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Seviper the Fang Snake

Character: E-124 aka Ares

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Name: E-124

Codename: Ares

Appearance: A robot bout the size of Vector or Omega. Red and yellow color scheme. Eggman's Logo on torso. Two red eyes.

Occupation: One of Eggman's high ranking badnik commanders.

Abilities/Weapons: Enhanced strength. High durability. And equipped with laser weaponry such as riffles. Also has engery blades built into his arms.

Personality: As one of Eggman's more deadly badniks he is extremely deadly. And is a tatical fighter. Prefers to plan attacks and strategies ahead of time. And has a great annoyance of Sonic. Belives all biological lifeforms other than Eggman are inferior.

History Pre-reboot: Was built after Omega's "disappearance" and Eggman decided to build one more E series bot. After the defeat of Eggman 30 years later Ares still wished to continue his master's work. He then kidnapped King Sonic and Lara-Su in hopes of finally ending the 2nd Robotnik war so he could claim victory but Lara-Su managed to talk him out of his plan. He would then live through the ruined future and become a mentor/friend of Silver.

Reboot History: Has the same history as pre-reboot. In Silver's timeline he is Silver's companion.

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