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The Dragon Lady, Patricia C. Tetra-Lira's Profile

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-= [Personal Information] =-

Shorten Name: Patricia C. Tetra-Lira
Full Name: Patricia Cole Tetra-Lira the 3rd
Nickname: The Dragon Princess, the Dragon Lady and Patty.
Age: 14
Gender: Female
DOB: December 15, 2045 Post-Rejuvenation Era (3:00 PM on this date)
Date of Now: January 1, 2059 Post-Rejuvenation Era (Post-Rejuvenation Eras go into these dates when the people have not reached Warp travel in a universe, this is for the Kay'Eleo Universe)
Place of Birth: Freedom, the Federation Medical Center of Alastair Metropolis, The Capital of Freedom of Free Skies. This medical center is on the outskirts of the national capital, off the beaten path this is where most of the Federation of Free Skies' parents go to give birth to their children.
Alignment: Good
Occupation: Princess of the Federation of Free Skies (Name used to be the Tetra-Lira Kingdom of Free Skies; Age to become Queen, is 20 years old.)
Residence: The Grand Royal Palace in the central part of Alastair Metropolis on the Alastair Continent, this Grand Royal Palace is one of the largest buildings in Alastair Metropolis not counting the Parliament building. The Alastair Continent is vast enough to be called two semi-large continents a mega continent in a sense, though it is nowhere the size as a Pangaea continent.
Social Class: Friendly/Kind
Economic Class: Upper Class

-= [Personal Miscellaneous Information] =-

Favorite Colors: All colors
Catch Phrases:
1. "I am the youngest of my family, and I will be helpful to them by trying my hardest to keep the peace between everyone on our world."
2. "I am taught well to be a dreamer by my parents."
3. "I belong to the Federation of Free Skies; we've had bad blood with the Jainus Coalition since they invaded our homeland when the Federation just started so I will protect our people from their hate."
4. "I am the splitting image of my mother, Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 2nd since we are both crossbreeds of Pulsar Dragons and Humans."
5. "I will stop the predetermined future of my people with my sisters' help since we are all having the same nightmare visions of the future."
6. "I will be living with my scar from that accident I had ever since that sinkhole tried to shallow me whole, though I will never falter even though I am always in pain, the doctors said it'll take a long time to heal."
Gourmet(s) of Choice: She likes all the food her mother makes for her mother; Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 2nd has a larger pallet than everyone does in the Royal Family. Though she likes her mother's home cooked roast beef with golden potatoes and yummy laughter yams.
Beverage(s) of Choice:
1. Chocolate Milk - This includes all types of milk products
2. Water - Spring water and all forms of water expect for the off-brand name of water called "Solaris Water" from the Aegis Spring. Solaris Water is from the Aegis Spring Incorporation of the Federation of Free Skies Trade League.
3. Illogical Serum - Illogical Serum been classified as an underage gateway to alcoholic drinks, it has an very small amount of alcohol content with 0.5% alcohol content per oz. Everyone within the Federation of Free Skies don't have an age limit on alcohol consumption, mainly because the rules aren't in place for everyone. Illogical Serum tastes like winterberry wine and cranberry wine. Illogical Serum also has some pain relieving properties for some people that are always in intense pain, it isn't as good as some of those good painkillers but it relieves it enough to be an tingle instead of an intense painful spike of crying and tears out of one's eyes.
Hobbies & Talents:
1. Sight seeing - She sightsees all the continents on the Gaia Planet, that the Federation of Free Skies since she is a princess of the peaceful kingdom she belongs too.
2. Metal Smith - All Federation of Free Skies people have to create weapons of some any kind; this includes the rarer metals to create some unique weapons that are given names to use by the Royal Family of the Federation of Free Skies. The Federation of Free Skies princesses have to design at least three weapons of their favorite ones they heard in storybooks by their father.
3. Jewel crafting - Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 3rd, learned how to design jewels and jewelry at a young age with the help of her grandfather Leo. She created a special necklace called the 'Sun-fire Zircon of Skies,' the creation of this necklace was from the Zircon birthstone.
4. Photography - She has taken up this hobby since she likes taking pictures of everyone around her, since she wants to remember simpler times before she becomes Queen. She loves the camera that her father bought her.
5. Painting - She has a natural talent with painting, she made some beautiful landscapes and other kinds of painting creations. Her paintings been featured in the Federation of Free Skies' National Museum of Art and History.
6. Summoner - She is a natural summoner, since she can summon drakes from the ether of her mind and help people out with anything they require, if it involves something she enjoys. The Tetra-Lira Royal Family are all summoners, they all summon dragon stones and dragons attached to those stones. The one thing they regret in a long past was classified as the 'Curse of the Sky Dragon' in the Pre-Rejuvenation Era, when they cursed Lucifer A. Gallant, the Sky Dragon to be trapped within a mountain range on Earth in Germany. No one of the Tetra-Lira Royal Family remembers those days since they were dark days in the known history of their dynasty; they forgot them to be sealed from their memories. Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 3rd, don't remember anything of that past all she remembers is what is happening now, in the Post-Rejuvenation Era on the planet Jainus IV.
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous

