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#SIlverTheHedgehog Silver's Future

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Silver has been apart of Sonic's history ever since the dreaded Sonic 06 but do you ever wonder what would happen if we had a Silver game.  After all Silver has got a lot of attention in forces he had two cutscenes in Sonic Team Racing he replaces another driver.  In Idw he is a crucial part of stopping the world from the metal virus if we put all the pieces together Silver has shown himself to be worthy of a spinoff and this is how i think it should go.  Silver should have his own team (Team Future) It would be Silver,Blaze,(Robot Rep).  Silver and Blaze meet up with Eggman Nega and SIlver finds out he wants to go back in time and make sure Sonic was never born so they team up to stop him.  Along the way they work with others because Sonic has so many friends and without him they wouldn't be who they are today.  (So its kinda like it's a Wonderful Life one life touches so many others).  For example Shadow would destroyed the world if Sonic hadn't shown him it wasn't what Maria wanted. It gonna be sorta like Spider 2099.

I only have the basic ideas for it but tell me what you think

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