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Your Animation Pet Peeves

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This thread's for the animation fans on this forum.

I personally dislike it when a studio just uses Flash alone. You see, Flash is a tool for animation, not for the animation alone. When you just use Flash, the animation tends to look lazy and soulless.

I mean look at this. LOOK AT THIS. Your animation's supposed to IMPROVE with twenty years of age and an extreme advancement in technology and budget, what the heck.


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Considering the fact that I am an animator too, I'd first state that flash isn't everything.

You're right, today, there are many good animation programs to use- like blender, toon boom and all. But it's truly not a pet peeve.

Let's take your example here, the Simpsons- now if you complain why the hell they are yellow and all and all, who will care? I mean, look at this another way. Is Simpsons popular cuz of the animating style, or due to the storyboard? Comedy? Of course because of its comedy and all. It really doesn't matters how you animate until you do the basic movements right and the thing is interest. Look at sonicparadox- the animation isn't perfect in seaside denied, but it's funny, and that's why it popular.

That said, flash is good, but it depends more on the person who is using that- if you have the talent you can do anything out of even useless programs.

So, I don't fully agree to you.

I really hate it when someone draws palms in the wrong way, my OCD just... Kills me

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