-= [Appearance Information] =-

Height: 4'5"
Weight: 135
Breast Size: 31D
Sub-Set: All her outfits usually have two of her three items of note on her at a time. Casual and Warrior princess has the Gem of One Souls and the Sun-fire Zircon of Skies as accessories. School and Princess have the Gem of One Souls and the Pulsar Dragon Necklace as accessories.
1. Casual - She wears an elegant clothes for her casual set, it is usually a blue t-shirt with a words on it, saying 'One's soul has many different paths.' She wears rainbow colored jogging pants that are glittery to a point, she wears a white bra of her breast size. She usually wears hiking boots with a steel-toed brace on it, and her panties are green.
2. School - The School uniform is unique to the Federation of Free Skies since they are the only one that made all the schools to have school uniforms based on what they enjoy to do in terms. Her school uniform is an elegant dress with technology ingeniously added on like it was a part of it perfectly. She has to wear white socks, white panties, and a white bra to her size since this dress is black and gray with technological advancements for progress for the Federation; the technological advances helps the students to figure out how good they will look in the future. For her shoes, she wears running shoes that are colored black with red stripes. The girl's school uniforms are a lot more comfortable than the men's school uniforms. She is allowed to wear her princess tiara that glows like a rainbow, since everyone loves how she glows with that tiara, she got many friends because of it.
3. Princess - Her princess dress is an elegant dress that has been passed down all the way to her, it is a silver colored dress with glitter all over it, it has slight poke a dots of golden and reddish colors all over it. The princess tiara is unique since it glows like a rainbow, all princesses of the Federation of Free Skies gets to wear this tiara anywhere they go. She wears proper colored undergarments primarily blue for her bra and purple for her panties and her socks are blue with red strips. She wears the princess tennis shoes since they are platinum colored but they are not that expensive. This is the only outfit, she carries a purple purse with since she hardly needs it with the other outfits since it is kind a heavy compared to most things she does, and she must be more princess like with this outfit.
4. Warrior Princess - She wears the Pulsar Draconian Armor since it matches her rainbow wings, she wears her casual clothes underneath this outfit; she also has a seethe for her Iron Heart Sword and a holster for her Lance on her back for it. The armor itself is created of Pulsar Dragon scales, stronger than any known armor base; it is three times stronger than any known mineral in the Kay'Eleo Universe.
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Species: Crossbreed (Pulsar Dragon/Human)
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style:
1. Straight - She usually keeps her hair straight when she is at home or at school. She has long hair; it goes past her lower back though she makes sure her hair does not hurt her wings to much.
2. Pony Tail - She only puts her hair in a ponytail when she has to train with her sword, spear, or longbow. The ponytail has a rainbow colored hair band for her ponytail.
Other Distinctive Features:
1. She has rainbow colored draconian wings, growing out of her back and they are only 2 ft long coming out of her back. The Rainbow Colored Wings are mainly because she is a crossbreed of a Pulsar Dragon and a Human.
2. She has a birthmark on her side of her chest, giving an identity to her as a 'true' patriot of the Federation of Free Skies. The Birthmark looks like a mini-image of a star in deep trouble, showing something far more than normal; it is classified as the "End of All Things" the birthmark. All her sisters have this birthmark, but they have it in different areas.
3. She has a scar when she fell into a sinkhole, it is on her right leg since her right leg was broken in the odd way no normal child would be able to live through, and it causes her a lot of pain. This scar is her way of showing the Jainus IV population that anyone live through pain and suffering from an freak accident of the ground trying to absorb one's soul. The scar is mostly a long gash from the ankle to the kneecap and she has some troubles with pain so she has to take some very strong painkillers to reveal it.

-= [Relationship Info] =-

Friends: Jessica J. Katherine, Laura L. Katherine and some others
Rivals: Maria L. Tetra-Lira, Nancy E. Tetra-Lira, Sandy I. Tetra-Lira and Jennifer O. Tetra-Lira
Enemies: The Jainus Coalition - Primarily the military and the central government
Kingdom: Federation of Free Skies - A Kingdom with a King and Queen supported by a strong governmental body akin to UK's Parliament, the reform to cause this to happen was a long time ago during the Leo and Zephyr's reign, this was followed up by a strong currency classified as the Federation Dollar.
Known Family:
Mother: Patricia Catherine Tetra-Lira the 2nd
Father: Jacob Cole Tetra-Lira
1. Maria Loam Tetra-Lira - 19 years old
2. Nancy Ester Tetra-Lira - 18 years old
3. Sandy Iola Tetra-Lira - 16 years old
4. Jennifer Obeah Tetra-Lira - 15 years old
Grand Father: Leo Ragnarök Tetra-Lira
Grand Mother: Zephyr Eth Tetra-Lira
Great Grand Father: Dargoth-Lie-Holy Mein Tetra-Lira - The First King of the Federation of Free Skies
Great Grand Mother: Maria Z. Tetra-Lira - The First Queen of the Federation of Free Skies
Martial Status: Single

