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Sonic Adventure DX mod

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I'm planning to do a voice/music mod for Sonic Adventure DX PC. Basically I'm replacing every track in the game with Megaman X songs (X1-X8 and MHX) and I'm replacing the voice actors English and Japanese with the voices for Megaman X and some line within the story not the texts itself I don't know how to change those.
Here's the new voice actors/voice clips for this mod.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Mark Garth (Eng)/Shotaro Morikubo (Jap) (X)
Miles "Tails" Prower - Lenne Hardt (Eng)/Minami Takayama (Jap) (Axl)
Kunckles the Echidna - Lucas Gilbertson//Ryotaro Okiayu (Jap) (Zero)
Amy Rose - Mariette Sluyter (Eng)/Rumi Kasahara (Jap) (Alia)
Big the Cat - Robert Belgrade (Eng/Hirotaka Suzokai (Jap) (Signas)
E-102 Gamma - Norio Wakamoto (High Max)
Dr.Eggman - Dave Pettitt (Story Only)/Charlie Fontana (Battle Cry) (Eng)/Mugihito (Jap)
I don't know how many megaman fans are on this page, but it would be helpful if I get voice clips of Axl, Alia, Signas, and Dave Pettitt. And I also giving you guys a choice about which music would fit better for the stage.
Casinopolis (Hallway and Pinball game) - I'm leaving Nights's music intact because it's enjoyable and it wouldn't feel right to replace it, but for the hallway and the sonic pinball game I need to know what X music would fit best for this. The garbage I'm using Metal Shark Player.
Ice Cap (In the cave) - I can't decided between Billazard Wolfang theme from Megaman X6 or Frost Warlus 2nd theme from Megaman X4 since they both fit well for the stage.
Speed Highway (Highway Area) - I'm kinda mix between the Sky Lagoon theme from X4, Awakening Highway from X7, or Central Highway from Maverick Hunter X.
Red Mountain (In the volcano) - This was a real challenge between Magma Dragoon theme from X4, Matterx (Burn Dinorex) theme from X5, Blaze Heatnix theme from X6, Flame Mammoth theme from Maverick Hunter X.

I need someone who's good at Character mods and somebody who's good at Sound Effect hacking. I have all the sound effect files I want to put in the game, but I need someone who's good at that.

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