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Skye Prower

Skye Prower: Reboot Version

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Most of you will have noticed by now that my avatar isn’t exactly the standard Skye Prower.  Well, with Mina killed off in the comics, and the future arc probably never to been seen again in order to keep all the shippers happy, Skye as he was doesn’t exist anymore.  So the new avatar is essentially the post-reboot version, or at least the one I’d want to see!  Given this is the character I’d be using to RP with whenever my signature comes true, I thought I’d create a profile just to set out this Skye’s abilities and personality.  However, I’m a bit concerned I may have made him too powerful, and there is a part of his personality that people may dislike, so I’d like to have people’s views here before I bring it up ‘in forum’ as it were.


So, here he is.  The profile template is a mash up of the one for UA and the Free-Play one.


Name: Skye Prower


Age: 8


Species: AI / Robot


Appearance: Skye’s usual appearance is that of a male 8 year old two tailed Fox-Lynx hybrid.  He has dark yellow fur and hair, combed in a thick quiff at the front and a few short ‘spikes’ at the back.  Skye’s muzzle, tail tips and chest fur is light pale brown, except for his chest ruff which is white.  His face and ears have distinctive lynx markings.  He wears white gloves with light blue trim, light blue boots with grey caps and a yellow band, and a light blue jacket.


Power(s): As an AI Skye is an expert hacker and can access Cyberspace, where he has significant power.  He can also access other robots or computers in a similar way, but while doing so his robot body is vulnerable as he’s not inside it. 


Skye’s robot form is stronger, tougher and faster than an average Mobian, but not as powerful as a Metal series robot.  The power source for Skye’s robot form is a Power Ring, which gives him very high ‘stamina’, unless he uses his energy projection abilities, in which case his power drain rapidly.  And unlike organic, he can keep pushing on if he runs out of power, his body shuts down.


He can use his tails to fly like his father, both normally, and also in his unique ‘tornado flight’, a cross between flying and a spin dash.


Like his mother he can project energy force field from his hands which can quickly expand, but as mentioned above these drain his power quickly, especially under heavy bombardment.  Skye can also create an energy blade to attack with, those his swordsmanship skills are only mediocre.  The blade can also be thrown, but lose energy rapidly the moment it leaves Skye’s person.


Forms: Overclocked Form


Info on form: By replacing his Power Ring with a Red Star Ring, Skye’s power levels increase drastically and recharge almost instantly.  This allows him use his energy projection abilities almost non-stop.  However, prolonged use of a Red Star Ring does start damaging his systems.  Skye can also use a Chaos Emerald to Overclock, but his systems are not calibrated to do so, and would start suffering damage immediately. 


Unlike other forms, Overclocking does not affect his physical abilities at all, so he can still be hurt as usual. While Overclocked, his body glows a visible white.


Skye cannot use the Seven Chaos Emeralds or the Master Emerald to achieve a ‘Super’ form.


Personality: Skye tends to be quiet, even moreso around those he doesn’t know, unless he feels he has something to add to a conversation (which isn’t always the case).  He can also get nervous and flustered very easily, tending to either go quiet or stammer when he does so.  He is more confident around people he knows, sometimes even very cynical for his age.


Despite being a robot, Skye has no desire to become a ‘real’ Mobian.  He is happy how he is, even though many Mobian’s have a prejudice against robots.


Fighting Style: Skye doesn’t like fighting directly, preferring to use his abilities to support his friends.  Not that he will hesitate to join the fray, especially if his friends are at risk. 


Background: In this possible future when Tails and Nicole ended up together, Skye was created by both his ‘parents’ making digital maps of their minds, and fusing them together to make a ‘child’ personality.  


*Below is the part I felt some may dislike.  I think it would be an interesting idea to RP, but I would like to know how others feel about it*


Due to Skye’s personality being a ‘mashup’, Skye is still developing a proper identity.  Skye still hasn’t decided whither to be a fox, lynx, or both, or even a boy or a girl.  Skye actually has six different bodies, called Avatars, each different.  A male and female version of a lynx, a fox and the hybrids.