-= [Equipment Info] =-

1.Silver Might Lance - This lance was created from an special mineral on Jainus IV, that's only unique to this planet; it's classified as Silver Might a strange combination of Silver and Voidium to create Silver Might most things is unique with this element. The Silver Might Lance has some unique properties it can alter one's attributes of doing complete evil things to complete good things, this ability is classified as 'Alteration of One's Alignment' though it isn't very strong against a strong evil force akin to a True God completely for evil. This lance protects all good people on Jainus IV with a special healing ability called 'Silver Might's Light,' it is a very powerful spell in terms of any elemental classification, mainly the Light spells mostly. The lance created by Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 3rd in her metal smith class at a private school classified as 'The Free Skies School of Unique Individuals.'
2. Iron Heart Sword - The Iron Heart Sword is a valuable weapon artifact of the Federation of Free Skies as a whole, Maria Z. Tetra-Lira first used it in the war of decimation, against the Jainus Coalition when they invaded the home continent of the Federation of Free Skies. This sword has only one equal in the entire multiverse and that is the 'Unified Great Sword of Affinities,' and the Chaos Emperor owns that sword. The Iron Heart Sword uses the sword wave slashes and other unique abilities of all other sword wielders in the Jaina'Res Multiverse and has a special ability. However, this sword protects the user from one of the three affinities on the Unified Great Sword of Affinities.
3. Grand Ash Long Bow - The Grand Ash Long Bow is a bow made of magical properties, which can increase summoning spells by 25% and gives the user no chances of losing life force if this is included in the summoning ritual. The Grand Ash Long Bow was created from one of the largest trees on Jainus IV, it was a Grand Ash wood Tree, classified as "Old Ash," it was the only tree that was allowed to be cut down by the Jainus Cult for the Federation of Free Skies. Dargoth-Lie-Holy M. Tetra-Lira used the Grand Ash Long Bow and he passed it down from generation to Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 3rd. This bow uses three types of arrows the Silver Might Arrows, Maiden's Tears, and Explosive Arrows as its primary things to use for special purposes; it can also use regular arrows and fire arrows as well.
3A. Silver Might Arrows - These arrows are created from three components; the silver might mineral for the arrowhead tip, wood from Old Ash, and feathers from a gryphon. Silver Might Arrows have the same ability as the Silver Might Lance but it is mostly affective against evil creatures.
3B. Maiden's Tears - Maiden's Tears are unique arrows that were from a special tree that grows only on the Federation of Free Skies continent. Maiden's Tears are healing arrows that can be shot at anyone but they have to miss the target and the target is healed via an Area of Effect spell called 'Maiden's Tears' it is a water healing spell.
3C. Explosive Arrows - The Explosive Arrows are made from a very unstable substance called Iridium combined with black powder to make a powerful explosion. The Explosion usually does an area of effect damage of 30 meters in two directions, forward and down.
Item(s) of Note:
1. Pulsar Dragon Necklace - She wears this necklace with pride since her mother, Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 2nd, gave it to her. The Pulsar Dragon Necklace has some secret values inside of it classified as allow one to transform into the Pulsar Dragon, and rare and mythical dragon that has very powerful healing abilities. This necklace been passed through the generations to every single daughter of the Federation of Free Skies, mainly the royal family of Free Skies; the first owner of this necklace was Maria Z. Tetra-Lira. This necklace always goes to the youngest child of the Tetra-Lira Royal Family of the Federation of Free Skies. The Pulsar Dragon Necklace is only worn when it is for her School and Princess attire, when she has to do more than just look around casually, give speeches, and do homework assignments at school. The Pulsing Radiance is a rainbow colored jewel that is attached by pulsar dragon scales to look alike a Regal Aurora Borealis Crystal Necklace but with small zircon birthstones all over the necklace in a v-shaped pattern away from the primary eye catcher, the Pulsing Radiance.
2. Gem of Pure Souls - This is a very rare artifact of the Federation of Free Skies, entire existence on this one Gaia world. It can revive all people with a special ability called 'Revival of Pure Souls,' it is a very powerful in terms, all people who died of wars of the past can be revived and are completely forgiven of all past crimes. The Gem of Pure Souls is also in a ring formation on the holder's left ring finger mainly as a safety net for her since she is the purest soul on Jainus IV. The right hand is the usually the finger that gets the wedding ring/engagement ring on since that feels more to the soul of the two people in the heart of the moment, though the Parliament of the Federation of Free Skies doesn't allow young love to get out of control.
3. Sun-fire Zircon of Skies - Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 3rd made this with the help of her grandfather Leo R. Tetra-Lira, she wanted to try Jewel crafting. This necklace gives her hope that everyone on her home world will be kind and create their own necklaces made up of their birthstones. She usually has to pick between wearing this necklace or the Pulsar Dragon Necklace, she only picks this necklace when she's casually going out on the town or training her heart out in her warrior princess outfit.
4. The Cloak of Pulsar Dragons - This cloak was created by Pulsar Dragons of her family and friends to lessen her pain from her injury that goes from her ankle to her knee. It is very warm and has unique healing properties to lessen pain. It covers her entire body besides her eyes and some of her long blond hair that gets into her eyes. Since it is made of rainbow colored draconian scales, it protects her from all elements mainly high winds. The Cloak also has words in an ancient language called 'Winds of the Shining Scales guide you to the truth of all things, the destruction isn't your fault but within one's soul is the answers you seek' but it is gibberish to all non-Pulsar Dragons. This cloak was given to her on her 14th year old birthday.

-= [strengths & Weaknesses Info] =-

1. Hearing - Her hearing is triple of that of a normal human being, mainly because it's quite intense, though mostly because of her intense training to use her senses one at the time to be perfectly attuned to nature and other things. She can hear things vast distances away from her; if she is on one side of the continent she can hear things on the other side of her home continent with ease. Intense Hearing is the classification of how she can hear vast distances from her.
2. Telepathy/Telekinesis - Her telepathy is strength since she can only telepathically speak to her family and friends on Alastair Continent only. She also has a slight ability to use telekinesis to lift objects twice as heavy as she is but only put them in a good place to be still.
3. Summoning - Her summoning strength is from genes within her, since her family is masters at summoning dragons and their stones to go with them. Her natural talent is as natural as the breezes that past by the windmills of the Federation of Free Skies.
4. Healer - She is a natural healer as well, her healing prowess comes from the genes of her family's healing masters. She can heal people from their deathbeds to be walking able body citizens once more she is a miracle worker.
5. Draconian Transformation - She can transform into her pure dragon form of a Pulsar Dragon, the pulsar dragon is unique in terms of everything. There is only two people in the entire Jainus IV, that can pull this off perfectly it is mother and daughter since they are true pulsar dragons and human crossbreeds. The Pulsar Dragons are an offshoot of the Ragnarokian Dragons in the Kira'Dim Universe, though the Pulsar Dragons reach maturity at a quicker rate and are stronger the older a Ragnarokian Dragon is, the less of a power gap the Pulsar Dragons have. The Pulsar Dragon form is more closely resembles a Water Dragon or a Bronze Dragon. There's a not a lot of Ragnarokian Dragons left since the destruction of their home world in Kira'Dim Universe by a powerful evil entity called Lloyd P. Enigma.
1. Heart Defect - Her heart is stronger than most humans are but still has a hard time keeping up with her regime of exercise so it constantly has to pump more blood then normal to the vital organs and muscles.
2. Dark Magic/Darkness - She is weak to the opposite of her element, and this is Dark Magic, since her primary element is Light. She is also afraid of the dark, so she has to sleep with a night light or she is going to cry a lot until her mother turns on the light and hugs her.
3. Claustrophobia - She is afraid of tight spaces and usually gets a panic attack and usually faints in a daze confused look on her face. She lost her footing one year and was trapped within a hole, that took awhile to get her out, this only happened when she was 6 years old but her parents got her out immediately, the incident was called 'The Collapse of One's Soul,' the meaning is primarily a sink hole tried to cause great harm to her.
4. Nightmare Visions of the Future - The nightmares she has are mainly of the future in a vision sense; these visions show her entire family dying to another invasion of the Jainus Coalition. She has not told anyone of these nightmare visions since she does not believe this will happen in the next hundred years; one thing is for sure all the visions point to the stars as the reason the Jainus Coalition destroys the Federation of Free Skies. However, most of the children of the King and Queen have these visions and they want to stop this from coming to past, mainly because they fear of being left alone in a world that is terrifying without their family.
5. Clumsy/Accident prone - She is not very good at keeping balance, this usually puts her in danger of getting into accidents of strange natures. Her mother is also clumsy, just slightly better at getting her balance then her youngest daughter, Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 3rd. The Clumsy nature has caused her more embarrassing moments, then her parents telling people how cute she was when she was just born, about 14 years ago on her birth date of December 15, 2045 Post-Rejuvenation Era.

