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Yes, I said it with a plural. ...There's actually two Profile sheets I'd like to give you guys. You can think of it as a Normal and advanced profile sheet. ...And no, the using advanced Profile sheet does NOT give you anymore credit than those who use the normal one. Likewise, using the normal sheet does not make you inferior in anyway to those who use the advanced stuff. It's just there for when you want to fill in even more details then the normal one allows.

The Normal Profile sheet was actually created by our very own Geoffrey St. John.

Full Name:


Name Pronounciation:









Back Story:







Combat Type:



Fighting Style(s):

Elemental Style(s):







Favorite food(s):

Favorite beverage(s):


Family(dead and alive):




The Advanced Profile was created by another friend of ours from another site by the name of Holy R. Enigma, or as he'll call himself in this, the "Legendary Egoist" (....Yeah, he has a bit of a pride problem. XD)

-= [Personal Information] =-


Full Name:





Place of Birth:




Social Class:

Economic Class:

-= [Personal Miscellaneous Information] =-

Favorite Colors:

Catch Phrases:

Gourmet(s) of Choice:

Beverage(s) of Choice:

Hobbies & Talents:

Dominant Hand:

-= [Appearance Information] =-

The Species section, that used to be important in this section & the Personal Information has now is only in the Appearance Information section. The Species Section is way more important in this section now than it used to be, you can put your species' name in this section and also write a small description of your species in this section as well.



Breast Size: (Female Only)


Eye Color:

Skin Color:


Hair Color:

Other Distinctive Features:

-= [Relationship Info] =-

The Relationship Info has changed slightly with the introduction of the Empires Section for this area. To show what empires you used to have relations with in the past during certain wars & etc.





Known Family:

Martial Status:

-= [Equipment Info] =-

Item(s) of Value had a slight name change to Item(s) of Note and will stay this way till the next revision of this Profile Template.


Item(s) of Note:

-= [strengths & Weaknesses Info] =-



-= [Personal Status] =-

The Personal Status has changed too with the Hobbies & Talents taken out completely, and moved to the Personal Miscellaneous Information. All that is really important here is I.Q and Theme Song.


Theme Song:

-= [Miscellaneous Tactical Information] =-

The Miscellaneous Tactical Information Category changed with a total of 7 sub-sections within the The Elemental Spells section and the Summoning Spells got taken out of the All Elemental Spells combined section from the first version of the Legendary Egoist's Profile Template

Special Defensive Moves:

The Elemental Spells:

1) Holy/Light Elemental Spells:

2) Dark Elemental Spells:

3) Fire Elemental Spells:

4) Water Elemental Spells:

5) Wind Elemental Spells:

6) Earth Elemental Spells:

7) Non-Elemental Spells:

Summoning Spells:

Forbidden Attacks:

Weapon Attacks:

The Stance:

-= [General Information] =-



There's one more Profile from a user, known as Slapshot, of another site I used to use long ago. This one asks for even MORE things, but in such a way that it can help guys new to character making, by giving them more things to tell, especially with their personality. For this reason, I'm calling this the "Super Profile."

I. Basic Profile

A. Name:

This part is pretty obvious. Literally anything can go here, but it’s generally a good idea to make it something less common and catchy.

B. Nicknames:

These are other names your character goes by. Like the regular name, anything can go here, but be sure to explain how the nickname(s) were obtained somewhere in the profile.

C. Species:

What kind of creature your character is. From what I’ve seen the popular animals are hedgehogs, foxes, and echidnas. While a good profile can come from one of these races, using something unique like a wolf or unicorn will make your character all the more interesting.

D. Gender:

Simply put, is the creature a boy, a girl, or a he-she? No other way to go with this one.

E. Age:

I hope to God I don’t have to explain this one.

F. General size:

This is the area you put down their height and weight.

G. Physical appearance/attire:

Just give a short summery of what your character looks like. If you have a picture, that works too. One thing I would recommend is adding something special like a strange marking or body feature you wouldn't find on a certain species, such as a horn on a hedgehog or spikes on a human.

H. IQ:

This is their intelligence. For this I’ll just quote what Steve put on the pinned character sheet at STF.

70-80; somewhere in there is when you hit the mentally handicapped level.

90-110; this is the world average, about half of the entire world's IQ falls somewhere in there.

144; this is the point where you hit genius, Einstein's IQ was supposed to be in the 150s somewhere, possibly low 160s.

I. Dominant Hand:

Are they right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous?

J. Allergies:

This is where you put all the things they are allergic too. A simple list does well enough here.

K. Known Relatives:

At this part is where the family members are put. The immediate family, such their parents and siblings, is all that’s needed, but if they have relevance to the back story you can list others as well.

L. Birth-date:

When the character was born. Not much to say here.

M. Birth-place:

See above, but replace when with where.

N. History:

This is one of the most important parts of the profile. Here you would put details on what their childhood was like, how he/she became the person they are in the present, how they met their enemy, and what they plan to do for the future. Don’t spare any details here; put down everything that comes to mind. There are no limits as to how long it can be, but a decent profile will have 2-5 paragraphs for this section.

O. Items of note:

What your character carries around with them. One thing to keep in mind is to not overload them with a hundred different weapons or anything else ridiculous like that and to keep the items within the boundaries of good taste.

* * * * *

II. Personality

A. Goal:

What is it your character hopes to accomplish? Don’t be afraid to put down more than thing here.

B. Likes:

This is one of the three areas that really define your character. There are no restrictions as to what can go in here and how many things can go under here, so feel free to branch out and experiment a little.

