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Shinomi's Characters

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Sooo, just in case if the villain rp ever becomes a thing... I'm introducing two new characters of mine actually first being:

Full Name: Vicious (Vivian) The Hedgehog

Nickname: Vicky, Vic, (Self named: Daughter of Chaos) 

Age: 17 (real age somewhere +200)

DOB: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species: Dark Emerald/Hedgehog

Appearance: Light brown Hedgehog, with Dark green eyes, her spines are long (below her waist) and besides the two spines on the side, she keeps her "hair" tied up on a ponytail. She also has 4 very sharp spines growing from her forehead.

Attire: She wears a black bolero with widening sleeves, dark red dress a bit below her knees, with a brown belt, fingerless gloves (pink) and pink boots

Personality: Vicious is ruthless, cunning, and ALWAYS thinking about her own well being, over the others. She does not trust people easily, and usually considers everyone her enemy. The only ones she would trust are people like her (Not fully Moebian/Mobian but rather a hybrid, or so) She can not stand "useless" people (those who won't do as she says, or those who have certain limitations: blind, deaf, or are considered as defects) She DOES get along with people who have similar interests to hers (taking over the world, destroying people, places etc.) But if anything ever goes wrong with their plans, she is the first one to leave, and she'll never look back. 

Back Story: Dark Emeralds just like their Chaos Emerald counterparts, used to have another form. However they were changed back to their emerald forms, as a punishment for their crimes. Before they were changed, Vicious' mother hid the child into the woods, far away from the Floating Island/Angel Island. She was adopted by an old couple who didn't know what she was, WHO she was, until years later. Her "brother" Chronos "Edward" The Hedgehog, Grew up in a near by village, and the two would secretly meet from time to time when growing up. Vicious had no actual problems in becoming friends with the children in her village, even though her powers were a bit surprising at first. Vicious learned everything about controlling her powers from Chronos, however he was cold towards her "sister", never truly acknowledging her. When she reached the age of 16, her foster parents told her how they found her, and how she had became a part of their family. Although Vicious had always had her doubts, she had thought that they were in fact her parents despite her having these odd powers. Once she understood that what she was wasn't normal, and that her "parents" had "lied" to her the entire time, she snapped. She thought that everything people had said to her until now, were all lies, that everyone who said they cared about her were tricking her, she couldn't take it anymore. She burned down her village, and even went as far as to killing her foster parents. She briefly joined forces with Chronos, who she thought she could trust, but later on found out he was just using her. Vicious didn't really stay in one place, but traveled around the Moebius, searching for her true parents, not knowing who or WHAT they were. She never found them, nor did she ever learned all the necessary techniques. She has accompanied The Destructix, Eggman Empire (Mobius version), Dr.Finitevus, and even Dimitri, thinking they could probably be of use to her. She has been to Zone Jail, and escaped.

Height: 118cm

Weight: not telling

Birthplace: Moebius, Angel Island/Floating Island

Occupation: Whatever she feels like doing (No permanent occupation)

Fighting Style(s):  Long range mostly, (prefers it) close range (if necessary) 

Powers include:

Teleportation (range varies depending on current state of physical and mental health)

Dark Blast (Similar to Chaos Blast but instead this blast shoots tiny energy blades)

Dark Control (While it shares similar name to Chaos Control it does not stop time, but instead gives the user the ability to control near by shadows, changing them into black holes, arms, weapons (depending on how strong the user is the stronger the weapon, in Vicious' case she can at best summon a spear)

Shapeshifting (Only works if the user has an actual Dark Emerald with them, and even then the use is limited to 5 hours at best, the bigger the change, the more difficult it will be to maintain the form)

Levitation (Vicious can't fully do it, so she can only levitate about 30 mins at best)

Dark Force (Creates a temporary protective bubble around the user, the more emeralds one has the longer the bubble will last, it's made of dark energy, which hurt anything it touches, besides the user)

Weaknesses: Water (can not swim)

Battles in the air (long ones, she can not keep her flying stable)

 Cute fluffy animals (actually likes them, but would never admit it)

Ghosts/Ghost stories

Rapid attacks

Light magic

Likes: Dark/Cold places, Lightnings, Storms, Setting things on fire, Creating chaos, having A LOT of alone time, People who don't speak much, People who do as she says, Fighting, Stealing magical items. 

