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Anime or Cartoon Recommendations?

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I'm not really into anime (never watched any of it tbh), but I do enjoy some good cartoons. I can reccomend a few of my favorite titles, these are:

Star vs. The Forces of Evil (It used to be about a girl from a magical dimension who's about to inherit the throne from her Queen mother being sent off to Earth for being too reckless, but now it's about the same girl trying to solve the ages-old racism between Mewmans/humans and Monsters)

Steven Universe (I'm sure you've heard at least something about this one, so there's no need to explain)

Wander over Yonder (It was sadly cancelled in 2016; It's about an alien guy named Wander and his horse-like friend Sylvia wandering around the galaxy while helping those in trouble)

Over the Garden Wall (It's better to search it up yourself)

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