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    Somewhere, people are writing a fanfic about Blaze
    running away with Shadow on a cross-country trip on his motorcycle..
    Okay, even though I don't "ship" this pairing,  I can understand why so many people do.
    both Shadow and Blaze have similar personalities.
    both are strict, and take important matters VERY seriously.
    I don't think I have EVER seen any of them crack a smile that wasn't "malicious", or "mocking"
    they are quite powerful (one is a pyrokinetic, the other is supercharged with Chaos Energy.)
    and, both have gotten into a fight with Sonic when they first met him.

    So, they have ALOT in common.

    I may not "fully" support It. but, I support It's supporters.

    Sorry, Sonaze/Silvaze and Shadria/Shadouge fans..you have competition.