Dislikes: Most of the Mobians (Especially Vivian), Peace, Bright lights, Weaklings, Chronos, Too warm sunny days, being ignorant 

Hobbies: (Although she'd rather KILL than tell) she actually enjoys knitting from time to time, it helps her to calm down. TRYING to solve the rubik's cube (never actually done it, but she keeps trying) Talking to the Chao's (Even though they usually avoid her)

Talents: Can actually speak to Flickies and animals pretty well (learned from her foster parents), Can cook (but never shows it, unless it's necessary), Knitting

Eccentricities:  Vicious, although never showing it TO ANYONE, loves everything considered "girly". She actually collects cute little items, taking them to whatever happens to be her hideout at the time. She also secretly leaves food for the Chao, Flickies or other animals when no one's watching. She enjoys seeing them being happy.

Favorite food(s): Anything she makes herself

Favorite beverage(s): Tea, Milk

Family(dead and alive): The Dark Emeralds (alive)

Chronos (formerly "brother")

Foster Parents (dead)


Friends: Animals, Chao's, Flickies (according to her)


Destructix (Met them on Mobius while trying to find something to destroy, they had similar interests to hers so she "joined" them)

Lien-Da (Met her when joining on Eggman's side, she seemed to think Lien-Da was interesting due to her rather evil personality)

Dimitri (Vicious met him on board Eggman's ship. She respected his knowledge, and thought he might even be sort of a mentor to her)

Dr.Eggman (Vicious promised to help him in taking care of Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, if Eggman let her lend the Chaos Emeralds)

Dr.Finitevus (She was teleported to him via Magic Ring, she helped him with a little experiment)

Ixis Naugus (She sort of looks up to him. Met him briefly via teleport mistake)



 Chronos The Hedgehog (When talking about power)

Vivian The Hedgehog (Vicious hates not knowing as much as her "wuss" version)

Knuckles The Echidna (Moebian version, when it's about finding the Dark Emeralds)



All of the Mobians (Especially Vivian), except the unusual ones (she thinks the others are a bunch of weaklings)

Chronos (Hates his guts)

Scourge (Doesn't like his rather "flirty" attitude)

Drago the Wolf (Same reason as Scourge)

Dr.Ivo Robotnik (Moebian, for being too kind)

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Full Name: Chronos (Edward) The Hedgehog

Nickname: Chrony (Vicious calls him this to annoy him) Son of Moon (his own title)

Age: 18 (real age somewhere +400)

DOB: Not confirmed but somewhere 400 years ago

Gender: Male

Species: Moonstone/Hedgehog

Appearance: Dark green hedgehog, with yellow/golden eyes, two black vertical lines under his eyes, and two earrings on both ears. 

Attire: Chronos' spines go below his waist, and two spines on both side of his face have a black rectangle shaped hair ornament (with crosswise pattern), he wears fingerless gloves, with golden rings on his wrists, he has his coat on his shoulders, on button up, the coat is white on the outside, but red on the inside, the sleeves are usually rolled up to elbow height, he wears white jeans, and black and white shoes with vertical black line in the middle of them. He has two sharp spines growing from his forehead.

Personality: Chronos at first, would seem like a nice gentleman, he is a smooth talker, and knows how to get people on his side. However if one does not meet his expectations, he soon shows a much more dark, and sadistic side. He has no tolerance towards weak people, or people who hesitate to do what he asks. He like Eggman, sees no problems in "getting rid" of useless people. Chronos goes by his own rules, however he does not seek destruction, nor power, rather than knowledge.

