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Skye Prower

Welcome to Free Play (Please read this first)

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And welcome to Free Play.  Free Play is a Sonic RP that anyone can join, set in the Pre-Reboot world of the Archie comics.  It is a lighter RP than those in the main Role Play Section, but a bit more formal than the Light RP Section.  Players are free to create their own storylines and plots.


The World

The RP is set in the Pre-Reboot era.  In order to start with a blank slate, the major hanging plot threads will be resolved.  Which means Sally is no longer a killer Robot, and Naugus is no longer in charge of New Mobotropolis.  Exactly how both these occurred will be left vague for now.  Should these facts need to be explained, they will be then.  



So how to join?  There’s two stages.  First off, post here with which characters you wish to play.  You can have up to three characters, which can either be existing characters in the Archie Pre-Reboot era, other existing Sonic characters, or your own Original Characters.  Obviously, you can’t take the same character as someone else.  Original Characters should be around the same power level as regular Sonic characters.  No overpowered characters.  For original characters, or non-Pre-reboot Sonic characters, they will need to have a profile filled out.  Non-Pre-reboot characters should be altered so then can fit into the Archie world.  A blank profile is below.  Your profile has to be on SCANF, either in this topic, or in the Character Chest section.


Second, make a post for one of your characters in the Introduction Post section.  All the rules for doing so are there, make sure to read them closely.


Once you’ve done that, we’ll PM you to let you know if you’re in.  If we haven’t gotten back in touch within 24 hours, feel free to bug us about it!  Once you’ve been accepted, you can then post in the game.


Rules for the Game

All the standard Forum and RP rules apply to Free Play.  As mentioned, you can create your own storylines and plots for this games.  However, please make sure these plots don’t mess up anyone else's. If you’re unsure, you can ask in this topic.  Keep one thing in mind, if your plots need a specific villain such as say Dr Eggman, you will either need to have that character under your control, or ask the person running the character if it’s alright for them to work with your plot.


In addition, Free Play is a fast paced RP.  Posts don’t need to be super long.  Just a few sentences could do.  But please try to have proper spelling and grammar.  While the posting order should follow that each player waits for the others before posting again, if there are no posts within 2 days, anyone is free to post again.  Gotta go fast!


On a similar note, if you leave the game, you are free to rejoin at anytime without needing to make another Introduction Post.  However, if you leave for two months, any existing characters you control are freed up for others to choose. Of course, original characters remain in your control.  


If you leave in the middle of a plotline that you are either controlling or key too, the other players can change that plot in order to keep the game running, so please keep that in mind.


Alright, that should be all the rules.  Have fun everyone.  Character lists and profiles are below.


Wait!  Where’s the game?

As you have seen, right now, there is just the Welcome and Introduction sections up at the moment.  There’s a couple of reasons for this.  First is the obvious, it makes sense to have a couple of confirmed players before starting the game proper.


The second reason, if depending on what characters players chose, and what plots they come up with, will change where and how the game starts.  In this game, the plots are in the players hands just as much as mine, so if someone has an idea for a plot to open with, we can begin with that.


Blank Profile Sheet

Name: XXX
Age: XXX
Gender: XXX
Species: XXX
Appearance: XXX
Alignment: Good, Good-Neutral, Neutral, Neutral-Evil, Evil
Profession: XXX
Powers/Abilities: XXX
Weapons/Equipment: XXX
Personality: XXX
Background: XXX

Claimed Character List

Skye Prower:

Skye Crystal (OC)



My character’s Profile can be found here

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