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Character Discussion: Antoine

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Because i like seeing activity and this seems like an easy way to get a conversation going.

*Ahem* Well, lets talk characters! Likes, dislikes, what makes them click or fail to do so with us. And lets Start with Antoine.

I'm probably misspelling his name aren't I? Anyway, my start in the fandom was back when SATAM first started airing on Saturday mornings, and Antoine got my attention for being the stock craven coward for the team. What, we're going up against a bad guy who conquered the world 10 years ago, has had time to build up his army, and has no need for little meatballs like us? Heck ya i'ld be scared too. He's seems to be almost reasonable from that point of view. But it's where he goes from there that draws our attention.

Antoine has stuck with us for a long time, and courage is not an easy thing to come by. Bit by bit we have seen him rise to bigger and bigger challenges, and find things worth fighting for more then hisself. From his loyalty to the House of Acorn, protecting his friends, and his eventual marriage to Bunny, he has managed to push his fear out of the way to do what needs to be done. I personally found part of the reboot, where they are in Nephthys lair, and he even admits he's still scared. To quote, "Courage is not acting without fear, but rather in spite of it."

P.S. can someone tell me where that's from? I know it's not Shakespeare but thats about it...

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Don't worry. I made the name correct ;)
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