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  1. Scintillant's Scribbles

    That was just because the first post was to be about everything I post in this thread, not just about those first few, but I think I understand. I'll try not to do it again. I'm sorry.
  2. Scintillant's Scribbles

    thank you! though I'm confused as to what the double/triple posting means, in this context. I'm used to it meaning a glitch where the system posts the exact same thing twice (or more) even though you only made one post. I've only ever known that to happen in two places (not here), but by the context just now, do you mean; A.) one thread for each art piece... B.) one thread for all art pieces, and one post per art piece... (sorry for being difficult ^.^; unintended)
  3. Two different animals breed, anybody finds that weird?

    no, but it's okay, I typo that word all the time XD all the time I should be an expert by now... it's "anthropomorphic." and even typing that, I got finger-tied. ^_^;    I don't find it weird, cuz I think of it like I think of hair color. It's in some people's genes to be blonde, some to be brunette, etc... and we have all the other necesary (<-- not spelled right >_>' ) body parts in common to be the "same species." So, they have all their genetics that give them their ears and tails and whatnot, but they're all internally the same (I presume--I may be wrong). Same species, different races.
  4. How did Tails and Mina get together?

    I remember reading their couple, but totally forgot about it. This is all really neat analysis!  
  5. If the Archie Sonic series ends

    Well, I'm still new to the comics, but wouldn't they run into legal difficulties should they continue it unofficially?  Then again, I'm used to DC comics who will sue anyone every anything, so...  (it's nice to know that people know each other well here and civility is present even when people are annoyed or something.  deffo an atmosphere I was hoping for.  )   But since I'm mostly ignorant to this stuff, is Archie in "danger" of losing the license or is this just "what if" talk?
  6. Scintillant's Scribbles

    Firstly, I made the banner/cover image on my profile (which isn't actually done yet, but the anthros are done  ) with these guys; Cass Cain, Harper Row, M'gann M'orzz and Kurt Wagner. The girls are from DC comics, and Kurt is from Marvel.    ... and I was going to upload more, but it's telling me I uploaded too much-? Okay, daily limit, I can deal with that.  Maybe tomorrow.  
  7. Scintillant's Scribbles

    Started here a long time ago and just never posted... almost at all. *le shame* But I've been drawing more Sonic (or at least anthros drawn like Sonic style) lately, and what better thing to post here? Hope you like, but if you don't, I won't be offended!  (<-- ohmigosh, those smilies are so much cuter than those fugly facebook things! <333)