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  1. Post on Introduction Thread in Community

    By Shadow, posted
    This thread is about introducing yourself, as you would have known already by now. Please keep it general and don't go off topic too far, thanks in advance.

    So basically, my name is Shadow, or Cheery, or Bokxie, Or whatever because I got a hundred of names. Well, not really but I still got alot. I'm 20 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm very related to the gaming industry, with Sonic and Tales being my favourite franchises of all time. Also, as you might have noticed, I'm an Administrator here.

    I'm studying at College currently as Accountant/Administrator. I'm in my final year, though I doubt that my school life will end here and that I'll eventually progress. I work at a Supermarket as a supermultitasker. Well, that's what I call myself, because I can work behind the cash desk, magazin/stockroom, vegetables, dairy produce section and the usual job not to forget.

    I do have video making as a hobby, though I've yet have to start making them seriously. I've been making them for a while, but they aren't the quality I want them to be. I go under the name of the Embodiment of Speed on youtube and such media.

    Because I live in the Netherlands, it's pretty much impossible to get the Archie comics unless I get them from an internet site or the Archie Comics App. I don't want to sound like a pirate, but I'm very happy this site exists, giving me the chance to read those awesome comics.

    The comics gave me a whole new view on the sonic franchise, with awesome characters such as Mina and Julie-su. I'm almost done with the main issues, then I've only got megaman and sonic universe left. However, I didn't read the fleetway sonic yet, and I'm not planning to do for a while. So please, don't spoil it for me. Thanks ^^

    Also, for the people interested, I got a huge library of languages. I can speak a total of 9 Languages, being Dutch, English, German, French, Belgium (It is different from dutch, just not that much :P), Japanese (though I still got alot of studying to do on Kanji, or for the people who are unfamiliar with the japanese language, the signs :P), Swedish, Yugoslavia (My ex is from over there :P) and a little bit of spanish/italian. Not guaranteed that I can speak all languages fluently though.

    That's all I've got to say, if you got any questions, go ahead and ask ^^