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Meme Thread/ (add your own)

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I've always felt people don't get enough chances in life to laugh so. I put together a topic about memes. I would like them to related to Sonic but hey it doesn't have to be. 

So without further or do here is my meme i made on the recent events

Everyone after they played the Demo for Balan Wonderland

Sonic the Hedgehog
When Craig Roger Smith Retires
Throw Your Phone GIFs | Tenor
When You Hear Sonic Adventure 3 is real
Man And Cat Wiggling GIF - Wiggle Shake Cat - Discover & Share GIFs
When Mike Pollock Is Forced to RetireEggman gives the finger by Shadz-the-Fox on DeviantArt
When Your The Only Sonic Fan In The Room
Person: YOU
Nintendo Fans:BELOW
When Shadow sees Septhiroth in Smash
Smash_ultimate shadow the hedgehog Memes & GIFs - Imgflip
When The Ultimate Life Form Becomes The Ultimate Joke
You Had One Job (redone) - Imgur
If Shadow Runs For President
OBAMICON ME DAMN Shadow the Hedgehog Memes Shadow Damn Obama Hope Posters  Know Your | Meme on ME.ME

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