sonic the Hedgehog 242 (Olympic Special and Begining of Endangered Species) Sonic the Hedgehog 243 - 246 (Endangered Species) Sonic the Hedgehog 247 (Mainly my letter featured in it) Sonic the Hedgehog 248 - 251 (Worlds Collide Pt 3, 6, 9 & 12) Sonic the Hedgehog 252 (Worlds Collide Aftermatch) Sonic the Hedgehog 253 - 256 (Countdown to Chaos Pt 1 - 4) Sonic the Hedgehog 257 (Damage Control) Sonic the Hedgehog 258 (The Chase Pt 1) Mega Man 24 - 27 (Worlds Collide Pt 1, 4, 7, 10) Mega Man 28 - 32 (Blackout: The Curse of Ra-Moon) Mega Man 33 (Unplugged) Mega Man 34 (Shadow of Ra-Moon pt 1) Sonic Universe 50 (Double sized anniversary issue) Sonic Universe 51 - 54 (Worlds Collide comics Pt 2, 5, 8, 11) Sonic Universe 55 - 58 (Pirates Plunder Panic Arc) Sonic Universe 59 - 61 (Shadow Fall Arc 3/4) Sonic Super Digest 1 - 6 Sonic Super Special Magazine 1 - 2 Free Comic Book Day 2010 - StH Hide & Seek & Destroy (Signed by Ian Flynn) Free Comic Book Day 2013 - StH/MM Flip Book Halloween Comicfest 2013 - Sonic Lost World Game Adaption Summer of Sonic 13 Special - Sonic the Comic 260
  3. I've been collecting Sonic Comic's since Sep 2011 and I've got quite a lot ever since I started. It's lucky that I get the Comic's from my Dad as I don't usually get money anymore. So how small or large are your collection? Let's hear you out!
  4. Sonic Lost World

    A Ripped Soundtrack someone said. I'll create it in mid November - Early December I said. Hah! Since there are a few songs out, I might aswell do it just about now. Link is in the video description and it's still in progress so far so don't expect all the tunes to be in or added. If any you find are decent and clear enough, please feel free to message or post the link to it. [media=]
  5. HUGE Sonic Comic Collection For Sale

    How much would you say for Sonic Universe Volume 1 TPB, #41 - 45, StH #145 - #149, 157 - #159, #223, #230 Variant, #251 Variant, S&MM: WC Variant's and both Sonic Comic Encyclopedia and SSM Sonic Comic 20th anniversary? I may buy them at a cheap price as I don't have a lot
  6. Sonic Lost World

    Oh boy! Alot has been uploaded ever since the Wonder world EP. So I placed them in a playlist
  7. Sonic Lost World

    Thank god I got my hands on the mp3 today. [media=]
  8. Sonic Lost World

    Theme song? Theme song!
  9. Sonic Lost World

    Thanks :)
  10. Sonic Lost World

    I don't think so, But I found this trailer at some point today [media=]
  11. Sonic #252 Early Info (POSSIBLY MAJOR SPOILERS)

    Don't forget Tails. The issue was quite good. Had a few surprises for every page. Can't wait to see what happens next later this month
  12. Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone. My name is kimplix (also known as kimp for short). I'm 18 years old, I run a little Facebook group called Sonic & Mega Man Comic Universe which I post anything related to the Sonic & Mega Man Comic and games community throughout the weeks of each month when new previews, comics, trailers and info pops up. I first heard of Sonic the Hedgehog back when I was about either 2 or 3 years old. The first Sonic game I played was Sonic & Knuckles via Genesis/Mega Drive emulator. Ever since then I have not stopped liking the blue blur. I first claimed sonic comics back in 2011 when I was at Summer of Sonic for the first time. After a few weeks later, I heard that I was getting monthly money from college which was around £15. So I decided to buy sonic comics from Ebay. It was until a year later that I was told that I stopped earning money from college and I had to figure out how to keep the collection up. Luckily my Farther came into hand and bought the comics for me. My interests are Gaming on both Steam and Origin, Claiming collectible items and/or freebies, Music and quite a few others. I can't wait to see what's in store for this community :)