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  1. So I was wondering why there isn't a thread about this underestimated game. So I decided to make one!
    So basically this game is about you creating your own monster. Either by choosing from three main types or by using ANY CD's from your home to create your very own monster (sometimes it might take many tries before you can get something interesting though. I had to change CD's at least 6 times before I got cool looking little monster.) And once you've picked your monster and named it you take it with you to your own Ranch! and no need to worry about not knowing the rules. You'll have your own "friend" Colt with you helping you out.
    The main idea of the game is to train your monster, compete in many tournaments, fight other monsters and get to the top! When fighting you can either choose to let your monster fight alone (so you'll just see how the match goes) or you can give your monster advice what to do during battle (you play as the monster) and the monster with most health left will win the match (unless you K.O. the other monster before the match ends) However if your own monster gets K.O'd. before the match ends it might just cost you greatly..
    The monsters CAN get sick, hurt, run away, end up in hospital or even DIE if not taken good care of. They all have their own favorite foods and things they dislike, so try to avoid giving them anything they hate. Also spoiling your monster may end up being a bad thing during training or during a match. Your monster can do foolery if you don't train it well or if you spoil it too much. This means it sometimes won't do the attack you'd want it to, or it won't be able to dodge the enemies attacks which may be bad unless you have a strong monster with great health.
    Overall the game isn't so long, but I think it's great game anyway. You can also combine two different monsters to create a new one, and depending on what kind of monsters you use the results might be good or bad. Before you combine them the person responsible of the fusions will tell you whether it's good idea to combine them or not. You can also use something extra to make the combination even better.
    I really like this game mostly because it's lots of fun to create your own monster and to see just what it can do during training's and battle. (Also naming them whatever you like is awesome.) and I also like the simple moments in the game. For example sometimes the monster might want to play with you. I just think it's a cute idea. Kind of reminds me of Pokemon. and the fact that the monsters personality changes in however you treat them is great!