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Skye Prower

Doctor Who?

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There was a bit of interest when I brought up the possibility of a Doctor Who RP in the status bar, so I thought it was worth a topic here.  So Doctor Who, the long running time-travelling show.  It can be Sci fi adventure, historical adventure, horror tales, comedy/parody, or any combination of those or anything else. 


It might seem like I’ve put this up at random, but it’s actually because I was digging through my hard drive and found a brunch of notes from a previous attempt I made to make a Doctor Who game, so I thought I’d try here.



Do I need to know anything about Dr Who?

Nope.  One of the most common elements of Doctor Who is that the companions on his journey are usually ordinary people seeing the wider Universe for the first time.  So in a way, knowing nothing about it fits right in. 


If you want more information, I’d recommend checking out this video. http://sfdebris.com/videos/doctorwho/dw101.php  While it is about where to start watching the show, it does contain a lot of basic info about the show.



How will the game work?


Unlike the other RP’s, rather than a continuous story, the game would be like the TV show.  A number of smaller adventures with a metaplot running through them, which will be resolved in the final stories of the ‘season’.  This also lets other people run their own adventures if they wish, which could be good practice for running an RP.


I mentioned earlier that this was an earlier idea for an RP.  Well… back then the other players were reluctant to come up with ideas for plots.  So I came up with almost two seasons worth of vague outlines, plus two mini-series and the inevitable Christmas Special! A few gaps were left for other adventures.  Most were just the very basic bare bones of ideas, so the other players would have a starting point to work from.


If people want I can post the list up here.  But obviously we don’t have to use it, and stuff like the episodes order and things can be changed even if we do!



Who plays The Doctor?


Obviously the Doc…


“Don’t call me Doc!”


Oh, yeah… so… Obviously the Doctor is a pretty powerful character, so it wouldn’t be fair for just one person to play him.  So instead, whoever is running the story gets to run the Doctor. 



So which Doctor will it be then?


Everyone has their favourite Doctor, so rather than limiting it to just one, during the events of the first story (SPOILERS!) the Doctor will start slipping through his different regenerations.  Which means people can play whatever version of the Doctor they wish.



And could I play a Sonic Character/OC?  Or from another Franchise?


Given this is a Sonic forum I can’t really say no! :P   Besides, Doctor Who is so flexible that it can be combined with almost anything! 


But, this does bring up a note about powers.  Basically, the power level in Dr Who is lower than for many universes (save for the bad guys), especially the Sonic one.  Even Sonic is possibly a bit beyond it.  Admittedly, a lot is that is easy to solve, simply by saying ‘There is no Chaos Power in the Doctor Who verse’, which lowers the power level of most of the more powerful characters in a swift stroke. 


As for characters from elsewhere, that’ll be dealt on a case by case basis.



Okay, that’s enough boring chatter from me for now.  Any more questions, or if you're interested, please post below.

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