-= [Personal Status] =-

I.Q: 140
Theme Song:

We're Coming Home - Rogue Traders (School Theme Song)

[Verse 1]

You know we're fallin' to zero
Hurtin' much more than it did before
I'm always playing the hero
Cleaning your mess as you walk out the door

I'm counting things'll change now
Taking it back where it all began
Don't like this merry-go-round
Gotta believe, believe we can


We're coming home we're coming home
You know it's now or never

No afterglow this time I know
But I'm feelin' kinda better

We're coming home we're coming home
You know it's now or never

This time I know, this time I know
It's going on forever

[Verse 2]

I'm counting down to zero
Diggin' my heels in the dirt again
You're not a superhero
Saving the world to the bitter end

I think it's time that you knew
I'm seeing it all now in black and white
I'd do it all to save you
Changing the world ain't gonna make it right


See me walk away
You know it's now or never
See me walk away
I'm feelin' kinda better.


Nemo - Nightwish (Princess Theme Song)

This is me for forever
One of the lost ones
The one without a name
Without an honest heart as compass
This is me for forever
One without a name
These lines the last endeavor
To find the missing lifeline
Oh, how I wish for soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart lost in the dark
For hope I'd give my everything
My flower withered between
The pages two and three
The once and forever bloom
Gone with my sins
Walk the dark path, sleep with angels
Call the past for help
Touch me with your love
And reveal to me my true name
Oh, how I wish for soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart lost in the dark
For hope I'd give my everything
Oh, how I wish for soothing rain
Oh, how I wish to dream again
Once and for all and all for once
Nemo my name for evermore
Nemo sailing home
Nemo letting go
Oh, how I wish for soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart lost in the dark
For hope I'd give my everything
Oh, how I wish for soothing rain
Oh, how I wish to dream again
Once and for all and all for once
Nemo my name for evermore
Name for evermore.

-= [Miscellaneous Tactical Information] =-

The Elemental Spells:

