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Gaming Section Rules!

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Since the Gaming section got a whole new design, it was time to update some rules here. Sooo... Heylo, my name is Cheery and welcome, to the new Gaming section!

For me, the Gaming section has always been a mess, even for a small community. So I did some cleaning up, removed several threads which didn't contain any posts (and lets be honest here, that wouldn't get any at the same time) and reorganised older threads into newer sub sections. So here are some rules to avoid it from becoming a mess again:

  • For now, we will only have the following five sections: Action, Adventure, Platformers, Role-Playing games and Fighting. At the moment we are not in need of any more sub sections.
  • If you don't know in what section your thread fits, you can post it in the general Gaming section, which is still active. You can post something like 'I don't know where to post this thread' at the top of your post. We will moderate this section pretty often so we can check where it fits.
  • Any threads that do not fit in any of these sections can be posted in the general Gaming section. (e.g. Puzzle, Racing, Indie)
  • I will remind you of this again: DO NOT DOUBLE POST. The only excuse to do this is when there hasn't been another post for more than a month.
  • Please try to avoid making threads for single games when they are in a franchise with more than 2 games (e.g. making a thread for Mario Bros and a thread for Super Mario Galaxy). The only exceptions here are spin-off titles (e.g. Paper Mario, Mario Kart)
  • Do not ask if your thread can be pinned. There's no reason to and after all, WE decide on that.

I might sound very strict here, but it is needed to avoid another mess. For questions, feel free to contact me using the Personal Messenger.

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