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  1. BEN BATES!!!

    MAH BOY BATES IS BAAAACK!! You guys read Sonic 250? Of course you did, the scans are on the site. But whateves, that comic was epic. Bought it on the first day. When it said "48 Pages" I thought it meant forty-eight pages of Ben Bates magic... but it was just a recycled comic. Anyway, awesome comic. Badass action. I hope he does the finale.
  2. Hey, you. Yeah, You. Wanna see who's more badass? It might be Samus, Blaze, or maybe it's Sakura. Oh wait, I made a video. How convient. Actually, it's probably none of the pervious characters I just mentioned...
  3. McDonalds

    1. Maverick
    2. Fwiss


      I would like some context here, seeing as Wendy's.

  4. Am I the only one that thinks the art in the cross over comic are lacking (story's awesome though)? I mean, in the beginning it was pretty good. I liked it. But, my opinion, Tracy Yardley's not the best when it comes to Megaman. He makes Rock look blocky and awkward. Jamal did a good and he must have a MAJOR hand cramp. But this is a HUGE crossover! Get Ben Bates, he's amazing when it comes to action scenes. Better than having Steven. He's good, but I'm glad someone else finally got a turn.