1) Holy/Light Elemental Spells:
1. Golden Healing Light - Golden Healing Light is a very powerful spell that allows the caster, the full healing light to anyone who's injured or having a internal problem with their lives. It fully heals all aliments in the being afflicted with an injury or something worse. This magical spell cannot fix birth defects in the children of the royal family of the Federation of Free Skies. This looks like a golden dragon over the person this is casted on, since it is classified as a unique spell for the Healing variety.
2. Holy Light Shield - Holy Light Shield is a protective barrier that protects the caster from dark magic, and lightens up a room to be brighter. This spell lessens the damage from dark magic by 25 to 50 percent of whatever dark magic spell was cast towards the caster. Holy Light Shield heals the caster of all wounds and damage physical that accrued to the caster, mostly as a bandaged technique.
3. Holy Archways - Holy Archways is a strange spell that allows a soul to go to the heavens as a last farewell ceremony if they have done any good deeds. It heals all people near the soul that is departing for heaven; this is only used so no one's soul turns into monsters that want to kill people because someone they cared about murdered them. Holy Archways is an eliminator of dark thoughts and revenge for the departed that died. This only been used in three occasions of a murder investigation getting too heavy on the people investigating the murder.
4. Holy Light Channeling - This is a healing spell that chained to multiple different people with intense healing with the Holy element, the maximum chain heal is 15 people in a row than back to the caster. The Caster uses their absolute knowledge of the magic lay lines on Jainus IV to cast masterful works of art in terms of Holy Light Channeling magic. This magic uses some of the caster's own magical essence from their draconian transformation, so they will have to wait three days before they transform in a dragon after using this spell.
5. Holy Aura - The Holy Aura surrounds the caster in a perfect aura that allows the caster to heal people via touch. The Holy Aura lasts longer than the Holy Light Shield, but does not decrease the damage of dark magic. The Holy Aura is only used if someone is afraid of blood, and completing the surgery so they allow people who know the Holy Aura spell to heal the person without the need of surgery.
2) Fire Elemental Spells:
1. Firestorm - This one is easy to understand, it is a fire spell, which forms into a massive firestorm to ravage the landscape. The caster usually uses this to make a statement that he or she is not giving up the fight if they get into one, the firestorm is a last resort spell in the most simplest of terms. The Firestorm is a rain of fire from the sky with magma rocks and other such things to cause devastation, everyone in the Federation of Free Skies is taught this spell to be extra careful when getting into a competition. This firestorm can even turn into a fire tornado to be extra deadly since those have wind magic on their side.
2. Magma Armor - Magma Armor is a protective barrier of fire, which that protects the caster from fire magic. The armor is only useful against other wielders of fire magic as a whole. Dargoth-Lie-Holy M. Tetra-Lira taught this magical spell to students willingly to learn it, though this magical training took two years to learn; though it was naturally learned from watching it cast once by Dargoth-Lie-Holy M. Tetra-Lira for the Royal Family members.
3) Water Elemental Spells:
1. Roaring Tides - The Roaring Tides is a special water spell only used by the royal family of the Federation of Free Skies, it is an offensive spell with healing properties. The Roaring Tides have a powerful tidal shift of all oceans and water on Jainus IV, to become slightly shifted into a downpour of rushing water from the sky, healing the lands and everything. The water doesn't really shift per say but it feels like the Federation of Free Skies have power over the oceans themselves to cause some devastation and some relief to farmers that are having a drought through the lands. The Roaring Tides is like a sea serpent on the lands, it usually forms rivers and other things that these continents did not have from the start, fresh water rivers. Roaring Tides are a powerful healing magic on lands and people since it heals their hurt bodies from the constant work on the farm or other type of things. This spell is used very rarely since the Alastair Continent does not need any more help in that area.
2. Blizzard - This one is easy to understand, it is a water spell that causes a massive blizzard of snow to hit a certain area. The Blizzard can form into ice shards that fall down from the sky at a certain area of effect area that is targeted by the caster. This is primarily an offensive spell; there are no healing properties in this spell at all.
4) Wind Elemental Spells:
1. Vortex Defensive Shield - This wind spell is a very powerful defensive shield of winds over 160 miles per hour since of this it protects the caster against anything truly harmful to the caster. The Vortex Defensive Shield has unique healing abilities to the caster as long as it is protecting the caster, if it is dispelled the healing abilities go away and it turns into an offensive spell called a Vortex Tornado dispersal offensive spell. Vortex Defensive shield protects primarily against physical attacks of long-range and close-range attacks.
5) Earth Elemental Spells:
1. Earth Lance - The Caster forms a sizable lance of earth and magma and throws it with a flinch of the wrist at opponents. This spell is a useable long-range Earth spell since the lance can travel over 300 kilometers away from the caster in a spherical shape.
2. Earthquake - This spell is a very powerful area of effect spell that can cause massive cracks in the earth to spew out magma towards foes. This spell usually causes an 8.1 magnitude earthquake to cause havoc, mayhem, and destruction of property.
3. Burial of Earth - Burial of Earth is a unique spell since it can cause elementals to pour into the material realm to cause havoc. It is a semi-summoning spell, to cause Earth Elementals to rise from the Elemental realm to be a part of the material realm. The Earth Elementals are Earth Golems, Lava Golems, and Raging versions of these golems. The Earth Golems cast Earth Lance spells since they are the long-range variant of golem, the Lava Golems are more of the melee golem so they use the Raging Earth melee attack classified as the earth will come up from the ground and try to crush you type attack. The Raging versions of both usually use Earth Lance spell and Raging Earth attacks a lot higher than the caster in training. The Raging Earth Lance is three levels higher in casting tier than the regular Earth Lance and it can travel a lot further as well.
Summoning Spells:
The Royal Spirits - The Royal Spirits have unique properties classified as they can stay on the world they have been summoned in as long as the summoner in question allows them something to protect. They all have humanoid forms closely resembling what they were in life, before they were brutally murdered or something bad happen to them. Irene is the mother of Raina L. Endless, and wishes to be reunited with her even though she is a Royal Spirit, Azalea helped the Creator Gods to defeat and seal the Black Hole Bahamut in a Summoning spell ritual. Molly is a royal spirit because of choices she made in the past, causing the deaths of millions of people within the Polaris Shift Empire, since she was the executioner for the Merciless Emperor, so she's repenting for all she's done by helping out the Tetra-Lira Royal Family. Molly is the only Polaris Dragon in existence, but the Merciless Emperor murdered her when he found out she was a dragon.
1. Azalea Summoning - This summon spell is one of the royal spirits that protect the royal family of the Federation of Free Skies. Azalea is a grand leviathan of the seas, she can use all form of water magics including the devastating Tsunami attack that all Leviathans have in one way or another. Azalea enjoys protecting the youngest of the princesses of the Tetra-Lira Royal Family. The Royal Spirits are great creatures of past events, which caused them to become summonable royal spirits.
2. Irene Summoning - This summon spell is one of the royal spirits that protect the royal family of the Federation of Free Skies. Irene was a powerful Ragnarokian Dragon, and she is somewhat related to Raina L. Endless, the Ragnarokian Endless Dragon; Irene was Raina's mother and she became a royal spirit because she felt she had to protect something after her horrific death.
3. Molly Summoning - This summon spell is one of the royal spirits that protect the royal family of the Federation of Free Skies. Molly was the last existing Polaris Dragon in all of the Jaina'Res Multiverse, but was the Merciless Emperor murdered her. She caused many deaths in the Polaris Shift Empire to help her emperor out; she regrets all those deaths she has caused. She helps protect this royal family since they felt pity on her.
Forbidden Spells:
1. Xe'Ira Summoning (Black Hole Bahamut) - The Forbidden summoning spell summons the Black Hole Bahamut, which is many times more powerful than Shinryu D. Armageddon; the God of all dragons, Xe'Ira is the only thing that caused Shinryu to give the Black Hole Bahamut compliments so he would not be destroyed. Xe'Ira the Black Hole Bahamut is the creator of all dragons, and created Shinryu D. Armageddon in the first place. This dragon tried to overthrow the Creator Gods of the Jaina'Res Multiverse but failed and turned into a very powerful summon for the Federation of Free Skies. Xe'Ira has a powerful Black Hole Flare that is three times more powerful than Mega Flare is since it is a black hole, which sucks everything up in one shot. Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 3rd was told to never summon this behemoth of a dragon, since it will not listen to the summoner that summoned it and would probably destroy the summoner first. The repercussions of summoning the Black Hole Bahamut are unknown since it has never been summoned under any condition, though whatever it is cannot be good for the summoner. This spell is also locked behind the Summoning Vault Door, even though it is naturally within the Royal Family as a whole.
