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Skye Prower

Free Play Introduction Posts

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Here’s where you make an Introduction post with a fixed scenario.  It doesn't need to be excessively long, but unlike the normal game, it can’t be just a couple of sentences.  At least a couple of paragraphs.  Spelling and grammar need to be correct, or the most part.  Small mistakes are okay. ;)  You don’t need to make a post for each of your characters, just for one of your choice.


Taking a cue from the old Free-Play game, the scenario is the immediate aftermath of a battle with Metal Sonic for possession of a Chaos Emerald in an old ruined temple, in which your character has come off worst.  In this instance, there are no reinforcements that can arrive to stop him, and your own character is too injured and weakened to be able to defeat Metal Sonic, regardless of what abilities they have.  If you try and attack again, there is a good chance you could die without stopping him.  So the question is, how does your character react?




Skye Crystal  


Skye slumped against the wall, her breathing fast and ragged.  There was a light, almost tingling sound as shards of broken Power Crystal fell to the floor from her damaged gauntlet.  The sound was drawn out by the noise of mechanical gears, and the clink of metal on stone as Metal Sonic strode over.  His glowing red eyes surveyed the fox for a moment, before dismissing her and picking up the Chaos Emerald where it lay on the floor between them.  With it in his grasp, he turned to walk away.


“N-no..” Skye groaned.  “I have to stop you.  Heroes always win.”  She tried to step forward towards Metal.  The robot’s head snapped round, and with a rush of air, his jet activated and he shot towards Skye, grabbing her by the throat and slamming her back into the wall.  


All the breath was knocked out of the girl, and judging by the pain, it felt like there might have been more damage than just being winded.  Metal opened his hand, letting Skye drop roughly to the floor, the fox gasping desperately to fill up her lungs.  The robot turned away again, not considering Skye worth the effort of killing.  Skye watched as Metal left the temple, before her vision faded as she passed out from the pain.

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