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Well, since kimplix got StH #252 early, (at least, I think he was the guy, since he runs that Facebook page that was the first one that showed it and threw the last preview page on Bumbleking) info for the next Sonic Universe may come sooner than we think. I'm just guessing, obviously. (Think of it as a free favor or present, Max1996.) I have absolutely no way to get to the comic, so I'll leave it to the other dudes on this forum. And, as the title shows, try and make a prediction of your thoughts of what happens in this issue based on the cliffhanger of last issue and this issue's solicitation(remember the spoiler tags). And you can show your thoughts of this issue when it comes out so this topic won't die on when the issue comes out on September 18.

And yes, this is a modified copy-and-paste from the last topic I created. I save time that way.

NOTE BY CHEERLEADER: There is no use in creating a topic every time for a new comic. We do have the Sonic Universe (Comics) Topic for that. Off to the trash heap for this thread.

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