Skye personality does change slightly depending on which Avatar he is currently inhabiting.  It would also be altered somewhat should he take control of another robot.  For example, should he take control of a Metal series robot, Skye would become more aggressive and ruthless.

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Crisis of Infinite Skye’s


What would you call a group of Skye’s anyway?  A pack?  A flock?  A shyness?


Anyway, with all that crazy talk of what Skye would be like with different parents I thought I’d do a series of profiles here.  The ones here are based on most of the suggestion I got in the X-mas party topic, and I may add more later if I feel like it / am asked too.  But first, to create a baseline, I thought I’d make a profile for regular Skye.


Name: Skye Prower


Age: 8


Mother: Mina Mongoose


Species: Fox/Mongoose Hybrid


Gender: Male


Appearance: Yellow furred fox with a thick sticky up fringe and two tails.  Muzzle is less wide than normal for a fox, and the usual fur on the side of the muzzle are further back on his face, and yellow rather than white.  Usually wears a pair of sky blue and yellow boots and white gloves with a sky blue trim.  Occasionally wears a sky blue jacket.  Tends to keep his appearance quite neat.


Power(s)/Skills: Super-intelligence, but doesn’t believe himself to be as smart as his father.  He can use his twin tails to fly, but hasn’t got full control yet, so tends to spin like a top in an erratic flightpath.  He can do significant damage like this though.  Also (unique to this Skye) he probably has a great singing voice but is too shy to show it.


Personality: Very shy, partially due to his inherited shyness, and partially due to the shadow of his parent’s legacy over him.  Has a tendency to underestimate his abilities.  Is a little clumsy.  Can find it difficult to speak with strangers, and stammers talking to people he doesn’t know well.  However, he is capable of bravery if required.




There we go.  Now let’s see some other possibilities


Mother: Amy Rose


Species: Fox/Hedgehog Hybrid


Gender: Male


Appearance: As regular Skye


Power(s)/Skills: As regular Skye, except can also summon a giant wrench magically.  Can only summon one at a time, the previous one vanishing if another is summoned, or away from Skye for too long.  Strength also increases while wielding the wrench.


Personality: As regular Skye, but also has inherited his mother’s temper, which can be a shock from such a shy, quiet boy.  Thankfully he hasn’t inherited Amy’s…. obsessive traits.




Mother: Sally Acorn


Species: Fox/Chipmunk Hybrid


Gender: Male


Appearance: As regular Skye, except fur is golden-brown


Power(s)/Skills: As regular Skye, but without the clumsiness.  Is an expert planner.


Personality: As regular Skye.  Although his parentage makes him less shy, the pressure of being a Prince makes up the difference.  Despite his shyness, when under pressure he will step up to a leadership role, and will be able to do so well.  After the crisis has passed he’d likely freak out at his actions though.




Mother: Wave the Swallow


Species: Fox/Swallow Hybrid


Gender: Male


Appearance: As regular Skye, but with the addition of racing goggles, and boots are modified for Extreme Gear.


Power(s)/Skills: As regular Skye, except his flying skills are less developed.  Seeing her son unable to grasp flying quickly, Wave focused on Extreme Gear instead, making Skye a very adept racer.


Personality: Very similar to regular Skye, except he also has a harsh streak, and is willing to do less than savouries actions to achieve his aim, much to his father’s disappointment.  However Skye does still have a good heart.




Mother: Fiona Fox


Species: Fox


Gender: Female


Appearance: Yellow furred two tailed fox with cream tail-tips/chest fur, and a normal fox muzzle in the same colours.  Has dark red hair with a thick forward pointing fringe and shoulder length at the back.  Wears a sky blue jacket and skirt and the same boots/gloves as regular Skye.


Power(s)/Skills: As regular Skye, but also heightened agility, though still prone to the occasional misstep.


