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  1. Another strange dream I had was that I was inside a video game watching all the characters up close talk about how they are going to defeat the boss of the level. I forgot what gmae it was but it might have been a Sonic one. I can understange why I dreamed that because I was thinking about the movie Wrech It Ralph and thats based off of hundreds of games so It isn't that surprising.

  2. Does anyone know any radio website? Ya know beside Pandora? I get mad because it keeps asking me to create an acount when I don't want one! :angry:

  3. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Can't wait to hear it. Some of the sonic songs people like on here are mostly Cruch 40 songs. Of course Crush 40 does make songs for Sonic games by other people do too. But I guess Crush 40 is the most popular sonic band. Seems pretty cool since I love most of there sonic songs.

  4. This song sounds so familiar. (Endless Possibilities) Is this a sonic song? I barely know them. :unsure:

    I loved his world, dreams of an absolution and endless possibilities.

    Now I love all the songs you love. :D

  5. I loved his world, dreams of an absolution and endless possibilities.

    I also like 2 of the 3 you mentioned. Never heard endless possibilities. But I need to.

  6. I don't remember much about it since it was about a year ago but I was in a park walking into a weird tunnel, I hugged spider-man and afterwards I saw a minivan made out of gold. I woke up after that but i was so confused on how that happened. I DON'T EVEN LIKE SPIDER MAN! :wacko:

  7. No it isn't. It's cute.

    You call putting heels on Shadow is cute. More embarrassing than Sonic talking to a trashed robot. -_-

  8. which one do you think looks more like a girl?

    I think the one that looks more like a girl is Silver. But either way it's insulting hedgehogs...>_<

  9. One of my favorite anime would have to be case closed.

    I use to be a dragon ball fan too. But I just stick with comedy anime.

  10. Granted, she doesn't have it anymore(I just couldn't come up with anything)

    I wish for a 2000 buckets of salmon and milk!!!

  11. I see. All people have different songs in different styles. And Skye I am one of those people to who change their favorite song one in a while.

  12. Yay! There will be some turbulence with a hedgehog joining our cat group but I'm sure we can work it out. Welcome new recruit!

  13. Thanks,and is it this one? [media=]

    Yep. It was my absolute favorite! My favorite line is "When you leap without a net you'll find, it wont be there all the time! So watch your step now watch your step don't fall!"

  14. That is not something you would show kids. For the safety to all kids in the world, I will win against this hedgehog outlaw! Duly noted. :)

  15. Yep. It is pretty cool. I built a mansion in the desert area on Castle Miner Z.