2. Legendary Iris Summoning (Physic Flame Hatred Ion Core Bahamut of Total Annihilation) - This is another forbidden summoning spell, this summons the Legendary Dragon called Physic Flame Hatred Ion Core Bahamut of Total Annihilation. This dragon in the past was the cause of most of the troubles in the New German Empire; no one knew who was summoning this massive beast of destruction, until the great troubles. The Legendary Summoning used to be a Legendary Draconian Transformation for the Dragon Lady, but now all it is a Summoning spell to summon the pure hatred and evil that is the Physic Flame Hatred Ion Core Bahamut of Total Annihilation. This dragon was the cause of the 100-year war between Leviathans and Dragons classified as the Iris' Revenge War. Iris D. Tetra-Lira and Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the third was split for the good of the lands into two separate people since Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the third is a good person and Iris D. Tetra-Lira is an evil person that made a bad name for the Tetra-Lira family in general. Iris D. Tetra-Lira is trapped within a summoning spell called the Legendary Iris Summoning within a much-locked door called the Summoning Vault.
Forbidden Attacks:
1. 'Blast Wave' the Iron Heart Sword, Technique - The Blast Wave is a counter technique to the Destructor Sword's primary way of destruction classified as the 'Destruct Wave' an powerful crackle and a blast like no other comes into the picture. That is what the Blast Wave is akin to though this counters the Unified Great Sword of Affinities slightly better since that has a creative Destruct Wave, which can change someone's gender as well. The Unified Great Sword of Affinities can instantly kill everyone, instantly revive everyone, or instantly destroy any object in its way, just by its Unified Charged Blast, that crackles similarly to the Destructor Sword but a lot more powerful and fires a blast three times bigger too. This attack is forbidden on the Iron Heart Sword since it costs too much in terms of life force energy needed to use it, it can only be used once before the user faints from complete exhaustion.
2. 'Annihilating Might Disable' the Silver Might Lance, Technique - The Annihilating Might Disable is a very devastating move that literally disables all magical abilities within people in a 30 mile radius around the target, this doesn't affect the user of this attack though. This move is very devastating to the user in a different way by absorbing life force at a large amount; this move can only be used twice before the user is knocked unconscious for about three months.
Weapon Attacks:
Iron Heart Sword - It includes sword wave slashes and other kinds of attacks that the Iron Heart Sword can do. All the attacks in this area involve colors, since Patricia is the wielder of the Iron Heart Sword.
1. 'Daring Mayhem' the Iron Heart Sword, Technique - Daring Mayhem is a name of a Sword wave slash in the upper cut slash motion, it is a massive wave slash going in a forward direction. Daring Mayhem is a sword wave slash that confuses foes and is rainbow colored, since the wielder likes all colors.
2. 'Attack Wave' the Iron Heart Sword, Technique - Attack Wave is the name of a Sword Wave Slash in a thrust motion, it is a very powerful motion towards the direct center of the foe. The color of this attack move is bluish gold and it does not confuse.
3. 'Defensive Mayhem' the Iron Heart Sword, Technique - Defensive Mayhem is the name of a Sword Wave Slash in a parry motion, it is a quick parry that defends the owner of the sword but deflects the foe's weapon in another direction. Defensive Mayhem color is reddish silver; it gives a small defensive aura around the owner causing deflection of melee weapons to fly in any direction other than into the owner.
4. 'Reversal Mayhem' the Iron Heart Sword, Technique - Reversal Mayhem is a name of a Sword Wave Slash in the 45 degree angled shoulder slash and it feels like a good attack to disable a foe. Reversal Mayhem color is purplish green and this casts a weaken spell on the target to weaken his/her grip on the weapon.
5. 'Mayhem Bluff' the Iron Heat Sword, Technique - Mayhem Bluff is a name of a Sword Wave Slash, that is slashes in every single direction to rapidly succession of attacks even though it's random and completely strange. Mayhem Bluff color is rainbow colored and utterly confuses everyone that watches this attack expect for the user of the sword.
Silver Might Lance - It includes special lance attacks akin to sword wave slashes but is called lance wave stabs of rapid succession. The name of these attacks are classified as 'Annihilating' since these use powerful wind magic and devastating attacks that will get rid of evil in any area.
1. 'Annihilating Rapid Strikes' the Silver Might Lance, Technique - Annihilating Rapid Strikes is a technique of rapid lance strikes with a whirlwind lance wave towards an opponent. Patricia tries rapidly trying to strike someone in the body with about three to thirty strikes towards a foe.
2. 'Annihilating Whirlwind Defense' the Silver Might Lance, Technique - Annihilating Whirlwind Defense is rapidly spinning the Silver Might Lance to make a powerful wind gust over 60 miles per hour to blow away an enemy from the user. This also blocks any ranged weapon that is projectile based, though the wind gust has to get higher than 60 miles per hour to cause enough friction on whatever projectile is coming towards the user.
3. 'Annihilating Precision Jab' the Silver Might Lance, Technique - Annihilating Precision Jab is an jab targeted at a weak point on a target to do severe damage to any of the motor functions on the target by dispersing a large amount of wind magic into the target's magical essence in a special lobe called the mana lobe. This only stops the target in using any dangerous magical attacks towards the user and any nearby civilians, though the severe damage will take three months to heal after it is done to the target.
Grand Ash Longbow - It includes arrow volleys and the all the type of arrows this weapon can use. She is a better sniper than most of those snipers that use sniper rifles, she can hit targets beyond 5,000 kilometers away but it is a sniper shot from her longbow. She is better with this Grand Ash Longbow since she had more practice with it than the other two weapons she has.
1. 'Grand Volley' the Grand Ash Longbow, Technique - The grand volley is uses regular arrows, fire arrows and Silver Might Arrows, in an area of effect attack. The arrows pelt an area designated by one of the spells in Patricia's arsenal classified as a unified call spell more or less.
2. 'Grand Archery' the Grand Ash Longbow, Technique - The grand archery technique is where Patricia puts three different arrows in her hands and guides the them to the target with the magic lay lines. The arrow she usually uses with this technique is Silver Might arrow, Maiden's Tear arrow and regular arrow, it is primarily used to hurt foes and heal allies.
3. 'Explosive Volley' the Grand Ash Longbow, Technique - Explosive Volley is simple it is a volley of Explosive Arrows shot at three at a time from the Grand Ash Bow. The Explosive Volley has a longer range than the Grand Volley technique since this can damage buildings.
4. 'Healing Shot' the Grand Ash Longbow, Technique - Healing Shot technique is using the Maiden's Tear arrows exclusively to heal anyone in needing of healing though the target has to be missed unless you want to accidentally hurt someone with the Maiden's Tear arrows. The Maiden's Tear Arrows use a healing spell that is an area of effect called 'Maiden's Tear' in the element of water.
5. 'Sniper shot' the Grand Ash Longbow, Technique - This technique uses one Silver Might Arrow to hit an enemy from 5,000 kilometers away. The Sniper shot is only sees if the target is evil or not since she likes figuring out that, if the target is not evil the arrow barely misses the target.
6. 'Scorched Earth' the Grand Ash Longbow, Technique - Scorched Earth mainly uses Fire arrows and explosive arrows in conjunction with each other. It is a volley of Fire Arrows and Explosive arrows towards a tall patch of grass to cause a wildfire; Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 3rd has not really used this technique since her parents told her not to use it in regular circumstances, only in extreme cases. War is one of the extreme cases that her parents told her to use this method; the other is showing off to people in a simulation room classified as an Experimental room.
The Stance: Patricia's stance is different to all the other civilians in the Federation of Free Skies, she allows herself to be playful and precise at the same time. Her summoning stance is mainly sitting down and praying to the deity of water, wind, earth, or fire to summon something spectacular to behold. The spell-casting stance is classified as unified soul and mind, mainly because it is for all her spells though she loves this stance mainly for her Holy spells. When she is using any of her weapons, she looks like a ranger from an long far tall of bravery in the face of danger, though she usually tries to not attack first since she does not really feel like that's a good course of action for her life. She will finish what someone else started since she is a strong and independent 14-year-old girl.