C. Dislikes:

Just like the section above, it is one of things that really makes your character stand out. There’s nothing holding you back, so mix and match things and throw a few things out of the ordinary to spice things up.

D. Fears:

What are the things that chill your character? Do not ignore this section; even the toughest warriors have something that they fear. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something tangible. It could also be something intangible, like a troubled past or the destruction their powers could cause. Just be sure to have something as well as an explanation to how they got this fear.

E. Attitude Towards Life/Death:

~1. Self:

~2. Others:

What is your character’s attitude towards death, both when they are faced with it as well as to others? One thing to keep in mind: the role of emotionless loner who could care less if others die has been done a few too many times, and everyone has at least one person who they wish to protect from death at all costs.

F. Attitude Towards People:

~1. Family:

~2. Friends:

~3. Rivals:

~4. Enemies:

~5. Strangers:

How does your character act around the people mentioned above? A few of the profiles I’ve seen have used this area to just list people that fit into this category (I know I did at first). This is another defining point for your character, so think carefully about what you put here.

G. Attitude Toward Money/Power:

How does your character take to wealth and power? Are they easily seduced by them? Do they not care a bout either? Would they rather work for money and strength than take handouts? Be sure to explain things clearly.

H. Attitude Toward Work:

What is your character’s reaction when faced with work? Do they hate it, do it without complaint, or get others to do the work for them?

I. Attitude Toward Danger:

How does your character take to danger? Does he or she avoid it at all costs, seek it out, or not care?

J. Attitude Toward Fighting:

What is your character’s response to fighting? Do they jump right in, try to their way out, or just avoid fighting all together.

K. Attitude Toward Anger/Forgiveness:

Does your character forgive others easily or just go straight to hate?

L. Mental Condition:

This is stuff like OCD or ADD that your character might have that influences their personality. Be sure you know what a condition is if you decide to give your character one.

M. Quotes:

These are lines your characters particularly like to use. Remember, the catchier and more original the line, the better.

N. Theme Song.

Here you choose a song that defines your character. It really doesn’t matter if you have one or not, but it’s a nice extra. I suggest choosing a song that goes along with their character, like a heavy metal song for the angry or something soft for the kind.

* * * * *

III. Current Status

A. Current Residence:

Where your character lives. Kind of self-explanatory, isn’t it?

B. Occupation:

What your character’s job is. If you want to make him unemployed, no one is stopping you, but it’s an interesting extra.

C. Social Class:

What is your character’s place in the social hierarchy? Are they popular and make friends just like that, or are they just kind of emo and have none? Another way to think of this one is what clique the character would be in if they were in high school.

D. Economic Class:

Simply put, is your character rich, middle class, or poor?

E. Alignment:

Good, evil, or neutral?

F. Reputation:

How your character is viewed by others and how they gained this image. A short paragraph will do here.

* * * * *

IV. Skills and Ineptitudes

A. Powers:

What kind of special abilities your character possesses. This can range from flying, to control over a certain element, or to telekinesis. You could also leave this part out if you want to, but it adds more variety to your attacks if you do so. You can also put down any special forms your character can change into here.

B. Combat abilities:

These are special attacks and abilities that your character uses. The important thing here is balance. If an attack is especially powerful, include a downside along with it so that it’s balanced out. For example, if you have an attack that hits the opponent more than five times, a good way to balance this out is to make each individual attack dodgable and weaker than a normal attack.

C. Ultimate attacks:

These are the big guns s/he pulls out when things get a little hairy. One thing to keep in mind is that balance is just as, if not more, important here as, or then, the special attacks. In other words, if you were to use a Kamehameha style attack here, it better have some serious drawbacks.

D. Basic Fighting Style

This is what your character does in close combat. Things to include are stance, tendencies, speed of attacks, and power.

E. Talents:

These are random things your character is skilled that aren’t necessarily important, like juggling, card tricks, and cooking.

F. Strengths:

~1. Mental:

~2. Psychological:

~3. Emotional:

~4. Physical:

~5. Supernatural:

~6. Miscellaneous:

G. Weaknesses:

~1. Mental:

~2. Psychological:

~3. Emotional:

~4. Physical:

~5. Supernatural:

~6. Miscellaneous:

This is the set-up made by Akulshae. I’ll just give a short explanation of each.

Mental goes along with the mind, like determination or defense against mind readers or something like that. Psycological would go along with illusions or knowledge in whether a person is lying or not. Emotional would be the points of their character that help or get in their way. Physical is physical capablilities like speed, strength and size. Supernatural would be where elemental vulnerabilities and the like go. Finally, Miscellaneous is where oddball stuff like allergies and other things that don’t fit into the other categories fit in.

This is seriously one of the most important parts of balancing your character. Do NOT leave anything out and if you leave an area blank, it better be made up somewhere else. For example, don’t make your character be only killable by something Poop like bee stings or something. On the note of elemental weaknesses, be sure to couple it with something since they are bland and don’t add much by themselves.

* * * * *

V. Relationships

Note for all of these, I personally like to explain how each character in here is met, but that’s just me not wanting to leave any open ends. Also, if you have another person’s character on here, you must make sure you have their permission first.

A. Spouse/Divorcees:

If your character is married, put the name of their spouse here. Girl/boyfriends and engagements can fit here too.

B. Friends:

Just a list of who is friends with your character.

C. Rivals:

This are those that compete with him/her.

D. Enemies:

These are the people your character hates to the core.

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