Personality: Still shy, but not quite as much as her regular counterpart, and her parents have helped her move past it more.  Despite being shy, enjoys manipulating and playing with people.  Though she never wants to hurt them, much.  She is embarrassed by her lack of flying skills.




Mother: Rouge the Bat


Species: Fox/Bat Hybrid


Gender: Female


Appearance: Completely white furred fox two-tailed, though has the same muzzle as regular Skye.  Hair is the same colour with a thick forward pointing fringe and a little longer than shoulder length at the back.  Wears a sky-blue t-shirt decorated with a pink heart, same coloured shorts, and fine long gloves that end in the same trim as regular Skye’s gloves.  Wears regular Skye’s boots.


Power(s)/Skills: As regular Skye, except also has expert thieving skills.  Though NO experience.  Is a (slightly) better flier, and can (just about) fly normally.


Personality: While shy, her shyness differs from regular Skye, as she tends to be given to say more than she means.  Skye likes to think she’s an expert thief like her mother, and while her skills are equal, maybe superior with practice, her clumsiness and her tendency to babble utterly destroys that image.




Mother: Cosmo (Assuming the seed at the end of Sonic X was Cosmo and Tails’ child…. Which… is kinda messed up!)


Species: Seedarian/Fox Hybrid (Hope I spelt that right)


Gender: Female


Appearance: And autumn coloured Seedain with a fox appearance.  Wear’s clothes (the usual Skye outfit + jacket) even though her nature gives her ‘natural’ clothes.


Power(s)/Skills: Cannot fly, but is able to glide.  Can control and manipulate plant life around her, given her nature and the sheer power being thrown around at her creation.


Personality: Shy around people, but not for adventure.  With her father being only eight years older, he’s more of a ‘big brother’ figure, and unlike Regular Skye, she’ll have been on plenty of adventures.  Focuses on chemistry and biological sciences rather than her father’s engineering and electronics.




Mother: Honey the Cat


Species: Fox/Cat Hybrid


Gender: Male


Appearance: As normal Skye, but clothes and appearance are far smarter and neater.


Power(s)/Skills: As regular Skye, except also has super agility and is surprisingly strong.  Lacks clumsiness, and is surprisingly grateful.


Personality: You wouldn’t know this Skye is shy.  He essentially uses his clothes as a comfort blanket however.  If he looks good, it gives him confidence.  He’s also a lot less modest about his abilities. 




Mother: Cream the Rabbit


Species: Fox/Rabbit Hybrid


Gender: Male


Appearance: As regular except fur is a little brown


Power(s)/Skills: As regular Skye. 


Personality: As regular Skye.




Mother: Li Moon


Species: Fox


Gender: Male


Appearance: As regular Skye, expect red furred and will have Dragon Kingdom traits.  Has a normal fox muzzle.


Power(s)/Skills: As regular Skye. 


Personality: As regular Skye.




Mother: Marine the Raccoon (And here’s one I made earlier!)


Species: Fox/Raccoon Hybrid


Gender: Female


Appearance: Orange furred two-tailed fox with blue eyes. Brown hair tied back in a ponytail with a quiff at the front. Wears sky-blue shorts and shirt, and the regular Skye boots/gloves.


Power(s)/Skills: As regular Skye.  Also has Hydrokinesis.  She can manipulate water with a high degree of finesse. However, she cannot create it, and manipulation a mass greater than herself tiers her out quickly.


Personality: Skye is friendly and very outgoing, trying to be friends with everyone. Like her mother, she talks a mile a minute given half the chance. Unlike her mother, she can be told to be quiet, which makes her somewhat more likable. At least, unless she’s nervous, in which case bring a gag. She also lacks her mother’s ego, except in one instance: she believes she is the best pilot/driver/etc ever. While so far she hasn’t encountered a vehicle she can’t control, her skills are way below being ‘best’. While she has her father’s skill for machines, she almost completely restricts it to vehicles of different types. Skye feels a little torn between the sky and the sea, and is happiest during a storm, when the two come together.

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