-= [General Information] =-

Personality: Patricia Cole Tetra-Lira the 3rd is the youngest of all the royal family of the Federation of Free Skies, she is a very kind individual she gives everyone her love even if they don't deserve it. She can make any friend as long as they have the same interests as protecting their values, she finds something endearing of people looking for a goal and sticking to it. Patricia has some traumas in her life as of primarily the sinkhole that tried to suck her into the ground when she was six years old and this made her afraid of the dark and gave her reasons to thank her family for rescuing her. Patricia has a lot of magical knowledge of Light Magic, the magical element she loves to cast; the opposite she has no idea what Dark Magic means so she usually allows her parents to deal with people who use that magic.

Patricia is kind a naive for her age, she is only 14 years old, but that is because she has been cuddled by her parents and not allowed to grow too much in the outside world. Patricia has not really been too keen on telling what she likes about the other factions on Jainus IV, since her history the worst subject she has in school. Patricia loves the Technological Discoveries, the Federation of Free Skies have discovered so far, though she really wants to allow her people access to the stars. Patricia is a dreamer mainly of that reason alone she wants to travel the stars to find out if there is any life outside of Jainus IV, since they do not really know anything outside of their world.

Patricia is in constant pain because of her injury she got from that sinkhole, it is from her ankle to her knee that is how big that injury is, and it has not healed so far even 7 years after that incident. She has to take tons of painkillers for the pain or drink the illogical serum to lessen the pain since this she is usually sleeping or talking to her friends and family at home, where she needs some help in terms of distracting her from the pain. She is not an honor student at her school, because of this injury since she cannot concentrate properly so her mind wonders in school and usually she has to get a warning or threat to concentrate in school. Patricia has a birth defect as well, where her heart has to pump more blood than normal to her muscles and other areas of her body because of this, she has to take precautions in not allowing herself to overwork herself in any way, or she will faint.

Patricia, the only way she gets relief from the pain is paint a beautiful landscape that she saw in her dreams that she walked on a different planet and saw many things. Her paintings are held in high regard in the Federation of Free Skies, since she is a great painter at a young age, she started painting at age 7, and a half because of that injury, she had to stay stationary for almost six whole months before she was allowed to go back to school. Patricia's daydreaming does never have her in trouble with her parents or sisters since they are always so helpful in helping her since she has been badly injured during that one fateful day when the ground tried to take her away. Patricia has been practicing many arts to keep her in shape in terms of magical and physical training to get her stronger so she does not feel any more pain, though it is hard for that. Patricia remembers some faces of a past long by, mainly some people that helped her in a dire time many years ago though does not really remember their names since they have been gone in an ether of non-time and non-existence as she thinks as of now that is.

Background: Patricia was born on December 15, 2045 Post-Rejuvenation Era, in the Freedom Federation Medical Center on the Alastair Continent in the Alastair Metropolis the national capital. It was snowing when she was born; it had a rainbow as well since sometimes that miraculous thing happens on the Alastair Continent. Patricia was given to her mother, three hours after the birth since her mother needed some rest, but she was given to her in the right amount of time since Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 3rd had more or less the similar name to her mother just the middle name is different. Seven o'clock was when her mother and father took her home to be with the family so they can see the newborn infant that is named after the mother since the family is happy about this. Patricia looks exactly like her mother in terms that is what her mother was born with, blue eyes and blond hair.

Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 3rd's life as a baby went very well all her sisters took very good care of their little sister, they played a lot with her so she could grow up perfect. Patricia's first words out of her mouth was 'family is happy with me' since she felt the warmth of her family being happy and kind towards her and she will do the same. When she said her first words, she was only 1 years old, she was highly intelligence for a 1 year old, and her IQ test was in the 100s for a child, her age. Patricia's mother did hear the doctors told her that her youngest daughter has a birth defect that is better than her second youngest daughter is; it is mainly with the heart. Jennifer, the second youngest has a problem with being half-blind in both eyes from birth. 'We will be together forever, and no one will stop this from being a happy family,' was telepathically told by Patricia C. Tetra-Lira to her family since she does love them all. That was when the Royal Family of the Federation of Free Skies, knew they all had telepathic powers mainly to talk to each other since their youngest child of the royal family telepathically told them something important and loveable.

Patricia's childhood from two to six years old was precious; this is where she met some very good friends in the Katherine Family. The Katherine family went to the Royal Palace of the Federation of Free Skies to pass a bill that will allow all the citizens of the Federation to become Metal Smiths since crafting your own weapons will better prepare yourself. Jessica and Laura are truly good friends with Patricia, they love her as a good friend and will never leave her side since they want to defend her. This is where Patricia went to preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade as well; she got anew IQ Test and got on the score of 140. She also learned how to construct some unique weaponry during this time since her grandfather Leo R. Tetra-Lira taught her, though he did most of the work since all she was good at was decorating the weapons in nifty runes.

When she turned 7 years old, this is when the incident happened, it happened during a field trip to a very cool area on Alastair Continent, the rough ground it was called. The incident is called the 'Collapse of One's Soul' a massive sinkhole formed right underneath Patricia C. Tetra-Lira the 3rd, and caused her to be afraid of the dark and gave her a grave injury on her right leg; this injury is a large gash from her ankle to her knee on her right leg. She has to take many painkillers for this injury since it is a never-ending painful thing; her family was there and saved her before she would have needed anything serious in terms of a doctor for hypothermia and something worse. She had to take off of school for 6 whole months since her injury was intense and she screamed and cried a lot throughout the whole process since then she tried to take it easier where she will make sure she looks before walking into a trap, that's what she felt it was. She got into something to distract her from the pain, it was painting, and photography was things she did to distract from the pain. She takes pictures of her family every single day since one of her paintings show a horrific scene of showing Alastair Metropolis on fire from a strange omen, the Jainus Coalition's Flying Machine shooting down dreadful beams of light at the city, this one painting is in a museum in the Federation of Free Skies. Patricia enjoys making landscape paintings since it keeps her dreamer status alive since she wants to help her faction reach the stars.

Patricia's 8 to 10 years weren't too hard but she started to train to use the Iron Heart Sword, the Silver Might Lance and the Great Ash Longbow, being taught by her great grandfather and mother wanted to show her some important things with these weapons since they were getting passed down to her. Patricia was in a lot of pain while she was doing this training but she felt like she had to do it to beat her handicap, she felt reliable if she did not fight as well. Patricia's training regiment was not too much for her since she did have two handicaps, the intense pain and her heart defect. Maria helped her use the Great Ash Longbow, while Dargoth-Lie-Holy M. Tetra-Lira helped with the Sword and Lance since he was insanely good with those weapons. Patricia was a quick learner from her great grandparents since they were very helpful to her, she gave them compliments and asked if she could talk to her mother and father, they usually agree to this since Patricia is a great learner. Patricia is slightly jealous of her sisters since they are better in certain things than she is, mainly bows and lance combat since they all use a bow or lance, while she has to master three weapons. Patricia was helped by her four other sisters, by getting hints from what stance you have to be in to use the bow and was grateful for this and told her sisters that from this day forth they will have a 'friendly rivalry' between each other to see who will be the best person with a bow.

Patricia's 11 through 13 years old was pretty nice and smooth but she had grown up slightly even though she's still naive, she has been getting taught by her parents how to use magical spells and summoning magic to call upon the Royal Spirits. The rituals to call the Royal Spirits will take longer than 2 years it will take 3 years tops to call them perfectly and will be reborn again into full human beings. She was told during this time to never use the forbidden summoning spells they saw in the Magical Vault with their daughter's name on it since it suddenly appeared in there, an Black Hole Bahamut summoning and a long lost deity of the Tetra-Lira's, Iris D. Tetra-Lira was also there as well. They do not want their daughter to cause the end of the world so soon since those two powerful summoned creatures are too powerful even for their daughter, so they told her to never summon these two people. Patricia was aging quickly throughout all the years, she felt as she is happy where she is.

Patricia's 14th year old birthday, was a special one since this is the first time she was able to blow out 14 candles because all the other birthdays went too quickly to enjoy them. She was happy and slightly a little bit buzzed from drinking Illogical Serum, that she was watching TV and saw a new toy coming out called 'Math blaster 5000' more or less to help with people's troubles in any subject but it was called Math Blaster 5000, since it was the 5000th product made from the New Light Company. Patricia's history grades were horrible and asked her parents if they could get her this present that she wants and they say yes, and it was ordered and delivered the next day, it was a hologram with information about everything, she uses this every single day. Her history scores are getting a little bit better, but not by much since her only problem, area is history class. Patricia still has intense pain, for she and she only have painkillers or illogical serum to take. The Painkillers are 700mg and cause drowsiness, more like fainting in class, while all the Illogical Serum causes is a slight alcoholic buzz while lessen the pain easier. She is trying not to miss class by fainting in class because of painkillers that are ridiculously under kill for her pain since she should be increasing her painkiller dose soon to 850mg of painkillers. Patricia's mother made the Illogical Serum, and caused a trend where everyone enjoys it and now it is sold continent wide to children who want to lessen pain from any injury or a buzz by drinking it. Patricia's Mother sold the patent to the Federation of Free Skies Trade League so they could make a buck off it, but she only created this drink to save her daughter the pain of that massive injury on her right leg.

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