Back Story: Chronos was an early attempt to artificially create a Dark Emerald. However instead of attracting the dark essence (which makes the Dark Emerald's core), the gem they used instead attracted Moon's power to itself, and so Chronos was born. The Echidna scientists thought they could control him, and even accomplish great things by using his powers, however Chronos did not agree with their plans, and escaped. He managed to sneak on board one of the Echidna scientists plane and got off from the Floating Island, he later on stumbled upon a small village, where he was later adopted to a small family. He kept his powers hidden from them, and by night trained to control them (his powers were stronger by night). He met Vicious when he was 10-years old, and acted as her "brother". But as years went by Chronos saw that Vicious' powers nor knowledge didn't match his, he simply left her, making her hate towards others even greater. Ever since leaving the village, Chronos has traveled around Moebius, and later on Mobius. His self proclaimed purpose is to create a world where the strong lead, and the weak shall perish. He has recently gotten interested about the Iron Empire.

Height: 118cm

Weight: Nobody knows

Birthplace: Echidnaopolis, Floating Island, Moebius

Occupation: Traveler, Self proclaimed "Warrior of Justice"

Fighting Style(s):  Chronos usually strikes from the shadows, with quick attacks, usually at full power to make sure his enemies WILL be dealt with, and not to left any survivors. Since Chronos avoids fighting, until the sun goes down (When he is the most powerful) he mostly sticks to hiding/sleeping. Chronos IS after all a Moonstone, he is the most active at night. The power of the Moon, gives him powers such as:

Moonbeam, he gathers all energy to the palms of his hands, and creates a giant energy beam, destroying everything in it's path.

Cold Wave, instead of gathering the energy to his hands, Chronos gathers it to his feet, which radiates cold energy to the ground, freezing it, and even creating small scale blizzard to blind his enemies.

Eternal Night, Chronos uses his gathered energy, via physical contact (usually choke hold/forced hug) to actually stop his enemy's heart (or brain if he get a hold of one's head directly), with the cold energy.

Zero Gravity, Chronos mostly uses this to himself, gathering power from the moon and the stars to levitate. However he can create a small area with Zero Gravity, to make his attacks easier while his opponent is in panic

Weaknesses: Surprise attacks, Psychic type attacks, powerful attacks to his left side (mostly due to the fact that the attempt to make a Dark Emerald never succeeded, and left a small crack on the Moonstone.)

Likes: Solitude, Reading, Walks in the forest, Gaining more Knowledge of history, and mythology, small animals

Dislikes:  Loud people, Weak people (weaker than him that is), Big crowds, Gullible people, Ignorance, Robians (He thinks they're nothing but defects)

Hobbies: Reading, Meditating, Traveling

Talents: Chronos can read in 5 different languages (2 officially viewed as "ancient" languages), He actually knows karate, although he prefers not to use it since it seem "vulgar" 

Eccentricities:  Chronos is actually precise about being clean. He hates mud, dirt, and filth. If any of it were to fall on his cape, he'd snap. (as in no one would be safe), he washes his hands at least 20 per day. 

Chronos might while sleeping accidentally levitate, which leads to him usually falling from incredible heights, before realizing the danger, and stopping his fall.

Favorite food(s): Anything that doesn't create a "mess" after.

Favorite beverage(s): Water (on special occasions beer)

Family(dead and alive): 

Meira The Brown Bear ("Mother")

Lenny The Grizzly ("Father")

Louie The Brown Bear (Stepbrother)

Mia The Grizzly (Stepsister)

Vicious ("Sister")


Dr.Finitevus (considers him as a friend, although Chronos isn't that familiar as to what a friend truly is) (Met him on Mobius via meeting Scrouge and Rouge)

Dimitri (Chronos found Dimitri while he was sneaking on board Eggman's ship)

The Iron Queen (Chronos met her a few times when the Iron Kingdom took over New Mobotropolis)

Shadow The Hedgehog (Chronos admires Shadow for being "The Ultimate Life Form" although Shadow does not think so fondly of him)



Silver The Hedgehog (Chronos saw what Silver could do with his powers during the fight against Scourge, and fears he might try to attack him)



Anyone filthy (Or people who "get messy")

(Reason why Chronos simply won't go anywhere near Trash)

Babylon Rogues (Because they're "Rogues")

Sand-Blast Freedom Fighters (Because of the filthy sand)

(Although Chronos has never met these parties, he has heard of them via various sources)


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